Předmět: [world-vedic] Majority Suppression any way you color it
Od: mbranparker
Datum: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 01:46:17 +0200 (CEST)
Komu: [email protected]

In India the majority Hindus are targetted and marginalized. In the
USA its the majority Christians that are targetted and marginalized.
The recent story of Christian 'bigots' disrupting Hindu prayers is
really an attempt to pit religious groups against one another. It is
also an attempt to gather the support of those worthy=US Hindus for
those unworhty=the extreme anti-american left . As minority religions
are intentionally promotted in order to disturb the majority, its the
psuedo-secular and marxist driven extremists that win in the end.

This story stripped of the reality of the many repeated legal
assaults against the free practice of Christainity by the ACLU and
activist judges is merely cheap propoganda. Yet when the authentic
background of truth reveals that kids are punished for wearing Jesus
t-shirts, penalized for independenatly gathering for prayer, banned
for posting images related to their faith, Crosses are torn down,
Nativity scenes outlawed, 10 commandments removed etc we get a
clearer picture. Rather than Christain bigots I see citizens who are
understandably outraged that ther prayers are banned while other
religious prayers are welcomed in the public arena. (In this case,
the provatuers may very will be professionals. Very similar to the
hired thugs regularly employed by India's Congress party. They are
used to carry out violent anti-valentine demonstrations and similar
acts that 'prove' the 'extremist' and thus unworthy nature of Hindus
in general.)

So rather than an honest attempt at equality and liberality this move
of inviting a Hindu priest by that extremist partisan Harry Reid was
intentionally planned and organized by the radical left.(Marxist
group MOVEON.org and George Soros mainatin daily contact with Reid
and Pelosi.)This was done in order to gather the increasinly strong
Hindu Americans into the Democratic Party of Hillary and Barrack
Hussein Obama. So if you are fine with joining the US version of the
Sonia-Jihadi-Marxist-Psuedo-Secular conspiracy than this is a good
development.Otherwise please recognize the hypocracy of Hindus that
demand equality in India but are fine with the assault on the US
majority's values, structures and traditions.

Why is it ok for America's majority to be savaged but an outrage when
applied against India's majority?

Regardless of the negative and psuedo-christians longterm assault on
India, it is very important that Hindus maintain the high-ground. A
true Hindu will fight to the death for the rights of others to freely
practice their religion...even if that religion be Islam or
Christianity. So the collective Hindu gratification at this story is
sad indeed and highlights the fact that after all this time the
forces of Adharma are quite ingeniues and successful.

--- In [email protected]yahoogroups.com, "genghis1291" <[email protected]> wrote:
> If you watch the video on youtube, you realize it was well
planned. The
> three bigots came to senate and protested, but not all at the same
> When Zed began, the first bigot protested and was removed. When Zed
> tried to begin again, the second one protested and was removed. The
> third one protested after Zed began and was removed. If they had
> bigots in the senate audience, this could have gone on forever - the
> entire part of Zed's prayer was only 2-3 minutes long.
> Hindus in America must be more active politically and they are
> to (CNN on Lou Dobbs said so much today, but criticized Hillary
> as pandering to Indians). Yes, Hindus dont like to mix religion
> politics, but look what bigots and communists did for the first 40
> years since independence in India based on that premise, and
> to do so at every opportunity.
> But, hats off to Harry Reid for breaking ground, and for Rajan Zed
> being proactive about a Hindu prayer in the Senate! May God bless
> P.S. the word God is cognate with Agni, the first word in the Rig
> Veda and in this context, it mean take me or my offering to the
> Genghis
> --- In [email protected]yahoogroups.com, "drfmrls" <[email protected]> wrote:
> >
> > Dr. Frank Morales, Ph.D.
> > President International Sanatana Dharma Society
> > Press Release
> > July 12, 2007
> >
> > Religious Bigots Attack Hindu Priest in U.S. Senate
> >
> > History was made on Thursday, July 12th when a Hindu priest
> > the opening prayer at the U.S. Senate for the first time ever. Mr.
> > Rajan Zed, a journalist and Hindu priest, delivered a minute and a
> > half prayer in which he offered God thanks and prayed for peace.
> >
> > However, before Mr. Zed could offer his short prayer to God, three
> > Christian activists disrupted the ceremony with angry shouts and
> > denunciations of Hinduism to the shock of on-lookers. "This is an
> > abomination!" the Washington Post reports one of the disruptors as
> > screaming. "We are Christians and patriots!" yelled another before
> > being led away by police.
> >
> > Shockingly, far from being an isolated and spontaneous incident of
> > hatred, it is reported that a large number of well-organized
> > fundamentalist Christian groups throughout the nation had been
> > clamoring against allowing a Hindu priest to lead a prayer in our
> > nation's capital. The American Family Association has been on the
> > forefront of urging Christians to take direct action against
> > religious tolerance and asked their followers to contact the
> > to ban a Hindu from leading prayer.
> >
> > For further information on this dark and disturbing incident,
> > review the following sites:
> >
> > USA Today:
> > http://blogs.usatoday.com/ondeadline/2007/07/christian-prote.html
> >
> > YouTube:
> > http://youtube.com/watch?v=g8vENZwp1rk
> >
> > America has been celebrated throughout the world as a society that
> > cherishes religious tolerance, freedom of faith, and respect for
> > different cultures. Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma) is the most ancient
> > continuously practiced spiritual tradition on earth. Hinduism is a
> > dignified and highly respected religion that has always fostered
> > peace, respect of cultural diversity, and freedom of thought.
> >
> > As an American Hindu leader, and the President of the
> > Sanatana Dharma Society, I would urge all freedom loving
Americans to
> > openly reject such disturbing instances of hatred, bigotry, and
> > prejudice as we sadly witnessed at this event.
> >
> > I also urge all Hindus to become actively involved in vocally
> > denouncing this incident of bigotry, and insisting that mainstream
> > American society extend the same respect and tolerance toward
> > Hinduism as it commonly gives to the Abrahamic minority religions
> > our great nation. Together, let us create a nation of mutual
> > respect, and tolerance of diverse cultures and religions.
> >
> > Om Shanti (May Peace Prevail),
> >
> > Dr. Frank Morales, Ph.D.
> > (Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya)
> >
> > President Spiritual Director
> > International Sanatana Dharma Society
> >
> > http://www.dharmacentral.com
> > [email protected]
> > (608) 280-8375
> >

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Remember, Vedic Culture is not an artificial imposition, but is the natural state of a society that is in harmony with God and the environment.Om Shantih, Harih Om
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