What is “Authorized” or Genuine Teaching of the Vedas?

 This website provides scholarly, authentic, real information. It is authorized information. It’s important to appreciate “authorized”. None of us go to a doctor who isn’t “authorized”. Authorized meaning the doctor has received recognized training and certification.

 Spiritual life, spiritual teaching, is no less serious of a discipline, and the results of poor teaching can be a serious problem. The teacher therefore, should have some recognized and certified teaching. A serious seeker wants serious training.

 The Vedas, according to themselves, are taught in four authorized disciplic successions, with a standard presentation of information. We should receive Vedic knowledge through one of these four disciplic successions. If someone is teaching Vedic or “Indian” mysticism, we should do ourselves a favor and ask such teachers, “what disciplic succession are you part of”?

 The four authorized sampradayas are:

 Hamsa, Rudra, Brahma, and Sri. Their contemporary “acharya’s”, or chief teachers are, respectively:

Nimbarka, Vishnuswami, Madhvacarya, Ramanujacarya.

 The Vedas come down in a transcendental fashion from:

Bhagavan Sri Krishna to Narada Muni, then Vedavyasa,on to Madhvacarya (circa 1200 A.D.), and onwards. I belong to the “Brahma Sampradaya” of Vedic teachers. My spiritual teacher, Swami Bhaktivedanta, is directly in the line of Madhvacarya. Thus here, from this genuine Vedic disciplic line, you will receive the Vedic spirituality exactly as it was meant to be presented by it’s original authors.

 An educated consumer enjoys the highest benefits of his or her purchases, we should be educated spiritual “shoppers”, knowing exactly what we’re purchasing, what it’s supposed to be, and who actually offers for our use.

 Few people buy a car without due consideration, neither should we blindly accept any and all “spiritual teaching” without due consideration. Actually, as someone who has studied and practiced for over 27 years, I can tell you there is much partial presentations going on, unbeknowest to the beginning spiritual seeker, and to their detriment as well.