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Arguments of God's Existence

Arguments of God's Existence
By Gauranga Premananda das  
Avadhuta Raya das
(most of the texts are edited)

The existence of God (Krishna) through syllogisms

Syllogism is a definition or deductive reasoning in which a conclusion is derived from premises or basic statements.
The Vedic logic (Nyaya) knows up to 11 steps- or members syllogisms and always include at least one example. In this article we want to establish the existence of God (Krishna) through syllogisms. We begin with a definition of the word God or Krishna.

  Definition of "God"
God means the Supreme Being and etymologically comes from the gothic or Germanic root Gheu, meaning: the One invoked or begged and the One sacrificed to.
One prays because one expects perfections from a Perfect Being, one performs a sacrifice out of duty to a Superior or out of love for a Beloved.
Krishna means the All-attractive, All-perfect, All-lovable and All-loving.
So, God is Krishna or Krishna is God.

  The dictionary defines God as: “1 The Supreme or Ultimate Reality as 2 the Supreme Being who is perfect in power, wisdom, beauty and goodness, and who is 3 the Creator and 4 Ruler of the universe. 5 The Supreme Judge. 6 The Heavenly Father”

The following list of arguments proof that God exists

The proof by the paintings / pictures, visualizing the possibilities of the structure of infinity
1. There are four philosophies or theories of Being


A - This one we can believe and approve because we see human persons building palaces or paradise gardens or heavens and prison houses.
Human persons have from our limited viewpoint inconceivable powers and are the final cause of these. Superhumans can build the prison house of the material world or paradise above or beyond it.
B - This has never been proven.
Where are small points containing all matter of the universe?
Which explosions have ever caused a monkey or a human being or a microbe or a rocket to go to Mars, or a Hadron Collider.
There are no explosions not caused by humans or human failure.
This has to be rejected. Cross out.
C - “All planets flora fauna bubble forth or arise out of darkness, Zero.” So says this theory.
But zeros never produce something and zero does not exist. There is no place where there is nothing.
Suppose, imagine a pitch dark night. Never a castle came or a ball of light or a cow, from a transformation of the darkness itself.
This one is also to be discarded, deleted.
D - “There is an infinity of light. And in that light, from that light, universes came with flora and fauna. So these say. This is unprecedented.
From sunlight never came E-coli bacteria or computers or lumps of gold.
If these things come out from the blue sky we know there is someone behind it. Just by sunlight’s transformation, doesn’t happen.
This theory is also to be put in the waste basket. And empty the waste basket.
2. Many Kings and millionaires built wonderful palaces castles holidays resorts, pleasure gardens.
States have also built solid prisons, exile reformation camps, torture devices etc.
Similarly God created heaven and the material world.
3. God and heaven exists. 

The argument of the creator, operating from the heaven

1. The table is created. The light lamp is created. The pencil is created. The computer is created. Everything is created by somebody.
2. Somebody has created all the parts of the universe. The grass, the flowers, the birds (the artificial flower or a bird statue are created), the sun the clouds (by the sun and the wind gods) (as the steam from an engine), the oxygen (by divine persons combining atoms or God particles), these are all created. Also the earth planet (just like the footballs for soccer are created), the moon, the sun and the stars (great lamps! And floating gently in circles!)
3a. This body is like a prison cell for the soul.
    This world is the big prison of all the prison cells
    Beyond the prison we always find the palace and the king.
3b. The creator doesn’t live and here is not visible in this world, just as the king, ultimately the creator of the prison house, doesn’t live and is not visible in the prison house). He may occasionally visit or have his statue or picture in some places. He lives in his palace or paradise.
4. God the creator and heaven exist.

The argument of cause and effect
1. In the material world everything has a cause. One who cannot see the cause says “chance”.
2. Children ask “who is God’s father”. No. He has no cause. There must be a ground or basis.
There can be no infinite cause/effect chains.
3. As a person can’t walk on quicksand.
4. So, there is a first, uncaused Cause.
5. Therefore, the Supreme or Ultimate Reality, God exists.

The argument of motion and the Supreme unmoved mover or Ultimate Reality

1. Everything in the material world is in motion.
The planets move, the seasons change and clouds come and go. There is growth. Our heart beats.
The digestion system functions. Time even moves the atoms.
2. If something is in motion, then it must be caused to be in motion.
3. There can be no infinite chain of movers/moved.
4. As a mouse can’t climb or walk upon a heap of corn.
5. So there is a first, unmoved mover. He moves, but out of His own will.
6. Therefore, the Supreme or Ultimate Reality, God exists.

The argument of the maintainer on another level
1. Vayu or Indra, the gods of wind and rain can’t move a boat or a cloud of dust or water while resting on/in
it, they must be outside of it.
2. There cannot be an endless chain of shelter or abode one after another.
3. As when a series of railway wagons are pushed, there is at the beginning a locomotive and a person
conducting it.
4. The first unmoved mover, upholding and holding together the cluster of material universes and all the
atoms is not situated in the material dimension.
5. Everything rests on Him
6. Hence, God exists.

The argument everything in its place

1. In our body we see all kinds of substances: chemicals, mind, intelligence, consciousness, soul and Supersoul.
2. There is an outside material source or realm where we get the chemicals used in our material body
3. There is a realm from where we get mind and intelligence.
4. There is a realm wherefrom comes consciousness, soul and the immanent Gods, Supersouls.
5. Hence, the spiritual world and the soul and the transcendental Supersouls, Gods exists.

The argument of the Soul in the Universal body

1. We are the soul in the body
2. There is a Superior soul in the cosmic body.
3. Both bodies have and produce bhumi -solid matter, apo -fluids, nalo - fiery or shining elements, vayu – gasses (Bhagavad Gita 7.4)
a. bhumir: salt, hormones etc. in our bodies are comparable to sand, minerals etc. in the cosmic body; our nails and hairs with mountains and trees and plants.
b. Apo: blood-veins, urine, sweat, tears, semen are comparable with rivers, oceans and rains.
c. Nalo: the eyes and digestion with the sun, moon and fire.
d. Vayu: breathing and other winds and gasses in our body are comparable with winds and clouds.
4. As there is a material world for matter, there is a spiritual world for spirit
5. As a fish is at home in the water and not on the land.
6. The superior soul, God exists. And He is at home in the spiritual world.

The argument of the similar 4 levels of micro- and macro-cosmos

1. The human has:
a. a body, b. consciousness, c. soul, d. person (individuality)
2. The Absolute Truth has A: the material world, B: impersonal Brahman, C: localized Supersoul or God immanent D: the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
3. The soul is at home in the spiritual world.
4. God is also at home in the spiritual world.
5. Hence, the spiritual world and the Supreme Being God is proven.

The argument that the Supreme Being is Person

1. Our experience tells us that personal beings can control other personal beings.
2. Impersonal things don’t control personal beings or anything else.
3. All living beings in the universe are controlled.
4. They must be controlled by a personal being
5. There can be no infinite regress of controllers as a mouse can’t climb a hill of fine sand; there must be a base.
6. Hence the Supreme personal Being exists. We call Him God!
The argument of the Supreme Being perfect in power, wisdom & goodness

1. The soul with the Supersoul in this human body created his body and governs and maintains it.
2. The Virat-purusa, the Supersoul, created the Virat-rupa – this material world, the cosmic body or form –governs and maintains it.
3. The body is like a prison cell for the spirit soul.
4. The material world is like a prison. The Supersoul is the director.
5. A prison is a part of a kingdom. There is the far, more attractive life of the kingdom and the palace beyond the prison.
6. The soul has its home in the spiritual world (sat-cit-ananda dhama). This home is the part of the kingdom of God outside the cosmic prison house, Durga.
7. The king is the most attractive, the most powerful, the richest, the most beautiful and the wisest person (for example, in the ideal states of Rama (-Ramarajya) or of Krishna’s Dvaraka).
8. The original form of the Virat-purusa (lit. the Universal soul or Supersoul who is Krishna’s delegate as the creator of the prison house) is in the spiritual world known as Krishna – the Supreme and most attractive of the Personality of Godhead.
9. Hence, the spiritual world exists and has the king of the kings of the kings, the Supreme Being perfect in power, wisdom, beauty and goodness.

The argument that the cause is greater than effect
1. In the chains of causes and effect the cause is or has more than the effect
2. As the sun has more light and heat than the sunrays.
3. As a lecturer on the Veda has more knowledge than given in a lecture (and ideally he will increase in knowledge)
4. So there is an Entity that has all properties or qualities to the maximum possible degree, and is increasing in properties.
5. Hence the Perfect Being exists.

The argument that Properties Come in Degrees
1. Objects have properties to greater or lesser extents, properties as e.g. good, true, noble, warm
2. There exists some other object that has the property to the maximum possible degree.
3. Objects have greater or lesser of a quality if they are closer or further away from the maximum
4. e.g. the hotter something is, the closer it is to that which is maximally hot
5. The maximum in any category is the cause of everything else in that category e.g. fire must be the cause of all heat.
6. There must be a cause of the existence of goodness and all other perfections
So there is an entity that has all properties to the maximum possible degree; is maximally true, good noble etc.
7. Hence the Inconceivable Greatest Being, God exists.

The argument of the perfect books: The Veda
1. The knowledge in the Veda (the timeless books of Indian wisdom) is perfect.
2. The Vedas must have an infallible cause or author
3. Ordinary mortals with their finite knowledge, authority and power cannot have created the Veda.
4. The perfect author of the Veda is God.
5. Hence the Supreme Being perfect in power, wisdom and goodness, God exists.

The argument of the rule of duality
1. We see everything has its opposite in some way.
There is the rule of duality:
heat – cold
light - darkness
power – weakness
hard – soft etc.
2. The qualities of matter are that it is completely ignorant, unconscious and has no power to make any
decisions and carry it out.
3. Then there must exist something which has all knowledge, is all-knowing and can make any decision and
carry it out
4. Such a thing or Being is the supremely powerful, all-knowing, omniscient God.
5. God exists.

The argument of the existence of the spiritual world
1. There is the rule of duality
2. We see hellish suffering, ignorance, imperfection and temporary existence
3. So there is an eternal paradise full of pleasure, wisdom and perfection.
4. The highest pleasure in the material world is egoistic lust, without God.
5. In the spiritual world the highest pleasure is selfless love, with God.
6. God exists.

The ontological argument that than which no greater can be thought
1. God is by definition the greatest possible being.
2. A being who fails to exist in the actual world (while existing in other possible worlds e.g. in our knowledge) is less perfect than a being who exists in all possible worlds.
3. Hence, the Perfect Being, God, exists, necessarily.

The negative ontological argument
1. Words denote existences
2. Also the word God
3. The word God points to e.g. the Good, the Great or Greatest, G-O-D Generator – Operator – Destroyer, the Effulgent, the All-Attractive
4. Hence, the Supreme Being, God exists.

The argument of ontology by negative demonstration (a.n.d.)
1. Why there is anything?
2. “Nothing” cannot be. There is no place to point out where there is no “thing”; at least there is akasha (ether or space) which is all pervading.
3. Why it is as it is? Is this the best possible world?
4. What is perfection? Not infinite homogenous substance. Perfection is sat-cit-ananda – eternity, knowledge and bliss and Krsna bhakti, love with perfect persons in paradise.
5. The material world is anityam asukham lokam temporary and miserable. This material world is a prison house and the material body is a prison cell for the spirit soul.
6. Outside of prisons we always find a better world. Therefore, “yes, there is perfection” but this perfection is not in matter. The cosmic prison is a necessary evil. As a prison is in every nation. Outside the material world is the world of Radha-Krsna.
7. So, God is absolute necessity. It is impossible to conceive of not-God
8. Hence, God must exist.

The argument of universal monarchy or theocracy or the argument of ontology (a.n.d.) 2

1. Now what is this the best government system for the earth planet?

2. History has proven that the best political system is theocracy. See the Srimad Bhagavatam and the reign of Sri Krishna, Sri Ramacandra, Maharaj Yudhisthira, Maharaja Prthu, Maharaj Pariksit, Dhruva Maharaj, Prahlada Maharaj, Maharaj Priyavrata.

3. The theocracy is a reflection of the structure of the Infinity; the material world is like the prison house and the spiritual world is the free world.
4. The theocracy has one or more saintly rulers. Similarly, God and His expansions rule the worlds.

God exists.

The argument of ontology by the moral imperative and the pleasure principle (a.n.d.) 3 

How “Being” comes to be or how “Existence” comes to exist. “Being” or “Existence” means God and His spiritual kingdom and the material world as the prison (see a.n.d 2)

Lord Siva answered: “Because everything is eternal, the question to the cause is not to be asked.” As we saw in the 1st a.n.d. “nothing” doesn’t exist. The infinite is full. There is no space for “new creation.”
Being only can be. Nonbeing or non-existence cannot be.

And it is a moral imperative that “Being” is perfect. There had to be pleasure since eternity. Not just monotonous plain “Being.” This (see a.n.d 2) is the only way “Existence” can be. It is impossible to conceive “Being” in another way.
In our experience, everything is done for pleasure and love e.g. we start a family for love, we eat to get pleasure. “Being” is naturally eternally manifested as or evolving to pleasure or love or perfection.
This is the nature of “Being”

Of course, in the material world everything dissolves devolutes and regresses to inertia, misery, chaos and disintegration. But that is because the material world is designated as the prison house of the spiritual world or the eternal perfect world.

God must be existing. Non God cannot be. It cannot be that God is not up there.

God exists

The argument for only one Lord
1. All the work of the Lord – the oneness of the harmony, artistry, coordination, variegatedness, opulences and complexity of the creation – can be done by One.
2. The living body is dependent on and ruled also by a single intelligent principle.

3. The same is for the virat-rupa the cosmic body of the universe.

4. I.O.W. as there is one soul there is one God.
5. He has many expansions, His original form is in the spiritual world.
6. God exists.

The argument of history
1. God is the perfect person
He is the creator of everything and therefore the Richest, the Almighty, the All-knowing, the most
Beautiful and perfect in everything.
2. When Krishna was here on this planet He had all these qualities; He is God.
We can read about His life in the Mahabharata (the biggest book of the literature in this world) and the Srimad Bhagavatam.
3. God exists.

The argument of showing the universal form
1. Krishna showed that the material universes are in Him and expanded from Him. This is described in Bhagavad Gita chapter 11 “Krishna showed His universal form”, and Srimad Bhagavatam canto 10.8
2. Krishna is God, God exists.

The argument of the creator
1A. This material world is produced by a conscious agent:
1B. This material world means 35 million cosmic eggs (brahmandas) or
Our universe (one of these 35 million) has 10^22 (100 billion x 100 billion)
stars, planets and moons and other flying balls.
Our universe has 1.4x10^79 subatomic particles; quarks and leptons.
2. Since it is a thing which is produced; particles need a designer and maker to become forms.
Like a pot or a computer is men’s handiwork
3. Hence, God the Creator of the world exists

The argument of the ingredients for the creation
1. In the human society prisons are made from the baser quality material in the state.
2. Similarly, the prison house of the material world is made from an eternal base quality of energy called matter expanded from the spiritual Causal Ocean or the sea of particles. This ocean is expanded from the brahmayjoti, God’s bodily effulgence.
3. Matter is like dimmed or reflected light; of an inferior type.
4. There is a creator of the prison house building it from the particles.
5. The universe has architects, masonries, a minister of justice and a king.
6. God exists.

The argument of being subjected
1. Can there be subjects without a king?
2. This world is like a gigantic kingdom.
In this world every soul is subjected to manifold miseries: birth, death, old age and disease; time, karma, guna’s (the three modes or ropes of nature), the three klesa’s (miseries due to mind, body and living entities). In this it’s like a prison
a. We are maintained with food, water, light and heat, air. In this it is like a state or kingdom
3. Beyond the prison or the houses of the subjects or citizens is the palace of the king
4. Hence, God, the Supreme Ruler exists.

The argument of boss or Deity
1. You are controlled. You have a boss. You have a Deity.
2. For a bird a cat is a deity; for a man a demigod is a deity.
3. There can be no infinite succession of the controlled and controller and worshipped and worshipper.
4. As one can’t climb a hill of fine sand.
5. Even the big bosses of the material world are subjected to disease, death, karma etc. and are dependent for their maintenance; they have a boss.
6. The hierarchies of the universe end with the Supreme Ruler of the universe.
7. Hence, there is God, the first Supreme Deity and Lord, the Ruler of the universe.

The argument of the heavenly father (and mother)

1. You have a father (and mother)
2. They have a father and mother (your grandfather and – mother)
3. They also have a father and mother (your great-grandfather and –mother)
4. There can be no infinite chain of child and father/mother relationship
5. As there can be no flying or swimming unless the air or sea were to offer resistance
6. Nor do we have an example of fathers and mothers coming from donkeys, microbes or oceans of chemicals.
7. Hence, God and His Goddess, the heavenly father and mother, exist.

The argument of the Father of Mother nature and Mother Earth

1. Humans, animals and plants appeared from material nature.
2. So material nature is the mother.
3. There is a mother nature or mother earth and her children.
4. There must be a father, supplying the spirit souls
5. So God, the heavenly father exists.

The argument of the Supreme judge and Karma
1. Morality, duty, piety or doing good must give happiness to be rationally justified and hold an influence over human action.
2. God must be postulated as the being that rewards piety, and punishes evil actions.
3. Therefore, God, the supreme judge exists.

10 more moral arguments
Argument I:

1. It appears to human beings that moral normativity exists.
2. The best explanation of moral normativity is that it is grounded in God.
3. Therefore God exists.

Argument II:
1. Moral normativity is best explained through the existence of authoritative moral rules.
2. Authoritative moral rules must be promulgated and enforced by an appropriate moral authority.
3. The only appropriate moral authority is God.
4. Thus, given that there is moral normativity, there is a God.

Argument III:
1. Moral norms have authority.
2. If they have authority, there must be a reliable motive for human beings to be moral.
3. No such motive could exist, unless there was an omniscient, omnipresent, wholly just agent to attach sanctions to behavior under moral norms.
4. There is a God.

Argument IV:
1. Moral facts exist.
2. Moral facts have the properties of being objective and non-natural.
3. The best explanation of there being objective and non-natural moral facts is provided by theism.
4. Therefore the existence of moral facts provides good grounds for thinking theism is true. So, God exists.

Argument V:
1. Morality is a rational enterprise.
2. Morality would not be a rational enterprise if there were no moral order in the world.
3. Only the existence of God traditionally conceived could support the hypothesis that there is a moral order in the world.
4. Therefore, there is a God.

Argument VI:
1. It is rationally and morally necessary to attain the perfect good (happiness arising out of complete virtue).
2. What we are obliged to attain, it must be possible for us to attain.
3. Attaining the perfect good is only possible if natural order and causality are part of an overarching moral order and causality. So, God exists.

Argument VII:
1. Morality is a rational enterprise.
2. Morality would not be a rational enterprise unless good actions increase the amount of good in the world. (Morality has to be efficacious if it is to be rational.)
3. There is no evidence that the amount of good in the world is increasing through our good acts.
4. Therefore we must assume that there is extra-human agency on the side of the good. God exists.

Argument VIII:
1. Morality is a rational enterprise.
2. Morality would not be rational if moral skepticism were true.
3. There is much too much unresolved moral disagreement for us to suppose that moral skepticism can be avoided if human sources of moral knowledge are all that we have. Therefore we must assume that there is an extra-human, divine source of moral wisdom.
4. God exists.

Argument IX:
1. It would be demoralizing not to believe there is a moral order to the universe.
2. Demoralization is morally undesirable.
3. There is a moral advantage in believing that there is a moral order in the universe.
4. Theism provides the best theory of the source of moral order.
5. Therefore there is a moral advantage in accepting theism.
6. God exists.

Argument X:
1. Morality demands that we ought to aspire to become as good as we can be.
2. If there is no source of moral order in the world, then the project of becoming as good as we can be is fraught with difficulties.
3. These difficulties would be and taken away with the truth of theism.
4. Therefore we have a moral reason to believe in the truth of theism. The world is likely to be organized so as to meet our deepest human needs.
5. God exists.

The argument of the king outside of the prison
1. The material world is like a prison
2. The King or head of the state lives outside of the prison
3. Similarly, God in His original form is in the spiritual world.
4. Hence, God exists.

Argument by God for the deficiencies in arguments

1. Atheists hope to find arguments to fill up the gaps in their arguments.
2. "Trust no future however pleasant" is one proverb
3. "Tomorrow" they will only contrive more intermediary steps.
4. But who changed the old order into new. Who changed the circumstances?
Who puts the pieces together to a complete harmonious structure or order? There must be a designer and builder, a transcendental masoner.
5. Thinking, feeling, willing in the creation process means according to the dictionary: personality: a superior person created.
6. God exists.

The argument of the Supreme creator.

1. With a little knowledge human beings can manufacture a 747 airplane but they cannot manufacture a mosquito or fly which never crash. God has created the mosquito's body, which is also an airplane. We have knowledge but it is not as perfect as God's.
2. God exists

The argument of painting the flowers and butterflies

1. Krishna paints the butterflies and flowers with thought. How can you expect without painting it has come so beautiful. Fools say "nature". What is this nature? Everything is done by the machine and extensions of God, the supreme Artist.
2. God exists

The argument of time

1. Time is the kriya sakti or cesta, pastime of God. Time is moments amounting to years, which again multiply into a lifetime of Brahma.Time is measured by things it brings about. There is the Supreme Energetic effecting these things.
2. God exists.

The argument of Contingency
(1) Contingent things exist. Causes bring contingent things into existence.
(2) Each contingent thing has a time at which it fails to exist (contingent things are not omnipresent, matter is a limited area; material entities are temporarily sustained).
(3) So, if everything were contingent, there would be a time at which nothing exists (call this an empty time).
(4) That empty time would have been in the past, and will be in the future.
(5) If the world were empty (or lifeless) at one time, it would be empty forever after (a conservation principle).
(6) So, if everything were contingent, nothing would exist now.
(7) But clearly, the world is not empty (premise 1).
(8) So there exists a being who is not contingent.
(9) Hence, the Absolute, Independent Cause of all contingent things exists.

The argument of Possibility and necessity

1. Material things are temporary.
2. If there are only temporary things then at some time before now there would have been no forms in existence
3. Then even now there would be nothing in existence because something that doesn’t exist can begin to exist only if it is brought into existence by something already existing.
4. There cannot be an infinite chain of temporary causes because matter is a limited area.
5. Thus it cannot be that everything’s existence is merely possible or temporary.
6. There must be necessarily an existence of a being who causes the material form.
7. So, God, the first eternal transcendental ground of temporary beings exists necessarily.

The argument of reason in the universe
1. Reason exists in the universe
2. Therefore God exists

Cosmological argument
1. This universe has a cause
2. Therefore God exists

Teleological argument
1. See out the world/universe/giraffe. Isn't it complex?
2. Only God could have made them so.
3. Therefore, God exists.

Argument from miracles
1. My aunt had cancer.
2. The doctors gave her all these horrible treatments. They didn’t work.
3. My aunt prayed to God and now she doesn't have cancer.
4. Therefore, God exists.

Argument from roundness, aka teleological argument
1. Isn't it amazing how perfectly round the planets are?
2. Someone sure must have been in control of that "big bang" in order for them to shape up like that!
3. Just place a stick of dynamite under a huge rock. You'll see that the explosion does not produce perfectly round smaller rocks.
4. Therefore, God exists. (optional)
3a. Atheist: The planets are round because of gravity.
3b. But who made gravity?!?!
4. Therefore, God exists.

Argument from the enlightened
1. E.g. the spiritual master believes in God.
2. The spiritual master is infallible.
3. Therefore, God exists.

Argument from otherwise there would be anarchy
1. There is order the universe, and humans have to be able to access it.
2. Otherwise, there would be anarchy everywhere.
3. Therefore, God exists.

The argument that the idea of God implies the real existence of God

1. No finite or imperfect being like men could have produced the idea of an infinite or perfect being.
2. Hence only God could have revealed it to men.
3. Therefore, God exists.

The argument of the social system

1. The Bhagavad-Gita (=The song of God) describes a social system of 4 divisions priests and intellectuals, warriors and government administrators, merchants, laborers.
2. The world’s history books (purana’s) relate that empires based on that social system were peaceful and happy.
3. This divine political system comes from God.
4. God exists.

The next set of arguments is from history

The argument of the incarnation (1)

1. There was an unprecedented fish form of matsya 13 million kilometres. He was gold-shining.
He appeared when the egg like universe was 2/3 under water. He spoke the wisdom of the matsya-purana of 13000 verses. He pulled a boat of 360 kilometers length and 130 kilometers breadth accommodating all living entities.
2. He displayed all the characteristics of God: all wealth, all strength, all beauty, all knowledge all renunciation and all the qualities of a perfect person: loving, compassionate pleasing, wonderful linguist, pleasing, truthful, artistic, expert, grateful, pure, self-controlled, forgiving, self-satisfied, heroic, gentle, liberal, humble, happy, humorous, simple, possessing all mystic perfection, performer of wonderful varieties of pastimes.
3. This was the incarnation of God; He took to this form because it was fitting for the circumstances and because he likes pastimes.
4. God exists

The argument of in incarnation (2)
1. There appeared an unusual tortoise form millions of years ago.
It’s back extended for 1300 miles like a large island. It activities and the wisdom he spoke are written in the Puranas the old books of history. His back served as a rest for the hill Mandara, a pivot used to churn a heavenly milk ocean to get the nectar of immortality.
2. He had all the qualities of God, all opulence of unlimited degree such as riches, power, beauty, wisdom, detachment and the character of a perfect person.

This was the Supreme Personality of Godhead dressed up in the way. Because he likes a wide variety of transcendental activities of amusement.
3. God exists.

The argument of incarnation (3)

1. The Narasimha half lion half man incarnation appeared to kill a demoniac king of the universe, Hiranyakasipu
His razor-sharp tongue moved like a dueling sword.
His gaping mouth appeared like a mountain cave.
His body touched the sky.
The hairs on his body were white and beautiful as the rays of the moon.
2. God exists.

The argument of incarnation (4)

1 The vamana-avatara, God’s incarnation as a dwarf – priest.
He begged 3 steps of land from the king of the universe. He expanded his body and with 2 steps he took all the planets and stars of the universe.
There is a book 10000 verses with the history and wisdom.
2 God exists

The following set of arguments proof that Krishna is God.
 Krishna was on this earth planet 5000 years ago

The argument of liberating a demigod

1. One demigod used to go on pleasure excursions in his airplane. Overly conceited due to his beauty and opulence he ridiculed some sages. They cursed him to become a snake. Krishna was seen by him and Krishna touched him with His foot; the snake had all his sinful reactions destroyed and thus he gave up his serpent body and appeared again in his demigod form. He prayed to Krishna glorifying Him as the Supreme of all the gods. Then the demigod went back to his heavenly planet to execute his tasks in the universal administration till the end of the day of Brahma, the creator god. After that he went back to the spiritual world, being a pure servant of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
2. Krishna, God exists.

The argument of greatness

1. Krishna in Dvaraka had 16.108 queens and from each he had 10 sons and one daughter: 161.080 + 16.108= 177.188. The sons and grandsons of Krishna's children numbered in the tens of millions. There were 38.800.000 teachers in Dvaraka and the king of Dvaraka, Ugrasena (Krishna's Grandfather) had 30 trillion soldiers as personal
Narada muni desired to see Krishna who had married 16.100 brides simultaneously each in a seperate palace. Narada saw numerous manifestations with various moods and activities of the one Krishna. He also saw numerous manifestations of the associates of Krishna such as Uddhava. Narada went at the speed of the mind in a single moment to each of the sixteen thousand hundred eight palaces and saw Krishna performing different activities at different times. The residents of Dvaraka could see Krishna only in the particular part of the city they themselves occupied, and not anywhere else, even if they would some times go to another precinct.
Everyday Krishna donated 107 groups of 13.084 cows (totalling 1.400.000) with first born calves to the brahmanas. When Krishna would exist seperately from each of His many palaces, each individual form would be visible to the persons present on those particular palace grounds and to the neighboring residents, but not to others. Coming along the main road up to the entrance of His governor building assembly hall, all the forms of
Krishna would merge into a single form and He would enter His office, in the assembly of His ministers and great kings.
2. God exists.

The argument of establishing law and order

1. Krishna solidly reinstated religion on its four pillars of compassion, austerity, cleanliness and truth. Thus dharma (religion) could once again become the protector of the earth.
2. This was a superhuman task, only the Supreme of all the superhumans Krishna, God could have performed.
3. God exists.

The argument of the Supreme Purifier

1. Previous to Krishna's descent, Ganga-devi was the most sacred of all the sacred places of pilgrimage, being the water that had bathed Lord Visnu's lotus Feet. Krishna's glories made all places He contacted as a sacred place of pilgrimage eclipsing that of the holy Ganges.
2. Krishna is the most holy and pure of all personalities.
3. Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead
4. God exists.

The argument of giving liberation

1. Krishna gave liberation to His surrendered devotees and to His enemies. Loving devotees like the Vraja-gopi's attained the opportunity to enjoy pastimes of conjugal love with Krishna's personal form in the spiritual world.
Inimical devotees (like Kamsa), when killed by Krishna, attained mukti (liberation). Either merging into His spiritual bodily effulgence or living on one of the unlimited spiritual planets. Krishna's expansions and parts of the expansions don't give liberation to the enemies They killed.
2. Krishna is God, God exists.

The argument of being charmed only by pure love

1. The goddess of fortune, Lord Narayana's constant companion and consort, whom great demigods such as Brahma serve menially to win her slight favor could not conquer Krishna. Even by severe austerities she could not bring Krishna under control and participate in the rasa-lila dance as the Vraja-gopi's did.
2. Krishna can be charmed only by selfless activity purely done for Him.
3. Krishna is the best of all gods, God exists

The argument of the name Krishna

1. The name Krishna is superior to the name Narayana and all Krishna's other expansions. By uttering the name of Krishna just once one attains the same benefit as that gained by reciting Lord Narayana’s or Visnu's, thousand names three times. Krishna's names destroy all inauspiciousness, illusion and ignorance. It crushes the excellence of all other spiritual practices described in the revealed scriptures. It captures even the liberated souls.
2. God exists.

The argument of being superior to the creator of the material world

1. The Supreme Personality of Godhead had Arjuna join Him on His divine chariot. The Lord's chariot passed over the 7 islands of the middle universe, each with its ocean and its 7 principal mountains. Then it crossed the Loka-aloka boundary (seperating habited and inhabited area within the universe) and entered the vast region of total darkness. The Lord send His Sudarshana-disc before the chariot. That disc shone like thousands of suns. The Lord's disc penetrated the darkness with its blazing effulgence. It cut through the fearsome dense oblivion following the Sudarshana disc, breaking through each of the concentric shells of the universe the chariot reached the endless spiritual light of the all pervasive Brahmajyoti. As Arjun beheld this glaring effulgence, his eyes hurt and so he closed them. Krishna told Arjuna: "The divine expanse of the spiritual sky is my own eternal effulgence. It comprises My eternal spiritual energy. The foremost yoga experts of the material world enter within it and become liberated. It is the Supreme goal of the yogi's and it manifests the varieties of the entire created cosmos. This spiritual light is my concentrated personal effulgence". Within that region are the countless spiritual planets. And in one corner is the limited material world. Krishna and Arjuna entered a body of water resplendent with huge waves being churned by a mighty wind. Within that ocean float the millions of material universes. Within that ocean Arjuna saw also an amazing palace more radiant then anything he had ever seen before. Its pillars bedecked with brilliant gems. In that palace was the huge, awe-inspiring serpent, Ananta-Sesa. He shone brilliantly with the radiance emanating from the gems on His 1000's of hoods and reflecting from twice as many fearsome eyes. Arjuna then saw the omnipresent and omnipotent Supreme Personality of Godhead, sitting at ease on the serpent bed. He looked charming and most attractive. His profuse locks of hair were bathed on all sides in the brilliance reflected from the clusters of precious jewels decorating His crown and earrings. Serving that topmost of all the Lords of the material world were His personal attendants, His weapons in their personified forms and all His various mystic powers. Lord Visnu paid his obeisances to Lord Krishna. Having seen the domain of Lord Visnu and the extraordinary grandeur of Visnu, Arjuna was totally amazed. He concluded that whatever extraordinary powers a person exhibits can only be a manifestation of Sri Krishna's mercy. "I have seen the Supreme Godhead of the material universes, the root cause of everything in the material world”. Besides the material universes is the spiritual sky, this is Sri Krishna's Home, the ultimate source of the spiritual effulgence and worlds. Sri Krishna's status of Godhead is superior to Lord Maha-Visnu's.
2. Krishna is God. God exists

The argument of the liberation of the demon Sankha

1. This Sankha-asura (demon) had a valuable jewel resembling a conchshell. He was a demon but also an associate of Kuvera, the treasurer of the heavenly planets and was puffed up over his material opulence and power. He appeared on a transcendental forest festival of Krishna, Balarama and Their groups of damsels of Vraja. This Sankha-asura thought that Krishna and Balarama were 2 ordinary cowherd boys enjoying the company of some beautiful mundane girls. He forcibly took away the girls. Seeing them coming after him and thinking the brothers too powerful he ran for fear of his life, leaving Krishna’s friends. Krishna entrusted His friends to
Balarama and Krishna alone followed Sankha-asura wherever he fled. Sankhacuda’s arms were big and strong like palm trees.
Krishna struck Sankhacuda with millions of blows of His fist and killed him. He took the valuable jewel from the head of Sankha-asura’s body, returned and presented the jewel to His elder brother Balarama.
2. God, Krishna exists

The argument of the raja-suya sacrifice

1. In this traditional sacrificial ritual one must call Brahma, Siva and other demigods, and the wise renunciants residing in each of the fourteen planetary systems. When such an exalted congregation has assembled it will be incumbent upon them to arrange the agra-puja the first worship for the most worthy person present. Then everyone was directly shown that Sri Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. They elected Krishna as the most glorious of all personalities present. In this Rajasuya Siva a.o. demigods glorified Him with prayers, the kings performed ritual bathing ceremony with glistening waterpots. Krishna was crowned the emperor of all kings and demigods.
2. Krishna, God exists.

The argument of a weaver attaining liberation

1. Krishna and Balarama were strolling in Mathura. A weaver came forward and out of affection for Krishna and Balarama nicely adorned Their attire with clothes and ornaments of various colors: including soft silk cloth of gold colour embedded with jewels and ornaments. Pleased with the weaver the Supreme Lord Krishna blessed him that after death he would achieve the liberation of attaining the spiritual body of a cowherd.
2. Krishna, God exists.

The argument of Krishna defeating Jarasandha

1. Jarasandha was defeated 17 times. The 18th time Jarasandha came with 23 aksauhinis. As a tactic, Krishna fled, with Balarama. They climbed a very high hill of 88 miles. Jarasandha failed to find Them and decided to trap and kill them by setting fires around the mountain, going upwards. As the blaze spread more and more upwards, Krishna and Balarama jumped from the top of the mountain down to the ground, without being seen by Jarasandha. Jarasandha concluded that the two brothers were burned to ashes and that there was no need of further fighting. Thinking himself succesfull in his efforts he returned to his own kingdom.
2. Krishna, God exists

The argument of the liberation of king Nrga

1. King Nrga gave many cows in charity to many priests. Unfortunately one cow given to one priest chanced to enter amongst the king's other cows. Not knowing this the king again gave it in charity to another brahmana. The former master claimed it as his own.
Thus there was arguing and fighting between the 2 brahmanas. With great humility, the king offered each of them 100.000 cows in exchange for the one cow that was causing the fight between them. He prayed to them that he was their servant and that there had been some mistake. Both disagreed with the king's proposal and left the palace in anger. When the time came for the king to give up his body, the king was taken before Yamaraja, the lord or judge of the deceased. Yamaraja send him to the body of a great lizard. The lizard was once trapped in a well. Krishna extended His left hand and got the lizard out. Immediately upon being touched by Krishna's hand the soul gave up that body and appeared as a demigod. His bodily complexion glittered like molten gold. He was decorated with fine garments and costly ornaments. His helmet dazzling as the sunshine. He had become enlightened. He prayed acknowledging Krishna as the best of the gods. Then he went back to Godhead in the spiritual world.
2. God, Krishna exists.

The argument of beautifying Kubja

1. On the way to the wrestling match, in Mathura, Krishna saw a hunchbacked ugly woman carrying sandalwood pulp to Kamsa. "Better give it to Me", Krishna told her. Being captivated by Krishna's beauty, talking, smiling, glancing, dress a.o. she gave it to Krishna. Krishna was pleased and pressed her feet with His toes, captured her cheeks with His fingers and gave her a jerk in order to make her straight. At once she looked like a beautiful straight girl.
2. Krishna is God, God exists.

The argument of the great demigods taking the dust of Krishna's lotus Feet on their heads

1. Every evening at about five o'clock, Krishna returns from the cow pastures with His cowherd boyfriends. At that time, great demigods like Brahma and Siva come down from heaven to take the dust of Krishna's feet on their heads, in order to remove the sorrow they feel in separation from the Lord. The various demigods stand on all sides of Krishna like panegyrists, offering their music, singing and gifts of tribute.
2. Krishna is the God of all the gods.
3. Krishna, God exists.

The argument of the activities of Dvivida Gorilla and Lord Balarama

1. To avenge the death of Narakasura, the apemen Dvivida ravaged the land, setting fires that burned cities, villages, mines and cowherd dwellings. This was to destroy Sri Krishna's flourishing kingdom and the whole world. Once he tore up a number of mountains and used them to devastate all the neighboring kingdoms. Another time he entered the ocean and with the strength of 10.000 elephants, churned up its water with his arms and thus submerged the coastal regions. He tore down trees. Arrogantly he threw men and women into caves in a mountain valley and sealed the caves shut with boulders. He polluted the women of respectable families. Once he met Lord Balarama. Lord Balarama in anger hurled a rock at him but the cunning ape dodged the rock. Uprooting a big oak tree with one hand, he rushed toward Balarama and struck Him on the head with the tree trunk. But the Lord remained as motionless as a mountain. Lord Balarama then struck Dvivida with His club on his skull, Dvivida became brilliantly decorated by the outpour of blood. Dvivida uprooted another tree, stripped it of leaves and struck the Lord again. Now enraged even more, Lord Balarama shattered the tree into hundreds of pieces, upon which Dvivida grabbed yet another tree and furiously hit the Lord again. This tree, too, the Lord smashed into hundreds of pieces. Thus fighting the Lord, who again and again demolished the trees He was attacked with, Dvivida kept on uprooting trees from all sides until the forest was left treeless. The angry ape then released a rain of stones upon Lord Balarama, but the wielder of the club easily pulverized them all. This most powerful of ape-man now beat his fists against the Lord's body. The Lord then hammered a blow upon Dvivida's collarbone, crushing it and killed him. The ape collapsed, vomiting blood.
2. Balarama, Krishna, God exists

The argument of Paundraka, the false God

1. The ruler of Karusa, foolishly thinking "I am the Supreme Lord", sent a crazy message through a messenger, to the Lord: which stated "I am God". Childish men had flattered and convinced him "You are the Supreme Lord and Master of the universe, who have now descended to the earth". The messenger also had to tell Krishna "Therefore give up Your false name and personal symbols, club and discus and come to me for shelter. If you do not, then you must give me battle". The members of the assembly laughed loudly when they heard his vain boasting. The Personality of Godhead told the messenger to relay a message to his master "You fool, I will indeed let loose, hurl, throw, abandon the weapons, personal symbols (club and discus) you boast of in this way. When you lie dead, o fool, your body covered by vultures herons and other birds of prey, you will become the shelter of dogs, who will eat your body with great pleasure". Lord Krishna then mounted His chariot and went to the battlefield. Paundraka led 5 aksauhini's. The battlefield was soon strewn with the dismembered chariots, animals and humans that had been cut to pieces by the Lord's disc weapon, club, sword and arrows. Lord Krishna then addressed Paundraka: "O fool, now I shall make you renounce my name which you have falsely assumed". Having thus derided Paundraka, Lord Krishna destroyed his chariot with His sharp arrows. The Lord then cut off his head with the sudarshana disc.
With His arrows Lord Krishna similarly severed a companion king's head from his body sending it flying into the king's city like a lotus flower thrown by the wind. When he went off to the battle the king had promised his queens and citizens "today I will bring the head of the Lord of Dvaraka". By constantly meditating upon the Supreme Lord the envious Paundraka shattered all his material bonds. Indeed, by imitating Lord Krishna's appearance he ultimately became Krishna conscious and was promated to the spiritual world's planets where he achieved a form similar to Krishna but as Krishna's servant.
The king's son resolved "only by killing my father's murderer can I avenge his death". Thus he began worshiping with a ritual which would invoke fire against one inimical to brahmana's. Hearing that brahmana's offer obeisances to Krishna, the king's son foolishly thought that since Krishna was greedy for respect from the brahmana's that he had no respect for the brahmana's. The fire rising up out of the altar pit, assumed the form of an extremely fearsome naked person. The fiery creature's hair was like molton gold and his eyes emitted blazing hot cinders. His face looked most frightful with its fangs and terrible arched and furrowed brows. As he licked the corners of his mouth with his tongue, the demon shook his flaming trident. On legs as palm trees, the monster raced towards Dvaraka in the company of ghostly spirits, shaking the ground and burning in all directions. To defeat the demon Krishna dispatched His disc weapon. Sri Krishna playing the part of a king was enjoying as kings enjoy and didn't want to be disturbed by such an insignificant matter as the attack of a fiery demon. So Krishna simply ordered His disc weapon, who was waiting at His side, to take the necessary steps. That Sudarshana, the disc weapon of the Lord, blazed forth like millions of suns. Its effulgence blazed and Its heat pained the fiery demon. Frustrated by the power of Lord Krishna's weapon, the fiery creature, proceeded and created by black magic, retreated and burnt the king's son and his priests to death. Lord Vishnu's disc also entered the city in pursuit of the fiery demon and proceeded to burn the city to the ground. After burning down the city Lord Krishna's sudarshana cakra returned to the side of Sri Krishna, the Lord, whose actions are effortless.
2. Krishna, God exists

The argument of Balarama subduing Yamuna river

1. Intoxicated with joy, Lord Balarama sported. The Lord then summoned the Yamuna river, so that He could play in her waters, but she disregarded His command, thinking He was drunk. She was thinking, "if Balarama calls me, wanting to enjoy in my water, then let Him come to me". This angered Balarama and He began dragging the river with the tip of His plow. Lord Balarama said, "O sinful one, disrespecting Me, you do not come when I call you but rather move only by your own whim. Therefore with the tip of
My plow I will divide you into a hundred streams while bringing you here". Thus scolded by the Lord, the frightened rivergoddess Yamuna came and fell at the feet of Sri Balarama, trembling. Thereupon Lord Balarama released the Yamuna, entered the water and played in the water to His full satisfaction. When He came out goddess Laksmi, sent by Varuna presented Him with blue garments, precious ornaments and a brilliant necklace. Even today one can see how the Yamuna flows through the many channels created when it was dragged by the unlimitedly powerful Lord Balarama.
2. Balarama or Krishna or God exists.

The argument of the liberation of the demoniac son of the earth (Bhaumasura)

1. Bhauma had stolen Indra's umbrella, the earrings belonging to Indra's mother and the demigods’ playground at the peak of the jewel Mandara mountain. Indra went to Lord Krishna and informed Him of these misdeeds. Krishna went to Bhauma’s capital. With His club the Lord broke through the rockwalls and ramparts. With His arrows the weapons of the town were destroyed, with His disc the fire, water and wind walls. With his sword the hard wire obstructions were cut away and with the sound of His conchshell Krishna shattered the magic seals of the fortress. This also woke up the 5 headed demon Mura who slept at the bottom of the city's moat. The demon shone with the blinding terrible effulgence of 7 suns and was roaring from all his 5 mouths. This sound filled the earth and sky until it reverberated against the very shell of the universe. Mura whirled his trident and hurled it at Krishna. With 2 arrows Lord Krishna struck the flying trident and broke it into 3 pieces and stuffed the demon’s mouth with five arrows of various shapes as if his mouths were quivers. Mura then threw a club at Krishna. As Mura's club sped towards Him, Krishna intercepted it with His own and broke it into 1000's of pieces.
Mura then rushed at the unconquerable Lord, who easily sliced off his heads with His disc weapon. Krishna also scattered his limbs by the power of His Cakra. Ordered by
Bhaumasura, Mura's seven sons came out of the fortress. The invincible Lord cut all their arrows, swords, clubs, spears, lances and tridents into tiny pieces with His arrows. The Lord severed the heads, thighs, arms, legs and armor of these fierce warriors and gave them liberation. Then Bhauma, equipped with ten-thousand hands, went out of the citadel with his army. Krishna decimated the enemy troops with His arrows and struck down all the missiles and weapons the enemy soldiers had thrown destroying each and every one of them with 3 colorfully feathered arrows. No person in this world was capable of knowing such swiftness in using weapons. Just by His glance Krishna destroyed the foreheads and other limbs of the warriors. Meanwhile Garuda, Krishna's eagle carrier struck the enemy's elephants with his wings, beaks and talons. The elephants fled back into the city. Bhaumasura threw his spear at Garuda. The spear had previously defeated Indra's thunderbolt but to Garuda it felt like a bunch of flowers. By flapping his wings, Garuda dissipated Bhauma’s powers. The two powers merged so that Bhauma could do nothing. Bhauma took up his trident, Siva’s invincible weapon, to kill Lord Krishna but even before he could release it, the Lord destroyed it and cut off his head with His razor-sharp cakra. Then Krishna entered Bhauma's palace. He saw heavenly wealth that surpassed the treasures of Indra. While conquering all over the world Bhaumasura had also captured 16.100 princesses, queens, unmarried daughters of demigods, sages and demons as well. The streams of flowing nectar from Krishna’s beauty washed away the contaminating clouds of dust on their bodies. These women became enchanted when they saw that most excellent of all persons, Sri Krishna enters. In their minds they accepted Him (who had been brought there by destiny) as their husband. Krishna sent them in palanquins to Dvaraka together with great valuable treasures. Back in Dvaraka Krishna, assuming a seperate form for each bride duly married all the 16.100 princesses simultaneously each in her own palace. Krishna's entire company of relatives (his mother Devaki a.o.) also appeared in each and every house simultaneously.
2. Krishna, God exists

The argument of Krishna conquering the Parijata flower from the demigods in heaven.

1. Once Narada muni brought one Parijata (wish fulfilling) flower for Krishna's queen Rukmini. Krishna's queen Satyabhama was slightly annoyed. Krishna promised Satyabhama, "I will give you a whole tree of these flowers".
The Lord then went to the abode of Indra, the demigod's king. There Indra and his wife worshiped Krishna and His beloved consort Satyabhama. Then at the behest of Satyabhama, the Lord uprooted the heavenly Parijata tree and put it on the back of Garuda. The demigods objected but Krishna easily defeated Indra and all the other demigods. Krishna brought the Parijata to His capital and planted the tree in Satyabhama's private garden. Bees followed the tree all the way from heaven, greedy for its fragrance and sweet sap.
2. Krishna defeated all the demigods because He is the Supreme of all the gods.
3. God exists.

The argument of Krishna fighting Banasura

1. Krishna's grandson, Aniruddha had been imprisoned by Banasura. Krishna and His army came to set him free. Lord Siva became the commander in chief of the army of his devotee (Banasura). Krishna counteracted all of Siva’s weapons: Siva's hurricane weapon with a mountain weapon: the hurricane came to a standstill. Siva's fire weapon was nullified by water: by torrents of rain. Then when Siva was exasparated Krishna released His yawning weapon. Siva felt fatigued, yawned and being too tired stopped to fight. Now Banasura attacked Krishna. With his 1000 heads he simultaneously worked 500 bows. Immediately, without any difficulty, Krishna cut each of Banasura's bows into 2 pieces with His arrows. And to check Banasura from going further Krishna killed his horses and shot his chariot to pieces. Banasura returned to his city to recover. Lord Siva took to his last resort: Sivajvara, which destroys by excessive temperature, 12 times hotter then the sun's heat. This weapon made blazing fire appear in all directions burning everything into ashes. Krishna released Narayanajvara, represented by excessive cold. Gradually Sivajvaras temperature diminished. In the meantime Banasura recovered from the setback. Krishna took His sharp-edged Sudarshana disc which began to cut off the demon's 1000 arms (except four) one after another just as a gardener trims the twigs of a tree with sharp cutters. When Lord Siva saw that His devotee Banasura coud not be saved, he came to his senses and personally came before Lord Krishna to pacify Him by praying and glorifying Him as the Supreme.
2. Krishna is the ultimate God, the highest of all Gods.
3.God exists.

The argument of the defeat of the Kuru’s and dragging the capital city Hastinapura into the Ganges.

1. Krishna's son, Samba abducted Laksmana, the daughter of Duryodhana. The family and relatives of Duryodhana decided that "since Samba has touched this maiden already, he must be the husband, for it would be improper to marry her to anyone else. To show our bravery and his impropriety however, we should capture him but not kill him". So they did. Balarama didn't want a quarrel between the two families. Thus accompanied by brahmanas and family elders He went to the capital of Duryodhana's family on His chariot and spoke "We tolerate that you unjustly defeated Samba but you should immediately bring him forward and give him back". He didn't complete this statement however because the other family became furious, "You lowly people want to rise above this royal family" they spoke and many more puffed up harsh words. And then turned and went back to their city. The infallible Lord Balarama became filled with rage: "Because they are puffed up due to their wealth and other assets only physical punishment will pacify their pride. They are so dull-headed, fond of quarrel and mischevious by nature that they have repeatedly disrespected Me, although I am their wellwisher. Krishna who took the Parijata wish fulfilling tree from the demigods is not fit to sit on the royal throne? The goddess of fortune herself, ruler of the entire universe, worships His feet. And the master of the goddess of fortune doesn't deserve the paraphernalia of a mortal king? The dust of Krishna's lotus feet, which is the source of holiness for all places of pilgrimage, is worshiped by all the great demigods. Great demigods like Brahma and Siva and the goddess of fortune and I are simply parts of His spiritual identity. Brahma is your creator. Laksmi possesses more opulence then all the worlds put together”. Thus He took His plow weapon which He increased in size and angrily dug up their entire capital city with the tip of His plow and began to drag it, intending to cast the entire city into the Ganges. When it was about to fall into the Ganges all the families, placing Samba and Laksmana in front approached the Lord for shelter joining their palms in supplication and praying. Glorifying and acknowledging Him as the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
2. God exists.

The argument of Krishna and Balarama fighting Jarasandha

1. Jarasandha, the king of Magadha wanted to take revenge after Krishna killed Kamsa. He besieged Mathura with a huge army. He had the power of 10.000 maddened elephants. Krishna and Balarama came out of Mathura with a smaller army. Krishna took up His Saranga bow. The incessant flow of arrows shot by Krishna appeared as a whirlwind of blazing fire killing all the elephants, horses, infantry soldiers, chariots and drivers. The blood began to flow just like the waves of a river. Lord Balarama began to fight with His club in such a heroic way that the river of blood created by Krishna overflooded. All the soldiers of Jarasandha were killed and he was the only one left alive. Persons of ordinary mind cannot estimate how this could be possible, but when such activities are accepted as pastimes of the Supreme Personality of Godhead under whose will everything is possible then this can be understood. The Supreme Personality of Godhead is creating, maintaining and dissolving the cosmic manifestation by His will only, so for Him to create such a vast scene of devastation while fighting with an enemy is not so wonderful. Jarasandha besieged the city of Mathura 17 times in the same way, equiped with the same number of military phalanxes. Each time he was defeated and all his soldiers were killed by Krishna.
Krishna thought, "I will destroy Jarasandha's army which is a burden to the earth. Jarasandha however should not be killed because he will enthusiatically bring another army of demons for Me to annihilate". An aksauhini contains 21870 chariots, an equal number of elephants, 65160 horses and 109350 soldiers, and the 1st time Jarasandha came with 23 aksauhini's. In what manner did Krishna shoot arrows? Although the “flowing of arrows” was in is a sequential order, all the actions involved in shooting seemed simultaneous to the onlookers. It appeared that Krishna was doing millions of actions at once. Thus the bow releasing arrows against the enemy troops appeared like a fire brand, (a blazing piece of wood appears like a circle of fire when whirled around). At the 18th attack Jarasandha was assisted by a king, Kalayavan with 30 million soldiers. Krishna won.
2. God exists.

The argument of greatness and the demigods presents

1. Because many demons attacked Mathura Krishna therefore decided to construct a formidable fort in the midst of the sea in the bay of Dvaraka. This was planned and constructed by Visvakarma the engineer among the demigods. He first of all constructed a very strong wall covering 96 square miles. If huge planets can be floated in weightlessness in outer space by the arrangement of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the architectural construction of a fort within the sea was not a very wonderful act. This city had regular planned roads and gardens filled with desire trees. The city was also filled with many palaces and big gates. Almost all the palaces were sky scrapers. In every house there were big pots of gold, and silver. And grains were stocked in underground rooms. There were many golden waterpots within the rooms. The rooms were all bedecked with jewels and the floors were mosiac pavements of all kinds of jewels. The Visnu deity was installed in each house. All the 33 million demigods came and presented their respective gifts. The demigod Varuna presented a horse which could run at the speed of mind. Indra presented the Parijata plant (wish fulfilling) and the Sudharma assembly hall for meetings of the leaders.
Each demigod is entrusted with a particular department of universal mangement. All the demigods took the opportunity of the Supreme Personality of Godhead's constructing a city to present their respective gift making Dvaraka unique within the universe. None of the demigods is independent of Krishna. Krishna is the Supreme master and all others are servants. All the servants served Krishna when He was personally present within the universe. When the city was constructed, Krishna transferred all the inhabitants of Mathura in the middle of the night as the citizens of Mathura slept, Krishna suddenly removed them from that city and placed them in Dvaraka.
When they awoke they were all amazed to find themselves sitting in palaces made of gold.
2. God exists

The argument of the Supreme musician

1. When Krishna, Balarama and the cowherd boys call the cows by fluteplaying by name "Oh Kalindi, Ganges, Sarasvati!” Then rivers such as the Kalindi (Yamuna), Ganges, Sarasvati attain consciousness, thinking "oh, what good fortune we have! Krishna is calling us in order to bathe and dive in our waters. Let us break our banks with strong currents and flow towards Him". Stunned in ecstasy, their arms tremble out of love and they eagerly wait for the wind to bring them the dust of Krishna's lotus feet, which was carried to them by a favorable breeze. The creepers of the forest weep abundant tears in the form of streams of honey and bow low with their branches and vines. Their filaments stand erect out of ecstatic love. The clouds sprinkled fine particles of ice, which were just like tiny flowers. The cloud made an umbrella from its own shadow to relieve Krishna from the scorching heat of the sun. Hearing Krishna's flutesong the demigods bow down their necks and minds. They are incapable of comprehending the real identity of the musical scales, they become completely bewildered by the sweet sound flute song. Attracted by the sound of Krishna's flute, the demigods come from their abodes and remain all day in the sky watching Krishna in great bliss. When Krishna returns to Vraja in the evening, the demigods also return to their celestial abodes, but not before descending to earth to worship the lotus feet of Krishna in order to obtain His mercy.

Krishna's flutes have 8 tunes or melodies. The following are the effects
1st tune: the demigods feel enchanted with ecstatic rapture
2nd melody: the Yamuna flows upwards
3rd melody: the Moon becomes standstill
4th melody: Vraja's divine cows ran to Krishna and then stand motionless hearing it with joyful tears in their eyes.
5th melody: makes the gopis shudder with delight and makes them run to Him for rasa-lila
6th melody: autumn fully sets in: trees are enriched with foliage, blossoms and fruits, Mountains get melted.
7th note: all the 6 seasons fully blossom with their splendor at one time and wind softly blows with the perfumes of blossoms of flowers
8th note: takes the name of Radharani and makes Her see Krishna everywhere.

The cows, bulls, forest animals become stunned and cannot swallow the grass they chew. The sound of the flute steals their minds and stops the functioning of their senses so that they appear as if asleep. The chewed grass remains in their mouths without falling to the ground. As their emotions become even stronger they become completely immobilized and their breathing almost stops. They look like painted pictures or statues.
Krishna's both hands were placed on the shoulders of the gopis yet at the same time He was playing His flute. The
Moon along with the luminaries felt amazed and became standstill.
2. God exists

The argument of liberating residents of hell

1. Krishna went to hell to get the son of Sandipani muni, his teacher. Krishna blew His conchshell at the entrance gate. By the appearance of Krishna the missiles and machines of torture became blunted and crushed. The Asipatra was shorn of its sword-like leaves. all the naraka's ceased to be boiling hot, ice cold and painful in so many ways. All the men consigned to hell became liberated as their sins perished at the sight of the destroyer of darkness, and they attained the immutable position. They got into 1000's vimana's (airplane). They got liberated due to the conchshell sound and recollecting Acyuta, the infallible God. The Lord of the death, Yama became very angry, being stopped in his service of the universe and ordered: "go and withold Him, seize Him and bring Him here". But Yamaraja's servants were defeated. Yama himself came....Citragupta, Yamaraja's scribe got 8 arrows in his face...Balarama caught Yama's danda (rod of punishment and staff of kingly power) and was about to hurl it back when Brahma
hurriedly came in between. Brahma pacified Him with prayers "no one is equal to You, the creator, protector, supporter of the universe. You carry Visnu who carries me. Brahma prayed to Krishna and asked "take pity on Yamaraja, he didn't know You came.”
2. Krishna is the Supreme of all the gods. Godhead exists.

The argument of the supreme dancer

1. The Rasa-lila is prize jewel within the treasury of all His pastimes. Krishna wanted to enjoy and witness the gopi's voices, beauty, fragrance, tenderness, cleverness, dancing, music and wanted the gopi's to experience His. The Rasa-lila was for Krishna’s and the gopi’s satisfaction, but both parties wanted to please the other. Such was the degree of Krishna's prema. He is atma-rama but He was thinking of enjoying with them this exchange of services. When Krishna desired to have this festival, the moon, to serve, rose and was the stimulator and illuminator of the pleasure pastimes.
Krishna danced with 3 billion gopis. How was this possible in the limited forest area on the bank of the Yamuna. It is definitely possible because the Supreme Personality of Godhead and His energies are both unlimitedly powerful. Even a piece of land as small as a sesame seed can expand into a vast area full of unlimited private pleasure groves, replete with fragrant flower beds, betel nuts, sandalwood paste, perfumes, cool drinkingwater, flower garlands etc. to enact such a dance festival. When the pastimes were finished, the Lord's spiritual energy again withdrew everything.
2. God, Krishna exists

The argument of the rasa-lila

1. Sri Krishna manifested and expanded 3 billion forms (of Himself which were all like Himself) to dance with 3 billion cowherdgirl dancers.
How many instruments are sweetly playing.
How many tunes, rhythms, songs and dances are made.
How many gestures Their limbs make, causing Their bangles and anklebells to jingle.
How wonderful is the dancing of Radha and Krishna.
The parrots (suka-sari) dance, sitting on the branches of the trees.
The pigeons and their wives are dancing and singing. Brahma dances with Savitri while
Goosepimples stand on their limbs. Siva is dancing on His bull together with His spouse Parvati.
The earth dances with Kurma (Her pirot) under Her saying “bravo, bravo”.
Govardhana Hill dances in ecstasy. Yamuna makes her waves dance along and the huge Makara-fishes also dance.
The animals, trees, vines, the whole world dances along.
2. Such singing and music, and dancing was unprecedented.
3. Krishna is God.

The argument of Sri Sri Radha Krishna's divine body

1. Srimati Radharani and Sri Krishna’s bodies defeat the luster of jeweled mirrors and reflect the multicolored fresh buds, flowers and leaves of the forest of Vrndavana. A joyful whirlwind puts up an umbrella with a net of flower pollen, from which nectarean honey drops ooze. The soft breeze becomes like a weaver, making a multicolored canopy of flower-pollen here and there as your shelter from the sun, and the bees help him (the wind) holding the cloth.
Krishna's splendid lips eclipse the glory of the blossoming bandhujiva flower. How can Krishna's teeth be described? The splendid red pomegranate seeds are certainly not their equal. How deep is the ocean of sweetness of Radharani’s lotus face. Krishna and Radharani dwarf the beautiful pastimes of the God of gods, Narayan and the goddess of fortune. Krishna is the abode of smiles, smiles revealing the glistening pearl of His teeth, whose splendor illuminates the circle of the directions. Krishna's fingertips are splendid with nails delightful like Kamadeva's arrows. Krishna is an ocean filled with the jewels of sweet songs.
The splendor of Krishna’s face shames the splendor of lotus and the spotless full moon. It could not even glance at Indra and Saci. It found Brahma and Gayatri devoid of excellence and annihilated the splendor of Siva and Parvati.
The house of Madana, Cupid, the god of love bows its head in inferiority to Krishna’s home.
The white conch, kunda flower, camphor and the silver-white mountain bow down to Balarama’s beautiful bright complexion.
Krishna’s teeth sparkle like pearls.
With the splendor of His beauty Krishna makes Kamadeva, Rati, Siva, Gauri and lila burn with envy.
Krishna’s appearance mocks the splendor of a dark cloud and glistening lightning.
Krishna’s splendid dark limbs condemn the glory of black anjana.
Krishna’s virtues and talents embarrass Siva and His beauty makes Lord Narayana revile the beauty of His own transcendental form.
Krishna’s handsome and gentle smiles and laughter are like splendid and pure moonlight.
By glimpsing even a fraction of a drop of the ocean of Krishna’s transcendental handsomeness what person will not become enchanted and filled with desire.
Krishna is an ocean of the nectar of intense transcendental love.
People who see His face, spit at the moon.
Krishna’s fingernails are like moving circles of light.

With Lord Krishna’s blessing all the plants became transformed into beautiful girls and joined the gopis in enjoying pastime with Lord Krishna, the master of Vrindavana.

Bathing in the penumbra (effulgence) cast by only a minute fraction of the luster of Krishna's body, all beings in
Vrindavana have attained their own elegance.
The land, caves, forest bowers, golden houses mountain in Vrindavana have been modeled after His form.
All the lakes have attained the form of His deep navel.
The black snakes of Vrindavan are manifestations of the fine black bodily hairs that grow above His navel.
The bejeweled desire trees are extensions of His munificence.
The fine hairs of His body, standing on end, are the benevolent preceptors for all kadamba flowers.
All animate and inanimate creatures in Vrindavan are simply reflections of the beauty of Sri Krishna’s form and different bodily limbs.
His garments eclipse the land of gold.
He can be compared only to Himself.
The splendor of His toenails defeats the beauty of the moon and the lotus.
His nose is decorated with great pearls.
His cheeks are splendid with jewel earrings.
He is glorious with jewel necklaces.
His handsome arms decorated with jewel bracelets, armlets and rings are flooded with waves of splendor.
He is decorated with hosts of flowers.
He is more glorious than dark monsoon clouds.
He is flooded with the splendor of cintamani jewel anklets, fulfilling all desires.
His eyes are always filled with festivals of happiness.
He pleases His associated with many wonderful joking words.
His lotus hands are attractive, like the morning sun.
Krishna’s fingernails are like a line of full moons.
Krishna’s teeth reduce the diamonds’ gems’ pearls’ pride in their own glory.
Krishna’s eyes are like moving moonstone globes studded with 2 moving eyebrows.
Krishna’s two cheeks are like two mirrors.
Krishna’s handsomeness rebukes sapphires.
Krishna’s charming delicateness suppresses the fame of blossoming flowers.
Krishna is worshiped by all glorious youthfulness.
By the spotless nature of Krishna’s glories the oceans took on the nature of the milk ocean, night took the qualities of the moonlight and the dark parts of the earth became svetadvipa.
His brilliance conquered all. Having defeated the sun and moon it went searching in all directions.

Krishna’s youthful beauty eclipses the luster of lightning.
His beautiful face eclipses the splendor of the moon.
His bodily luster chastises the beauty of the dark monsoon clouds.
His beautiful yellow garments make the beauty of lightning appear insignificant.
His eyes chastise the glory of the rainbow.
His splendid feet rebuke the lotus flower for their great pride.
His teeth chastise the jasmine flower for being too proud of their beauty.
His pleasing and charmingly sweet neck blunts the power of the conchshell’s auspicious beauty.
His sidelong glance is the superlative of playfulness.
His heart is the dancing arena of the most intense transcendental bliss.
He is like a nectarian ocean of mercy.
His beautiful hair inspires awe in the most splendid swarm of restless bussing bees.
He brings intense eternal bliss to the devotees’ heart.
His smile is filled with the nectar of ever-fresh loving sentiments.
His bodily luster robs the monsoon clouds of their splendor.
His charming beauty removes Cupid’s pride whose swaying ornaments appear to dance.
He is the supreme master of jubilant dancing.
He burns to ashes the sufferings of the devotees.
His words are like a blazing forest-fire of puns and jokes.
His form is eternally youthful.
His beautiful transcendental form is glorified by the community of blue lotus flowers.
His eyebrows eclipse the beauty of two creepers moving in the breeze.
His bodily luster is more splendid is more splendid than a blazing fire.
His lotus nails remove the pride of the splendid full moon.
His two arms more than trample the pride of exquisite, perfectly shaped sapphire bolts.
His chest totally destroys the vanity of an emerald door.
His two thighs goad the pride of emerald banana trees. Hundred thousand billion full moons of the sarad season remain embarrassed in the face of the exquisite sweetness of His beautiful face.
The softness of His two feet cause all praise of succulent new leaves to fall to pieces.
The construction of His delicious bodily limbs bestow modesty and well-being to all symmetrical beauty, most pleasing to the eyes.
His body steals away the luster of a new blue lotus flower, just ready to blossom, lending its radiance to sapphires.
His feet are continually emanating the sweetest fragrance.
They are infinitely boundlessly beautiful and incomparably soft. They put to shame by their dawn like pinkish color, the combined elegance of the total aggregate of all red lotus flowers.
His tender and delicate body is so attractive as though fashioned from a bouquet of blue lotuses, perfumed with fresh musk, the luster of which is like cream.
The flowers of the forest, all in full bloom, are the personified form of His laughter.
The sweetly scented buds of the jasmine flower, surrounded by black bumblebees infatuated by their fragrance are blinded by the radiance of His teeth.
The fortunate bud flowers have attained some of the exquisite beauty and grace of His brilliant forehead.
The tail feathers of the playful peacock are the faint image of His hair.
The splendor of Cupid’s bowstring’s bow has lost heart after seeing the ornaments decorating His ears.
The resplendence of His chest has lent it’s eminence to gold.
His excellent thighs, able to excite Cupid himself, are mirrored in the trunks of banana trees, shining with liquid beauty.
The land-lilies have attained their appearance through association with His lotus feet.
Flocks of swans, gracefully moving through the water with dexterous ease, see His gait as their guru.
The sweet songs of the young cuckoos in the spring are the echo of His enchanting words.
The wag-tails, flitting and dancing from one lotus flower to the next, have learned their movement from the corners of His eyes dance within the lake of His gracious lotus face.
The waters of Yamuna are tears of joy produced from loving ecstasies, flowing from His eyes and mixing with the collyrium (kajjol) that decorates them.
Mother Ganga is the outward manifestation of His pure and peaceful heart.
The lakes adorning this lovely land of Vrindavan are the condensed form of His perspiration.
The multitudes of gleaming gunja berries have received their splendor form the luster of His body.
Saffron and lotus flowers have attained their fragrance through association with His body.
The radiance of His body humbles the pride of Mount Meru crowned with lightning bolts who worship His bodily brilliance as the source of their own splendor.

Bestow modesty and well-being to all symmetrical beauty, most pleasing to the eyes.
His body steals away the luster of a new blue lotus flower, just ready to blossom, lending its radiance to sapphires.
His feet are continually emanating the sweetest fragrance.
They are infinitely boundlessly beautiful and incomparably soft. They put to shame by their dawn like pinkish color, the combined elegance of the total aggregate of all red lotus flowers.
His tender and delicate body is so attractive as though fashioned from a bouquet of blue lotuses, perfumed with fresh musk, the luster of which is like cream.
The flowers of the forest, all in full bloom, are the personified form of His laughter.
The sweetly scented buds of the jasmine flower, surrounded by black bumblebees infatuated by their fragrance are blinded by the radiance of His teeth.
The fortunate bud flowers have attained some of the exquisite beauty and grace of His brilliant forehead.
Even a small fraction of the splendor of Krishna’s face makes Lord Brahma’s creation of the radiant moon in the sky completely futile.

The curling locks of hair of Srimati Radharani make the tilaka decorations drawn in musk useless and redundant.
Her eyes are so beautiful that they make the two lotus flowers on Her ears wilt by comparison.
The waves of the beauty of Her splendid smile crushed Krishna’s necklace into dust.

When Krishna’s foot hits a flower, the flower blooms untimely.
Upon seeing Krishna’s beauty, even cows, birds, animals and trees in the forest are stunned in jubilation.
Sri Radha is so beautiful that She eclipses the beauty of the young restless girls of the Heavenly planets, making them seem like corpses.
Vrndavana’s lotus flowers are the mere reflections or shadows of Radha’s face.
Wherever Krishna placed His lotus feet, the enthusiastic soil of Vrndavana manifested one of Her own heart’s lotuses. When the cuckoo birds hear Srimati Radharani’s voice they flee into the forest out of shame. The vines become stunned seeing the beauty of her throat, the conchshells flee into the ocean.
Radha’s jewel-like teeth emanate bright white rays pervading the whole multicolored universe by an undifferentiated white effulgence.
Radha and Krishna’s beautiful forms make even cupid cry of despair and make the Moon-beams hide in shame.
How wonderful is Krishna’s form. What a wonderful cloud this is!
In the cloud in the sky the restless lightning strike shines beautifully but on the body of this cloud there is a beautiful steady lightning (Krishna’s yellow garments)
2. God exists.

The argument of the greatest godess

1. When She sees Radha’s beauty Laksmi, the wife of Visnu or Narayana, criticizes her own beautiful form. When she consider Radha’s cleverness and virtues, Parvati, the wife of Siva becomes ashamed.
2. The God of the Goddess Radha is Krishna
3. Krishna is God, God exists

The argument of Krishna's birth

1. Krishna entered the heart of his father Vasudeva, from there He went to the heart of Devaki. Then He went to the area of the womb, in His original eternal youthful form. There was no need of umbilical cords etc. After some time He made His original humanlike spiritual form visible outside His parents.
2. God exists.

The argument of killing Putana

1. Putana was a gigantic demoness 12 miles in height. Her teeth were as large as ploughshares; her nostrils were deep as mountain caves. Her scattered hair was the color of copper. She took the form of a lovely human nurse, but she had put deadly poison on her breasts. Krishna was few months old; still He sucked the poison, the milk and her life air, and gave her liberation as one of His mothers or nurses in the spiritual world.
2. Krishna is God. God exists

The argument of the deliverance of the Yamala-Arjuna trees

1. Krishna was a crawling baby when once His mother bound Him with a strong rope to a wooden mortar. Krishna kept on crawling and by the mortar two mighty deep-rooted yamala-arjuna trees were uprooted and fell down. These two trees were as strong as Arjuna; not even 1000 hands could uproot them. Krishna had also given supernatural strength to the rope and mortar. Two brilliantly shining demigods, the souls of the trees, came out. They were freed from a curse, by Krishna's mercy and touch. They were cursed by Narada muni to become trees for 100 years but then would see Krishna. It was a boon in the disguise of a curse. Then they glorified Krishna as the one ultimate God above all the demigods. Demigods exist and these uperior beings know and realize the spiritual world and its King, God.
2. God, Krishna exists.

The argument of the marriage of Laksmana and Krishna

1. To marry Laksmana the aspirant had to hit with an arrow the eye of a turning fish at the ceiling of the palace while looking at the reflection of it in a bucket of water. The fish was covered. Many warriors couldn't even lift the bow. Then many couldn't string the bow. Arjuna the partial incarnation of the king of the demigods, Indra, touched the fish with his arrow but not the eye, Krishna's arrow pierced the fish's eye.
2. There is a superior to Indra the king of the demigods. That is Krishna, the king of all the kings and the king of the demigods.
3. God exists.

The argument of the fight with Jambavan

1. Krishna fought for 28 days and nights with Jambavan. At that time Jambavan was the strongest living entity. Being beaten up, Jambavan felt very tired. To mitigate the pains of the body of Jambavan Krishna began to lovingly strike His hand all over the body of Jambavan. Jambavan at once felt relieved from the fatigue and wounds of the great fight. He wondered "Who is this?" Then he could understand that this was the Supreme Personality of Godhead because Krishna was pleased by his service of fighting. And he could not be defeated by anyone else then the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
2. God exists.

The argument of the marriage of Satya by Krishna

1. The prince desiring to marry princess Satya had to bind 7 ferocious bulls with long sharp horns. No human on the earth at that time could bind these wild bulls, but for these bulls Krishna it was like playthings, like small kiddies of goats.
2. God exists.

The argument of the marriage of Rukmini

1. Krishna kidnapped Rukmini, the most beautiful princess in the world. As a lion takes away a lamb or deer from the flocks or groups of dogs Krishna defeated the assembly of the most powerful kings and princes on earth like Sisupala, Jarasandha who were like dogs trying to oppose the progressive march of a lion. She had written a letter to Krishna to please deliver her from the forced marriage to Sisupala, arranged by Rukmini's brother Rukma.
2. God exists.

The argument of Krishna lifting Govardhana hill

1. Krishna stopped the worship of Indra, the king of the demigods and director of the clouds. Indra sent devastating rainfall as thick as pillars and sharp as arrows, pouring water incessantly, Along with great storms, hailstones, thunder and lightning. The land of Vraja was filled with water. The clouds could cover the entire earth with a single vast ocean. Krishna picked up the king of the mountains, Govardhana, which was touching the clouds, using it as a great umbrella and put it on the little finger of His left hand. Govardhana hill was so high that its peaks touched the moon and the sungod’s horses could eat the durvagrass at its summit.
Krishna was then 7 years old. He held the hill for 7 days. Krishna held the mountain without any difficulty, just like a child holding a mushroom.
When Krishna was preparing to lift Govardhana hill a partial expansion of Yoga maya, samhariki, temporarily removed all the rain from the sky so that as Krishna ran very swiftly from the porch of His house to the mountain, neither His turban nor other garments became wet. The cowherd community included many 1000's of cows, calves and bulls. Govardhana was only 3 miles across to fit this all under. Govardhana Hill, who was in ecstasy being touched by Krishna's hands, expanded his form to 32 miles. Also being touched by Krishna's hand, it acquired inconceivable power and felt the 100's of deadly thunderbolts thrown upon it by angry Indra, to be offerings of soft fragrance flowers and at times was not even aware that the thunderbolts were striking. When Krishna lifted Govardhana, the mountain extended beyond all the devastation clouds. The deer, wild hogs and other animals and birds standing on the hill's flanks climbed up to Govardhana's peak, and thus even they didn't experience the slightes distress. Another wonder: Krishna stood directly facing everyone eventhough the vrajavasis stood all around Krishna and by the nectar of the beauty and sweetness of Krishna and their association everyone forgot about eating, drinking and sleeping for 7 days. By the Supreme Lord, the Lord’s Sudarsana cakra which can be effulgent and hot as 1000’s of suns the 7 days continuous rain water immediately dried up as it fell to the ground.
2. God exists.

The argument of the delivering of Salva

1. Salva had an aircraft resembling the present day UFO's (unidentified flying objects) or flying saucers.
Sometimes many airplanes would appear to be in the sky and sometimes there were apparently none: it had become invisible. Sometimes the airplane was visible on the ground, sometimes flying in the sky or resting on the peak of a hill or floating on the water. The peculiar airplane flew in the sky like a whirling fire brand or -stick.
Krishna struck Salva with His club on his chest. Salva vomited blood and became invisible by his mystic power. Then he created an illusory father of Krishna and beheaded it. With a crashing blow from Krishna's club, Salva's wonderful airplane burst into pieces and fell into the sea. The Lord took up His wonderful disc, shining like the brilliant sun and cut off Salva’s head. The Sudarshana Cakra rotates fastly, it is vested with 1000’s of beams like fire emitting flames.
2. God exists.

The argument of Akrura seeing the spiritual world in the Yamuna.

1. Akrura brought Krishna and Balarama in his chariot to Mathura for a wrestling match. On the way they took bath in the Yamuna. First Krishna and Balarama took bath. Then Akrura, while Krishna and Balarama were back in the chariot. Akrura suddenly saw Krishna and Balarama within the water. Coming out of the water, he saw Them on the chariot. Then he went back to the yamuna. This time he saw not only Krishna and Balarama but many of the demigods, all standing before the Lord in His Narayana feature with 4 hands who was lying down on a couch of Sesa naga His snake bed. Sesa had 1000's of hoods. The Lord was smiling very beautifully. He was pleasing to all and looking towards everyone. His body possessed dazzling beauty and was decorated with extraordinarily beautiful clothes and jewels. The transcendental Supreme Personality of Godhead was worshiped served and prayed to by His eternal associates. While Akrura offered His prayers, His Lordship disappeared from the water. Akrura got out of the water wonderstruck. Krishna asked wether he had seen something wonderful.
Akrura said, "My dear Lord all wonders are in Your universal form. When I have seen You, what wonderful things I have not seen. There cannot be anything more wonderful then Your transcendental form".
2. Krishna is God, God exists

The argument of the liberation of Kesi

1. The demon Kesi assumed the form of a terrible horse. His tail was wheeling in the sky like a big cloud. His legs were strong, forceful and hard as stone. Kesi’s whinning caused the three worlds to tremble and his wide open rolling eyes burned the whole universe Kesi tried to trample Krishna. Krishna moved around him dexterously. Then He threw him away a hundred yards just as Garuda throws a big snake. Then Kesi rushed toward Krishna again, with the mouth open. Krishna pushed His hand within his mouth. Krishna's hand felt to him like a hot iron rod. His teeth fell out, Krishna's hand inflated and Kesi suffocated. The demigods were amazed and out their great appreciation they offered Krishna thanks by showering flowers.
2. God exists.

The argument of astrology proving Krishna as God

1. Garga muni spoke Krishna's past and future. "Krishna appears as an incarnation in every of the four millenniums (yuga). He assumes the colors white, red, blackish and yellow or black. Now He has appeared in His full form as the source of all avataras. He is Syama, dark not black Krishna's transcendental body radiates a splendid beautiful effulgence which is aKrishnam, not black, brighter than a mound of blue sapphires.
2. Krishna is God. God exists

The argument of the Liberation of Vyomasura

1. This "demon who flies in the sky" stole one by one, Krishna's friends, during their pastimes. Krishna caught hold of him as a lion catches hold of a lamb. The demon tried to expand himself big like a hill to escape arrest but Krishna didn't allow him to get out of His clutches. He was immediately thrown on the ground and killed.
2. God exists.

The argument of the fruitvendor getting her fruit basket refilled with jewels and gold.

1. Krishna took some grains and went to barter as if He needed some fruits. The infallible is full in every respect and He Himself provides fruits for everyone. Yet He desired some fruits. While Krishna was going to the fruitvendor most of the grains He held fell. The woman selling fruits became overcome with affection for Krishna and filled Krishna’s hands with all the fruits she had. Krishna somehow managed to hold them all in His small hand by the influence of His potency of majestic opulence and went back to his home. In return, the aborigine woman received all types of wealth including the treasure of love of God. She returned to her place and when she brought down the basket from her head she found it full of gems and gold. After this life she became a maid to Mother Yashoda for eternity.
2. God exists.

The argument of the deliverance of the calf demon.

1. One day while Balarama and Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, along with their playmates were tending the calves on the bank of river Yamuna another demon arrived desiring to kill Them. He had assumed the form of a calf and entered among the groups of the other calves. The Lord, the infallible, who never falls or fails, grasped the hind legs and tail of Vatsasura and whirled the demon around very severely until he was dead and then threw him in a tree which then fell down. The trees' fruits were within easy reach of Krishna's friends. In the upper planetary system, all the demigods were pleased, and therefore they showered flowers on the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
2. God exists.

The argument of the blessing of the Brahmana Sudama vipra

1. Sudama brahmana (priest) was very, very poor. One day he visited his old school friend Sri Krishna in His city with 16.000 palaces. Krishna treated His brahmana friend Sudama as if God had come on earth, to His city. When Sudama went back to his home, Krishna had given his home family and native city such opulence as cannot even be imagined by the king of heaven. Big palaces, nice parks, beautiful clothes…
2. God exists

The argument of the breaking the cart and freeing the cart demon

1. Krishna had been put to sleep under a cart during an outdoor festival. A heavy demon entered the cart so the wheels sank in the earth; Krishna's short baby legs could now reach and kick the very large cart. It would have taken 10 men at least to lift this cart. The cart flew high up in the air and crashed to pieces. The demon's soul freed from karma by Krishna's purifying association went back to the spiritual world.
2. Krishna is God, God exists.

The argument of the prayers by the demigods to Krishna in the womb.

1. They welcomed and glorified Krishna. “You also appear in our minds; Your body is not material, Your qualities manifest from a person possessing spiritual nature. It is You who have these qualities. There must be some person to manifest those qualities, for matter alone cannot do that. It is by the agency of the spiritual energy that these qualities manifest, not by the agency of matter".
2. Demigods know all the material energies in the universe. They even bestow them as magical mystical powers
for the demons. And they knew Krishna and His activities are beyond matter; transcendental. They said: "You are
beyond us"
3. God, Krishna exists.

The argument of the killing of Trnavartasura

1. Krishna was one year old when a demon came who was as a strong whirlwind and carried Krishna into the sky. Krishna thought: "the Vrajavasis can lift me a little, now I can go higher. I want to play in the sky and fulfill the desires of the celestial ladies to see My beauty". Vrindavana was overcast with dense darkness from the dust storm created by Trnavarta’s whirlwind Krishna grasped the demon by his throat and choked him. The demon thought of Krishna as wonderful: he couldn't bear Him nor cast Him aside. The demon fell down with his back on a slab of stone. Krishna was unhurt remaining on his chest.
2. God, Krishna exists

The argument of the deliverance of Bakasura

1. Bakasura had assumed such a huge duck-like body that it was taller than the peak of Mt. Kailasa. The upper part of his sharp beak pierceed the heavenly planets. At once, as he swallowed Krishna, he seemed to intend to devour all other living entities on earth and heaven. Although, passing through the saliva filled throat of that demon, Krishna's clothing and ornaments had not become the least sullied. Krishna who was the father of Lord Brahma (the demigod creator of the universe) but who was acting as the son of a cowherd man became like fire, burning the root of the demon's throat. The demon immediately disgorged Him and then attacked Krishna again with his sharp beak. Krishna with His arms captured the demon by the two halves of its beak and very easily bifurcated him as a child splits a blade of grass. At that time the celestial denizens of the higher planetary systems showered flowers upon Krishna. They also congratulated Him by sounding celestial kettle drums and conchshells and by offering prayers.
2. God exists.

The argument of liberation for Aghasura, the serpent demon.

1. The demigods were afraid of being killed by this demon. He was 8 miles in length. His lower lip rested on the earth and his upper lip touched the clouds. His tongue resembled a wide road. His breath was like a blazing fire and his eyes blazed like fire. The serpent's teeth were like high mountain peaks.
Krishna killed Aghasura by expanding His body within the demon's throat. His breath was giving off the bad smell of burning flesh because of all the animals he had eaten. Krishna entered the mouth of Aghasura. The demigods hidden behind the clouds exclaimed "alas, alas" out of fear. They knew His powers but the nature of affection is to sometimes lose one's power of discrimination. The demon suffocated, his life air and soul being trapped in his body with no outlet, finally burst out through the hole atop his head and passed to and attained the Lord's abode to serve Him eternally. Then the demigods showered flowers, the celestial dancing girls began to dance, celestial singers sang etc. An infinity of festivals of glorification of Krishna was going on all throughout the universe.
2. God or Krishna exists

The argument of the stealing of the cowherd-boys and calves by Lord Brahma

1. Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe and foremost of the demigods was so deluded by the material energy that he wanted to test whether Krishna was the Supreme Personality of Godhead and above him (Brahma). Krishna's all fulfilling desire potency and pastime potency fulfilled Krishna's wish. They said "Oh Lord, if you want some obstacle during this picnic for some amusement then we will go and bring Brahma the head of all the demigods". The celestial residents watched in astonishment at how Krishna and His friends were picnicking, herding calves and playing in the forest. Brahma stole Krishna's friends and calves and put them to sleep in a cave. This was all done by Krishna's spiritual energy. Krishna recreated all His friends and calves. Then He transformed these to Visnu forms. Lord Brahma was completely bewildered. And convinced that Krishna was God Brahma prayed: "Gunja berries earrings accent the beauty of Your face, flowers adorn Your head". Brahma's description reveals the superiority of the gunja berries of Vraja to the precious jewels of Vaikuntha's Narayana, the Lord, king of the material universes. It is like a king who is superior or rather in his home and palace pastimes then in the government buildings. Brahma continued: "Your avataras, incarnations such as sankarsana actually have counted the number of atoms on the earth, the snowflakes and even the particles of sunlight yet even such a personality as sankarsana, who has been continuously chanting Krishna's glories since time immemorial, can not come to an end of enumerating those glories. "Nara" means living entities and "ayana" means shelter. You are the ultimate shelter of all living entities. Though You are here and seem to be localized and therefore limited You hold all the universes and the spiritual world within You and are therefore unlimited. You exist at all times in all places but by the covering of Your spiritual potency You are sometimes visible and sometimes invisible. And by You spiritual potency you are sometimes in this form and sometimes in another form. How is it possible to satisfy simultaneously all Your devotees? Your inconceivable energy perfectly carries out the work of presenting
different pastimes to Your various devotees at the suitable time. You assume forms and relationships similar to those found in the material world, but Your relationships are not false or temporary like those of material fathers and sons, material husband and wife, material lovers, material friends and material masters and servants. Your forms and relationships are completely transcendental and eternally existing. Though Your pastimes are eternal and transcendental, they appear similar to material activities. Thinking that is was not proper for my master Krishna, who is the most exalted Lord of the Lords, to hold a stick and to be decorated with gunja berries, mineral colors, peacock feathers and other simple ornaments and enjoy pastimes with cowherd boys and girls and cowherd family members, I foolishly committed an offense. O Supreme Personality of Godhead, as long as the universe exists and as long as the sun shines, I will offer my obeisances to You. To benefit the living entities in the material world Krishna appears by His causeless and inconceivable mercy to be somewhat like an ordinary conditioned soul and covers His supreme majesty. He is thus directly perceived by the material senses. In ordinary circumstances He is never perceived by the material senses.
-  Brahma could have never caused such illusion over Krishna's associates on his own. Brahma stole some other forms of boys created by the external energy. Brahma wanted to see more of Krishna's power. Brahma thought: "will Krishna show another pastime or search and find the cows or pray to me to get them back or will He be bewildered".
Krishna's spiritual energy hid the real boys and calves and Krishna's material energy produced exact illusory replicas for Brahma to steal. Krishna took the form of all the missing calves and boys. As the source of all, Krishna is the original form of all forms. But now the boys and calves were Himself, the Krishna category, not His energies.
For a moment of Brahma and one year on earth, Krishna acted as everyone, performing different pastimes. When Brahma returned to see the fun he saw the group of boys and calves he had put asleep and another group engaged in their pastimes with Krishna. He thought, "Who is the real one or is there only one; when I look away from one Krishna transposes them". Then all the cowherd boys and calves transformed into Narayana forms. This is Krishna's expansion as the majestic Lord of all beings. And Brahma saw that all beings from Brahma to the blade of grass were worshipping these Narayana-forms by e.g. singing and dancing. All these Narayana forms were surrounded by His opulence’s and the elements of the creation. Then the puzzled astonished Brahma saw the wealth of sweet Vrindavan again and Krishna was playing as a cowherd boy. Yet Brahma now understood that Krishna was the master of the whole creation and that he was simply His insignificant servant. Demigods never touch the earth but when Lord Brahma understood that the Absolute Truth the highest spirituality, the root cause of everything was standing before him in His divine eternal humanlike form as a cowherd boy in Vraja in whose image he was made, he quickly jumped off the back of his swan carrier. Because Brahma's four heads were facing in four directions, to make his obeisances completely by touching the Lord's feet, he had to fall on the ground and raise himself four times. He bathed Krishna's lotus feet with a profuse outpouring of tears. Lord Brahma remained on the ground at Krishna's feet for a long time due to being overwhelmed by intense bliss.
2. God exists.

The argument of Krishna and the sages, simultaneously in the palace of king Bahulasva and the house of the brahmana Srutadeva.

1. Srutadeva was a great devotee of Krishna. Bahulasva was a good devotee of Krishna. Krishna one day desired to visit them with Narada, Vamadeva, Atri, Vyasadeva, Sukadeva gosvami, Parshuram, Asita, Aruni, Brhaspati, Kanva, Maitreya, Cyavana and others. Srutadeva and Bahulasva simultaneously invited them. To please both of them the Lord and the sages expanded to go to the two. Simultaneously each one, the brahmana and the king thought Krishna and His entourage had only come to him.
2. God exists.

The argument of the liberation of the demon Dhenuka, the ass-demon

1. Dhenuka had falsely taken proprietorship over an orchard with delicious fruits. Balarama took him by the hind-legs and twirled him around till he died.
2. Dhenuka was stronger then any mortal human, still Balarama was stronger then Dhenuka.
3. Above humans there are higher beings, divine beings, (demi)gods.
4. The hierarchy of divine beings ends with the Supreme powerful, the king of all divine beings, God. (see the first argument on motion). There must be a first Supreme God, an ultimate substance as one can't progress walking on a hill of fine sand.
5. God exists

The argument of Krishna chastising the serpent Kaliya

1. The serpent Kaliya poisoned an 8 miles wide lake of a branch of the Ganges, the Yamuna. Birds flying over the lake and trees at the banks of the lake died by the fumes. The water especially close to Kaliya was boiling hot and reddish yellow color. Krishna's friends died drinking the water. Krishna revived them. Kaliya had 1000 hoods and was several meters. Krishna jumped in the lake creating huge waves 400 hands high. Krishna played in the water producing wonderful musical sounds simply by splashing the water with His hands and arms. Krishna said to Kaliya after remaining gripped in his coils for one hour "listen Kaliya, you have shown me enough of your strength. Now I will show you a little of My prowess". Kaliya had to let go of Krishna because he felt pained by the expanding body of the Lord. Kaliya failed to bite the Lord because Krishna continually moved in the opposite direction as the serpent. The gems on Kaliya's hoods became brilliantly shining at the very touch of Krishna. Krishna's lotus feet became red like copper from touching the numerous jewels upon the heads of Kaliya. While Krishna was dancing the demigods worshipped Krishna by showers of flowers, musical accompaniment and singing. Krishna had a dance party with His girlfriends on Kaliya's hoods: blood streamed from Kaliya's mouths and nostrils. He was danced and trampled into submission by the purifying touch of Krishna's lotus feet, Kaliya's offenses were neutralized. Kaliya remembered or realized he was fighting an opponent who was 1000's of times stronger then his arch-rival Garuda. He thought “This person therefore must be the Supreme Lord. This is the person my wives previously described as being approachable by bhakti. Taking the position of spiritual master, He placed His feet on my head. Now I will take shelter of Him”. Krishna spoke to Kaliya's wives, who were praying to release Kaliya: "I have diagnosed Kaliya's disease. To wipe out the last traces of the disease I must stomp on his head 7 or 8 times more. You should permit this”. Kaliya's wives pleaded: "We fear that if you give our husband this strong medicine of punishment, which is some more mercy to purify him, he may die. He is just about to leave his body”. Krishna: "What does it matter if he gives up his snake body? What can he do with this body? It is better that he gives up this snake body and gets a spiritual body as my devotee”. Kaliya's wives replied: "If we beautiful women become widow we will be forced to marry with another sinful snake. Since Kaliya is now a vaisnava, he has become the object of our affection and our life and soul”. Krishna: "Then take your husband". Krishna took away the upper cloths (covering the breasts) of the chaste wives of Kaliya, who were praying to Krishna. He joined these clothes and making a rope put it into the nostrils of Kaliya and sat on its hood and like a chained riding horse made him move. He held the rope by His left hand and His flute with His right hand, putting it to his mouth and blowing it.
2. The killing of all these mighty asuras was not possible by the great gods like Brahma and Siva etc. even by using their prowess and mighty weapons. It was done at ease by Sri Krishna.
3. God exists

The argument of Krishna in many places

1. In a picnic in the forest Krishna sat in the center encircled by lines of 1000's of friends. Due to love all the cowherd boys wanted to face Krishna. Krishna fulfilled their desire by employing His energy that fulfills everyone's desire and made His face and limbs appear in all directions at once. Thus each boy thought "I am sitting in front directly facing Krishna. But the other boys sit at a distance with their backs or sides to Krishna"
When they began to enjoy their feast and find particular milkproducts most delicious, each one of them put it into the mouth of Sri Krishna, without getting up from their respective seat. So close by they remained to Him.
2. Krishna is God, God exists

The argument of the liberation of Aristrasura

1. Once a demon entered Vrindavana in the form of a big bull. His body touched the clouds and the earth was shaking as in an earth quake. When Aristasura playfully shook his head, Lord Siva became frightened and hid his bull, Nandi, in a cave of mount Mandara. He attacked Krishna with his horns fast and powerful as the thunderbolt of Indra. Krishna first took it by its horns and threw it back 10 meter. Then He broke its horns. Krishna kicked the bull as one squeeze a wet cloth till it was oozing out blood from its mouth and passing urine and excrement and left its body. The demigods from heaven showered flowers upon Krishna.
2. Krishna is God, God exists

The argument of the deliverance of Lord Siva from the demon Vrka

1. Vrakasura had worshiped Lord Siva by cutting the flesh from his body and offering this into the fire. When he was about to cut off his head Siva came out of the fire and gave the benediction that as soon as he would touch anyone's head he would be killed at once. In this way he wanted to become immortal killing everyone including death. Vrkasura first of all wanted to kill Siva so to take away Gauri, Siva's wife for his personal enjoyment. Siva fled and went all over the universe. Finally Siva went in the direction of Visnuloka. Visnu appeared as a brahmacari before Vrkasura and Siva. The brahmacari was dressed as a follower of Siva and was very effulgent and attractive.
Visnu as a brahmacari asked Vrkasura "how can you believe Lord Siva, he is the leader of ghosts and hobgoblins. But, if you have faith, why you don't make an experiment by putting your hand on your own head? If the benediction proves false then you can immediately kill this liar, Lord Siva, so that in the future he will not dare to give out false benedictions".
By Visnu's sweet words and appearance and by the expansion of Visnu's superior illusory energy the demon became bewildered and forgot the power of Lord Siva and his benediction. He put his hand on his own head. His head cracked and he immediately died.
2. God exists.

The argument of the swallowing of the forest fire

1. At another time there was a forest fire with fierce flames put by the followers of Pralambha, to revenge the death of Pralambha. But they themselves were burnt to death by the fire. As soon as Krishna desired to drink the forest fire His power or energy of destruction (samhara-sakti) extinguished and destroyed the forest fire and divine nectar (prema-rasa) flowed there, which Sri Krishna delightfully drank .
2. God exists.

The argument of swallowing the forest fire

1. At another forest fire Krishna was very thirsty. Therefore the forest fire, being afraid and incapable of going against the will of Krishna turned into a very cool and tasty drink. Krishna drank that.
2. Krishna, God exists

The liberation of Balvala

1. This was a gigantic person like a great mountain. When he came flying in the sky there appeared a great hailstorm caused by him; the whole sky was covered with dust. And the atmosphere became surcharged with a filthy smell and it showered torrents of urine with excrement and other dirt. His hairs appeared reddish like copper, his mouth dangerously fearful and his body colored black as carbon. Balarama dragged him down from the sky with His plow and angrily smashed the demon's head with His club. His forehead was fractured and he fell to the ground dead.
2. God exists.

The argument of the liberation of Sisupala

1. Sisupala was a mighty demoniac king, unconquerable by humans and demigods. Krishna tolerated 99 insults and offenses to Himself. Then Krishna beheaded him with His Sudarshana cakra, His remote central sharp-edged flying turning disc.
2. God exists.

The argument of Krishna, the Supreme Absolute Truth, releasing of Nanda Maharaja from the clutches of Varuna.

1. One of the servants of Varuna, the demigod presiding over all the waters, captured Nanda Maharaja, Krishna's pastime father, who was bathing. He brought him to Varuna's capital. Krishna went there. Varuna glorified Krishna as the Supreme Deity.
Varuna: "Though I possess all varieties of jewels until now I have not obtained such a jewel as You". One of my foolish servants didn't know that one can enter the water before sunrise after an especially short ekadasi. The offense of my servants is also mine. Then he showed Nanda seated on the jeweled throne, offered by Varuna to worship Nanda Maharaj. Nanda maharaj was astonished to see the fabulous opulence of Varuna
2. Varuna is one of the 33 leaders of 33 million demigods (each leader has 1 million subjects). As a minister in a state knows who is the king or the president, Varuna knows who is God.
3. God, Krishna, exists.

The argument of showing heaven

1. When Nanda maharaj was brought back by Krishna he once later spoke with his friends. The cowherd man spoke to him "You have concluded that Krishna is God by directly hearing Varuna praising Him. The cowherd man asked Krishna " let us become liberated and residents of Vaikuntha". Krishna showed His own attractively charming spiritual planet, the best planet of the spiritual world or Vaikuntha (means the place without anxiety), Krishnaloka. Then Krishna revealed the spiritual effulgence of the spiritual planets, which is unlimited, all-pervading, non-material, far beyond the material world.
2. God exists

The argument of Arjuna a.o. winning the battle of Kurukshetra by taking shelter of Krishna

1. In the Mahabharata war Arjuna and his brothers' army was qualitatively and quantitatively inferior then Duryodhana and his brothers’ army.
2. Krishna was advising Arjuna and his brothers and therefore 640 million people, including the burden on the earth, got liberated and removed.
3. God exists.

The argument of Krishna saving king Parikshit in the womb of his mother

1. Lord Krishna, with His club and Sudarshana-cakra in His hands entered the womb of Pariksit's mother and saved Pariksit's body which was almost destroyed by the fiery weapon (brahmastra) released by Asvatthama. He also protected the limbs of Parikshit Maharaja's mother.
2. The brahmastra is the greatest weapon. The demigods can’t counteract it by their weapons.
3. Krishna is God, God exists

The argument of the liberation of Dantavakra

1. Dantavakra was so angry that he came rushing to Krishna with only a club. The earth was shaking. He struck Krishna but Krishna was unaffected. Krishna struck Dantavakra on his chest so his heart split up. The soul of Dantavakra came out of his body and merged into Krishna's body. Killing such a great demoniac hero was not possible for any demigod or human being.
2. Krishna, God exists.

The argument of the liberation of Vidura, the brother of Dantavakra

1. Krishna's sudarshana cakra cut off Vidura's head. Krishna is the only one God and all others are His subordinates.
2. Krishna, God exists.

The argument of the testing of the sages

1. The sage Bhrgu was sent to test the principal lords in the universe. The best was: “who had the most goodness.” First he went to Brahma, his father. He didn't pay any respect either obeisances or prayer. Brahma nearly cursed Bhrgu muni. Siva was Bhrgu’s brother. Siva got up when Bhrgu came to him and Siva wanted to embrace him. Bhrgu said "No, you smear your body with ashes, you are impure". Siva took up his trident but Durgadevi saved the situation. Finally Bhrgu went to Visnu or Narayana. Visnu was lying on a bed of flowers and the goddess of fortune was massaging His feet. Bhrgu put his feet on the chest of Visnu. But Visnu is so great, so magnanimous that He got up (not taking any offense also because Bhrgu was a brahmana) and offered His respects to the brahmana and spoke: "My chest is as heard as a thunderbolt and your feet soft as a lotus flower. I hope you didn't feel pain touching my chest. It is a great fortune that you came. Excuse Me that I didn't get up immediately when you came. Let me massage your feet to relieve you of your pain. My chest is now sanctified.
2. According to the sages, Visnu or Krishna is the Highest of all the Gods, the God of the demigods.
3. God exists.

The argument of the deliverance of Kamsa

1. Kamsa occupied many kingdoms and made alliances with all the other kings such as the demon Pralambha, demon Baka, demon Canura, demon Trnavarta, demon Aghasura, demon Mustika, demon Arista, demon Dvivida, demon Putana, demon Kesi, demon Dhenukasura. In this way Kamsa became the most powerful king on the earth.
Even the demigods, headed by Indra, couldn’t defeat Kamsa in battle. Kamsa defeated Varuna. Once Indra withheld the rain. By the strength of His sword, Kamsa conquered the clouds and forced them to rain profusely.
One day Kamsa organized a wrestling match and invited Krishna and Balarama. They were then merely boys. On the way Krishna deheaded a demoniac washerman by striking him with the upper portion of His hand. He broke a bow in a sanctified arena for demigod sacrifice. A bow which no one could even lift. He killed a huge mad elephant, Kuvalyapida, by catching hold of its trunk and pulling it down, jumped on its back and broke its back and killed the caretaker also. Krishna left with an ivory tusk on His shoulder. Then Krishna and Balarama combated wrestlers, who were huge men as solid as stone, the strongest wrestlers on earth. Then Krishna caught the 2 hands of Canura, one of the wrestlers, and began to wheel him around till he lost his life. Mustika another one was struck by Balarama with great force; So that the wrestler trembled vomited blood and gave up his vital force. Wrestler Sala was kicked by Krishna and his head cracked.
Then Krishna jumped to Kamsa's throne. Kamsa was wheeling his sword but Krishna knocked his crown from his head, dragged him down to the wrestling arena and with the strokes of His fist Kamsa lost his vital force.
Kamsa's soul went back to the spiritual world. He had been his whole life thinking of the Supreme Personality of Godhead as his enemy. Balarama, with the tusk of the elephant Kuvalyapida, killed all the 8 brothers of Kamsa.
The demigods including Siva and Brahma showered flowers, they were beating on drums and played music, sang and danced.
2. Krishna is God, God exists.

The argument of Krishna filling bellies even there was not enough to eat.

1. One day in the forest Krishna's friends were very hungry. That day they had taken no food from home, because they wanted to live on the foods of the forests. Actually they wanted Krishna and Balarama to eat. Krishna said: "go tho the wives of the brahmana's overthere". The food that was brought by the brahmana's was inadequate to feed all the cowherd boys. But the Almighty Krishna caused all of their bellies to be completely filled.
2. Miracles happen, miraclemakers exists above ordinary humans.
3. The hierarchy of divine beings ends with the Supreme mystic, God (see argument 1) there must be a first ground or intelligence giving and directing all the magic.
4. God exists.

The argument of the retrieving of Devaki's sons who were killed by Kamsa

1. The 6 sons of devaki (before the birth of Krishna and Balarama) were killed directly after birth. Krishna and Balarama went to one planet Sutala loka situated downwards in this universe. They brought these 6 conditioned souls back to Devaki, who gave them her breastmilk, from breasts suckled before by the Supreme Personality of Godhead. This all was only possible by inconceivable potencies. These 6 souls had been demigods before but were cursed. Now they became so purified by touching Devaki that they awakened their original identities and went back to the spiritual world.
2. Only God can give liberation
3. Krishna is God. God exists.

The argument of Lord Balarama slaying the demon Pralambha.

1. Pralambhasura assumed the form of a cowherd boy who on that day had remained home with particular duties to perform. No ordinary mortal could equal him in power. Krishna's eternal expansion, Balarama, Krishna's eternal brother, killed him.
While everyone was playing, Pralambha carried away Balarama by flying into the heavens and displayed his actual form. He had a huge body resembling a cloud flashing with lightning. His terrifying face was with blazing eyes, fiery hair and terrible teeth, reaching toward his brows. Balarama's body first became so heavy that Pralambha had to slow down. Then Balarama's powerful fist cracked the demon's head, which cracked open. The demon vomitted blood and lost all consciousness. Then with a great noise he fell lifeless on the ground. The demigods showered flower garlands upon Balarama and praised this excellence of His deeds. The soul of Pralambha entered Balarama and then back to the spiritual world.
2. God, Krishna exists

The argument of blowing out the forest fire

1. One day Krishna and His friends were herding cows and calves in a forest and got surrounded by a forest fire, a form assumed by a follower of Kaliya or Kamsa. Krishna, the Supreme mystic blowed out all the flames of the blazing fire as a burning lamp is put off by blowing out air through the mouth
2. Krishna is God, God exists.

The argument of the song of Krishna's flute

1. By Krishna's flute playing the birds, cows and bees are so enchanted that they abandon chewing their food and to listen to it, with joyful tears in their eyes.
The calves stopped sucking the udders of their mothers. The milk falls from their open mouths and they stand as if stunned. Birds with unblinking eyes behold Sri Krishna. Clouds appear over His head to allay the suffering of the hot sun. The mountains get melted at the alluring sound. Krishna skillfully blended His flute song with the lovely sounds of Vrindavana's chirping birds, buzzing bees, waterfalls.
The forest became happy, blooming with lotuses. The trees pouring out their honey seem to be weeping in bliss. The devotees shed tears of joy and experience horripilation. The peacocks surround Krishna in a circle and dance madly in tune with the rhythm of His melody and gentle animals such as deer and doves greatly relish Krishna's transcendental performance and to get a good view they flock to the peaks of the hills. As they watch the breath taking program, they became stunned in ecstasy. The does worship Krishna with their affectionate glances.
Because of their affection for Krishna, the bucks are encouraged by seeing their wives attracted to Him and thus consider their household lives fortunate. The demigods and the demigoddesses become mad after Krishna. The cows and calves have raised their ears like cups to hear the sound of Krishna's flute. Some birds keep their eyes closed, observe silence and remain motionless. They had become stunned and ecstatic and cling to the branches to avoid falling off the trees. Trees are transformed in ecstasy and begin to sprout new leaves out of ecstasy. The sweet vibrations of Krishna's flute which agitate the whole universe arise from Krishna alone, not from Visnu, Brahma, Siva or Indra. It is impossible for anyone else to produce such enchanting music. Some rivers exhibit whirlpools. Some rivers stop flowing towards the ocean. The excess water swells into standing, motionless waves embracing the lotus feet of Krishna and holding on to Them offerings of lotus flowers.
When the moving living entities hear the flute sound they became motionless. The non-moving trees adapted the qualities of moving living entities and trembled in ecstasy.
The flowers lost their colors and cried tears of honey. The voices of the birds were choked and altered. The vines ‘sprouts formed goose pimples. All the moving and non-moving creatures fainted.
By Krishna’s flute playing the mountains covered with perspiration (melted and flowed in all directions). Thirsty birds and deer eagerly approach this fluid but became stunned after hearing the flute song and are unable to drink it. The water in the lakes is stoned (i.e. became like stone) and Krishna's flute sound causes the swan to become stunned also, as if their feet were firmly bound in this water.
Krishna’s flute-playing rebukes the cooing of Brahma’s swancarrier. By Krishna’s flute sound honey oozes from all the trees of Vrndavana. The waters of the streams become stunned and solid. The rocks become soft and melt and the mountains no longer standing still, tremble and walk about. The cows are stunned with bliss and sprinkle the flowers with great flowing waves of milk. Maharaja Ananta Sesa, the carrier of the planets, whirled around. It blocked the movements of the rain clouds. The demons are either tunned, agitated or frightened. Overcome with ecstasy as he listens with 8 ears to Krishna’s flute music, Brahma rolls about on the back of his swan.
2 God exists

The next set of arguments proof that Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God

The argument of the demigods visiting Nimai

1. One day the demigods entered Saci's bedroom. They took Nimai from Saci's lap and placed Him on a jeweled throne. After bathing and worshiping Nimai they circumambulated Him and offered obeisances. The sound of gongs, conch-shells and other musical instruments and the singing of the holy names filled the room. The demigods all chanted "All glories to the Lord of the universe. All glories to the Supreme maintainer O Visvambhara we fall at Your lotus feet and beg You "please bestow upon us the rare treasure of Vraja-rasa". Sacidevi picked up Nimai and told Him to go to His father's room in order to sleep peacefully. The demigods walked behind Nimai with folded hands. The Lord addressed them "O demigods, hanker for the glorious, love-filled pastimes of Radha-Gopinatha". Then Nimai cried and chanted "Radha! Radha! Govinda! Kalindi! Yamuna! Vrindavana! and danced. Hearing this, the demigods also began wailing and singing along joyfully.
2. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists

The arguments of the statements of the demigods

1. Before Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu's birth there was an announcement, "The time of the Lord's appearance in the womb of Sacidevi has come". The demigods came down and stood before Sacidevi praying: "All glories to the infallible Lord who is eternal, unlimited and one without a second. All glories to the Lord who is eternal bliss personified. The Supreme Lord is transcendental to the 3 modes of material nature. He is the paramour lover of Radha. All glories to the Lord of the innumerable Vaikuntha planets. All glories to the darling son of Nanda Maharaja. In the kali-age He manifests from the womb of Sacidevi in order to enjoy His transcendental pastimes in this world. The Lord descends to give Himself to everyone without discrimination".
2 God exists

The argument of the sages

1 Damodara Pandit asked Murari Gupta
"Why did the Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna leave His cloud-blue color and assume a golden colour? Why did He remove His dress and activities as a gallant lover to adopt the dress and activities of a sannyasi".
Murari answered: "Narada muni once became greatly distressed by the suffering of humanity in the kali age. He began travelling throughout the universe giving out the holy names of Krishna. Being too attached to material existence, people of the kali age refused to accept the holy name. Then Narada thought to himself "I must bring the Supreme Lord Krishna to the earth" and went to Dvaraka, in the spiritual world Narada asked Krishna to descend. Krishna said: "In the age of kali I will manifest Myself as devotee of Myself to caste happiness relished by My pure devotees and I will give out the bliss of prema-bhakti to everyone in the world.
The beauty of My golden form will defeat the beauty of Mount Sumeru". While absorbed in this ecstasy, Lord Krishna suddenly showed His form as Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu. This was the first time in this yuga that Lord Krishna revealed the transcendental form of Lord Gauranga, the beautiful golden Lord. He spoke: "Although over the ages, many branches of religion have appeared in the world, I will teach pure love of Godhead to unite all people". When Narada left Dvaraka, he reflected "Oh, what unparalleled beauty have I just seen. His compassionate eyes appeared reddish like the rising sun. Oh, what a profuse expression of nectar I have seen.
I saw the sweetest smile ever on Gaura's beautiful lotus face. He is superior to all the Lord's previous incarnations.
Before today, I have never seen such a reservoir of love. He is the essence of all incarnations.”
2 God exists

The argument of astrology proving Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu as God

1. At Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu's birth the astrologer Nilambara Cakravarti was able to detect that the boy would be the maintainer of the universe, that he would be wiser then Brhaspati the spiritual teacher of the demigods, that He was Narayana, the Supreme Personality of Godhead and that He woudl establish faith in God all over the world.
2. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists

The argument of the statement of Advaita Acarya (who is Lord Mahavisnu and Lord Sadasiva combined)

1. Advaita acarya's mother once had a dream in which Lord Siva foresaw the age of kali. He became filled with compassion and went to the shore of the ocean of causes, the origin of the material universe. Mahavisnu lies there. Lord Siva beseeched Lord Mahavisnu for His merciful descent by performing austerities for 700 years. Lord Mahavisnu appeared and spoke "My dear Lord why you try to please Me with difficult austerities? You and I are one!" Lord Sadasiva replied "my dear Lord, unless You empower Me to save mankind how can I do it". Lord Mahavisnu embraced Lord Sadasiva and by Their shared compassion they took one form - Sri Advaita acarya. Once the king of that area sent his son with Advaita (he was about 8 years old) to the temple of Durga. Advaita refused to bow down to Durga and the prince became disturbed and called for Advaita's father Kuvera. Advaita told His father politely: "As the Cakora bird can only live on moonlight, I can only worship Lord Krishna, the Supreme of all the gods". Just then, the Durga deity on the temple altar burst into pieces and the goddess came out of it illuminating all directions. A voice filled the room proclaiming "The husband will never bow down to the wife". In this way Durga indicated that the boy Advaita was none other then Her husband, Lord Siva. Advaita acarya glorified Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krishna and acted as His servant. Lord Siva's only master is Sri Krishna. One night Advaita took His mother to a high mountain. All of India's holy river in personified form appeared before Advaita, who was effulgent in His divine four-armed form of Maha- Visnu. They offered their prayers to Advaita with the reverberation of conchshells. The rivers showered His mother with their divine waters. Once, a voice in the sky sounded: "This is God Himself. Nobody is more learned then Him". At the marriage of Advaita acarya one brahmana spoke "This woman is Yogamaya incarnate and Advaita acarya is God Himself. How could anyone ever conceive of a better match?
Advaita showed to Gauridasa pandita His four-armed form and later also a six-armed form.
2 God exists
The argument of divine voice from the sky

1. One day while sitting in His home, Visvambhara said "What shall I do, where shall I go, How will I fix My mind on Krishna?"
Suddenly a divine voice announced from the sky "Listen Visvambhara, You Yourself are God. You have come to this world to give Your mercy by teaching love of Godhead. By doing Hari-nama-sankirtana You will establish religion in this world. Do not lament. The people of Kali will be delivered by receiving Your mercy. Your love will remove the sufferings of everyone. Now stop lamenting and start Your sankirtana movement.
2. Visvambhara, Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists

The argument of the revelation to Murari Gupta

1. Gaurahari, Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu said to Murari "Listen to what the Veda's say about Me, in the
Svetasvatara Upanishads (3.19): "The omnipotent Supreme Personality of Godhead has no material hands or legs. Yet He runs swiftly to receive offerings. He has no material eyes but still He sees everything. He knows everything, but no one knows Him. Realized brahmanas say that He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead".
Then Murari requested "My Lord, I want to see Your Lordship's form as Lord Rama". Within a second Murari saw Lord Ramachandra, Sitadevi, Laksmana, Bharata and Shatrughana stood around the Lord. Gaurasundara pacified Murari, "Actually Murari, You are none other then Hanuman and I am the same Lord Rama".
2. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists

The argument of the divine body of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu

1. The moon of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu's face shames the nectar Moon of this world. His splendor robs gold of its beauty and chastises lightning. One wonders “Is this a flood of nectar flowing from the Moon of His face”. His pearl necklace is splendid as a line of stars. The wealth of His eyes leaves the devotee always unsatiated. His curved eyebrows defeat Kamadeva's unstrung bow, or is this a line of bumble bees motionless from having drunk the nectar they desired from these lotus eyes. If a stationary flash of lightning were decorated with stars, two bubbles of nectar placed beneath it, and the whole thing placed within a lotus flower it would be defeated by Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu's splendid nose. The rain of sweetness from His smile makes the devotee's heart thirst. The Lord's thighs uproot the pride of golden banana trees.
2 Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists

The argument that Sri Nityananda is God

1. At a festival of honoring Lord Sri Nityananda, He was placed on a celestial throne and bathed with scented Ganges water. Some sang sweet songs. Someone brought new clothes, smeared His body with sandalwood paste and placed a flower garland around His neck.
One devotee held an umbrella over His head. The Lord then told one of His servants “I would like to wear a garland of kadamba flowers”. “But it is not the season for kadamba” the servant replied. The Lord pointed to a tree and said “go to that tree and surely you will find kadamba flowers”. The servant went to the Jamusia tree indicated and, to his surprise, found that kadamba flowers were blooming there.
2.God exists

The argument of revelation

Lord Nityananda and His followers were on naga (town to town) sankirtan chanting dancing from village to village. Suddenly, those who were extremely fortunate saw that Mahaprabhu Gauracandra was dancing in between Lord Nityananda and Lord Advaita. At that time Mahaprabhu Gauracandra had gone to Jagannatha Puri, 100’s Km south. Seeing this, the demigods cheered “jaya, jaya”
2 God exists.

The argument by absence

When Lord Sri Gauracandra left Navadvipa the Gange’s waves stopped dancing.
The Deities became very gloomy.
The Trees did not bloom.
The flowers lost their scent.
The bumblebees stopped sucking honey by not sitting on the flowers.
The cuckoos stopped cooing.
The peacocks stopped dancing.
The parrots began crying and would not fly.
The cows stopped grazing.
The animals stopped preying.
All pleasure left from the minds of the inhabitants of Navadvipa. Not a word could be heard, only the pitiful sound of crying.
They cried so bitterly that the earth became muddy with their tears.
They practically lost their lives due to separation from Him.
2 God exists

The argument of reviving the dead

1. The son of Srivasa who had been ill expired. The Supreme Lord Gaurahari by His inconceivable potency empowered the dead boy to speak about the real truth of human life. In this way all the family members were able to forget their misery. Lord Gaurahari lovingly told Srivasa “Henceforth, Nityananda and I will be your two sons”.
2. God exists

The argument of revelation

1. Mahaprabhu bestowed His mercy upon a yavana tailor who lived by the side of Srivasa’s house and used to stitch clothes for Srivasa. The Lord revealed His fourhanded Narayana form to the tailor, who began to dance uttering “I have seen, I have seen”.
2. God exists

The arguments of the Lord’s birth

1. All six seasons manifested simultaneously at the time of the Lord's appearance. Gauranga's golden baby body was a condensed form of luscious nectar. Gaura's face shone with the soothing glow of hundreds of moons. His smile resembled a blossoming lotus flower. His shoulders were as powerful as an elephant's. The soles of his feet were marked with: a flag, goad, camara, chariot, lightning bolt, umbrella, swastika, jambu fruit and a triangle surrounded by waterpots.
Millions of Cupids fled in shame upon beholding the beauty of His lotus face. His reddish-eyes flooded with joy and love. His bodily effulgence was so intense that one couldn't look at Him.
2 God exists

The argument of the knowledge of Sri Nityananda

1. In Srivasa Thakura's courtyard, Lord Caitanya revealed to Nityananda prabhu His 6 armed form which held a bow and arrow, a flute, a staff of renunciation and a waterpot.
Sri Caitanya mahaprabhu is Krishna (flute), and Rama (bow and arrow), in another form
2. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists

The argument of the Mahabhava-prakasa (revealing all His forms)

1. Many of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu's confidential associates would gather regularly in Srivasa Thakura's home and worship Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu on a special seat known as the seat of Visnu. On one occasion Mahaprabhu revealed His full divinity: His identity with the various incarnations of Godhead. That He is Krishna and the incarnations are His expansions. Also they were given the vision of Mahaprabhu’s universal form (as in Bhagvad gita chapter 11 Krishna showed how the universe was within Him or an extension of Him).
2. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists

The argument of the hand and feet marks

1. Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu's hands and feet had the marks of Narayana, the Supreme Personality of Godhead such as
*flag, implanted to assure His devotees that they will be continually without fear and always victorious
*lotus, marked to assure the devotees that they will worship Him in happiness
*discus (cakra) stands there as a sign that the devotees will be protected.
*elephant-goad, placed there to signify the Lord's subjugation and control of the devotee's mind
*grain of barley signifies that the devotees will gain fame
*thunderbolt (vajra) stands for the destruction of mountains of sins
2. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists

The argument of inducing lions, tigers, elephants and monkeys to sing God's names in their respective tongues.

1. When Mahaprabhu travelled through the dense forest jungle of Jhada-khanda He made all the animals chant and dance together on the holy names of Krishna
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare
2. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists

The argument of the expansions during the Ratha yatra

1. At the annual Ratha-Yatra car festival of Lord Jagannatha, Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu divided the thousands of devotees into seven parties. In each group their chanting was of Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare/ Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare, accompanied with many musical instruments and dancing in ecstasy. Suddenly His devotees saw Lord Caitanya simultaneously appear in the seven different chanting parties, gracefully dancing and chanting through the 7 crowds.
2 God exists

The argument of His revelation to Maharaja Prataprudra

1. After the annual Ratha-Yatra festival for Lord Jagannatha, the king of the area came to meet Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Mahaprabhu was so pleased with him that He displayed some of His divine opulences to the king revealing His identity as God.
2. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists

The argument of Mahaprabhu's revelation of Himself as Radha-Krishna

1. After a spiritual discussion with His devotee Ramananda Raya, Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu revealed His essential ontological form as a combination of Radha and Krishna. He is Krishna with the bhava (emotion) and dhyuti (effulgence) of Sri Radha.
2. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists

The argument of the statement of Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya

1. Mahaprabhu debated with Sarvabhauma Bhattacarya the incarnation of Brhaspati, the spiritual teacher of the demigods. Awestruck, the Bhattacarya realized that no earthly creature could possibly articulate such explanations, and that Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu was indeed God incarnate. The Bhattacarya humbly surrendered Himself. First, Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu revealed His four-armed form as Narayana the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the Lord of the spiritual and material world. He then displayed a very confidential six-armed form revealing Krishna's two arms playing on His flute, Ramacandra's two arms with bow and arrow and His own two arms, carrying the staff of renunciation and the waterpot. Finally, He bestowed upon the Bhattacarya a vision of His original two-armed form as Krishna.
2. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists

The argument of awakening the dead

1. One day, when harinama-sankirtana was going in full swing, in another room in Srivasa Thakura's house one of
Srivasa's son died. Srivasa consoled his family by saying: "why you are sad. Krishna has simply taken His own devotee to suit His own happiness. He gave up his body while hearing the singing of the Lord's holy names.
Therefore he certainly died while absorbed in love for Lord Krishna" Then the kirtana finally stopped. Srivasa Thakura explained the Lord "I didn't inform You dreading the calamity of interrupting Your dancing". The Lord ordered the household members to bring the boy's body out into the courtyard. Mahaprabhu addressed the boy's dead body "Please tell Me, dear boy, what prompted you to leave here so suddenly thus giving up the association of your loving father". The soul miraculously manifested again in the dead body and the boy began to offer prayers to the Lord "My dear Lord, You are the Supreme Absolute Truth, unlimited and without competition. You control everything by Your multifarious potencies. Neglecting Your lotus feet, I have now become completely ruined. As soon as I chose to be independent of Your Lordship, my mind became interested in Maya's allurements.
Thus I have given up my inherent spiritual nature, falling down due to the dazzling bewilderment of fruitive gain. I have been captured by illusion within this mundane world. Now as a result I am being forcibly tossed about on the revolving wheel of fruitive actions and reactions. According to this fate, I have been brought into Srivasa's home. But again, according to my predestined fate I must now leave this place and go wherever You send Me. However I know that all these material relationships do not possess even one speck of eternal truth, for only You are the eternal friend, relative, father, mother and guardian of all souls. Oh Lord, if it is Your desire that I take another birth I humbly request Your Lordship to kindly allow me to be always situated in the transcendental loving service of You". Then the Lord took the dead body in a parade of song and dance to the bank of the Ganges. Mahaprabhu personally put the boy's body into the river. The Ganges personified picked up the body brought it out of the water and touched Mahaprabhu's lotus feet trembling in ecstatic love for the Lord.
2 God exists

The argument of curing material and spiritual diseases

1. A demon, Gopala Capala, placed meat and wine outside Srivasa Thakura's door. As a result, Gopala Capala contracted a severe case of leprosy. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu told him that it could only be cured by the forgiveness of Srivasa Thakura himself. In due course he was not only cured but joined the sankirtana movement of Mahaprabhu, chanting and dancing with the holy name of Krishna:
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.
2. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists

The proof of the spiritual vision of King Suvarna Sena in Satya yuga

1. In a dream Suvarna Sena Maharaja, a king in Navadvipa saw Gauranga and Gadadhara with their associates dancing in the courtyard of his palace. Surrounding the golden form of Gaura, they were all chanting - Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare - while dancing and embracing one another. Before that Narada Muni happened to come there, and had predicted: "Fortunate will be the coming of kali-yuga, for Krishna will bring His associates here and manifest His pastimes as Gauranga".
2. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists

The argument of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu seeing God, Krishna and another's of God's forms, Jaggannatha

1. Travelling to Jaggannatha Puri, Lord Caitanya saw in the distance the beautiful temple of Lord Jaggannatha shining brightly like the moonlight. Lord Gauranga saw an attractive boy standing on top of the temple. Moving His fingers up and down, that boy was calling the Lord forward. His complexion was brighter then a blue sapphire, enchanting the three worlds. He had a smiling face and an incomparably gorgeous body made of nectar. He was holding a flute in His left hand. Coming closer to the Jaggannatha temple Lord Jaggannatha (the Lord of the universe) extended His long arms and appeared before Lord Caitanya. He called "Come, Come to Me". Lord Caitanya became stunned to see the Lord and rolled on the ground saying "Oh Lord Jaggannatha, You are so merciful to show Yourself to Me".
Lord Gauranga cried loudly when Lord Jaggannatha suddenly disappeared. Then Nilacala-Candra, Lord Jaggannatha reappeared and Lord Caitanya burst into joy.
2. God exists.

The argument of the vision of the greatest priest and scholar of India, Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya.

1. Before entering the temple of Lord Jaggannatha, Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu came to the house of Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya, the head priest of the Jaggannatha temple. Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya was astounded to see the splendid beauty of Gauranga.
The Lord's body was molten gold glowing like a million moons. The sandelwood pulp tilaka on His forehead was dazzling, His red cloth resembled the rising sun. He had all the auspicious signs of a great personality.
Sarvabhauma wondered "I have never seen such an indescribably, unusually beautiful person. There is no demigod to compare with Him. The Lord of the spiritual world (Vaikuntha) must be standing before me".
2. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists

The argument of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu showing his Narayana form to the goddess of fortune

1. Mahaprabhu preached to His wife, Visnu-priya before taking the renounced order of life "Listen, O most dear one. Everything you see in this creation is temporary, illusory and always changing. God and His servants are the only everlasting truths. Sons, husbands, mother, gather, mand and woman are all false temporary designations. Except Krishna, no one can be called our dear and near one. Krishna is the Supreme Enjoyer, Krishna is the actual husband of everyone. Everything esle is Krishna's enjoyable energy". Suddenly, Gauranga showed His four-armed Narayana form to His wife.
2. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God, God exists

The argument of the divine voice proclaiming Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, Krishna

1. Just when Kesava Bharati was going to give the sannyasa name, a divine voice from the sky proclaimed "Name Him Krishna Caitanya (Caitanya means consciousness); by the influence of Mahamaya the consciousness of everyone becomes covered. Gauranga revives the consciousness of all the devotees of God by making them understand that He Himself is Krishna. That is why Gauranga is (to be) named Sri Krishna Caitanya."
2 God exists

The argument of the spiritual vision of a road toll tax collector

1. A wicked toll collector imprisoned the Lord's travelling party. Since they had no money he snatched their blankets and released them. Lord Caitanya wasn't there at that time; He had gone from door to door to collect alms. At night, the Lord appeared in the dream of the chief toll collector. The Lord in His form as Visnu, Narayana was lying on the bed of Ananta in the middle of the milk ocean. Laksmi and Sarasvati were massaging His feet. The four Kumara's, Lord Brahma and the other demigods stood at a distance, offering prayers. Then Lord Visnu (Narayana), dressed as a sannyasi, spoke to the chief tax collector "One of your men has put My devotees into distress". Seeing this majestic dream perplexed and frightened the chief toll collector. He awoke abruptly and ran to meet Sri Gaura Narayana (Lord Caitanya). After offering dandavats he said "You are the Lord who performs pastimes in the ocean of milk. In order to deliver the living entities You have appeared in this world and taken sannyasa. You are the moon illuminating the dense darkness of material existence. You are the ultimate goal of all Vedic knowledge".
Then Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu put His feet on the head of the chief tax collector. Immediately, that man became infused with ecstatic love of God. He jumped up and danced exuberantly with his arms raised high in the sky. Later he gave the devotees new blankets. Then he paid obeisances to everyone and went home.
2. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists

The argument of the revelation to Ramananda Raya

1. Lord Caitanya paid a visit to Ramananda Raya, a governor-king. Ramananda Raya was worshipping His deity so the gatekeeper informed Lord Caitanya that he couldn't inform the king of the Lord's arrival. Smiling within, the Lord ignored the gatekeeper and walked into the palace to personally meet the king. While the king meditated on His Krishna Deity, within his mind he saw the form of Gaurancandra, Lord Caitanya instead. So he chanted the maha-mantra and started meditating again. Again he saw Gauracandra instead of Krishna. With firm determination the king started meditating again. Yet again, Gauracandra appeared within his heart. Suddenly, opening his eyes, he saw Gaurancandra, the best among the sannyasis, standing right before him. The king stood up and respectfully worshiped Lord Caitanya. Next, the Lord manifested His golden form in or instead of the white Krishna Deity form of the Lord. Giving up His golden form, Gauranga, Lord Caitanya assumed the form of Krishna with a bluish-black complexion, He held a flute and had a peacock feather on His head. He was adorned with divine ornaments and a beautiful forest garland. Then in an instant the Lord reappeared as the golden Lord Gauranga, Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu.
2. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists

The argument of Mahaprabhu revealing His majestic Narayana form, the God of all gods

1. Gauranata Raja (the king of dancers) danced and chanted. Then suddenly He remembered Laksmidevi, the goddess of fortune. Gauranga transformed Himself in a 4-handed Visnu form.
2. Mahaprabhu is God, God exists

The argument of the divine effulgence and 7 days dancing of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu

1. Lord Gauranga danced in divine love in the house of Candrasekhara Acarya for 7 days and nights non-stop. The brilliant dancing of the Lord and His associates appeared like the rising of millions of moons. Due to the brilliant effulgence no one could look at it. For 7 days Gauranga spread His radiant effulgence in all directions. Day and night were conspicious by their absence.
2. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists

The argument of Caitanya Mahaprabhu showing Himself as Krishna to His mother

1. Mahaprabhu pacified His mother before His taking sannyasa, the renounced order of life: "Please mother, don't be disturbed over meaningless miseries. Don't pay attention to illusion. Everyone must seperate and die someday. In due course of time Brahma, the vast ocean and the Himalaya's must meet with destruction. In reality, who are you? Who is your son? Why lament over the false designations of yours and mine? Who is a woman? Who is one's husband. Krishna is the only real shelter, friend, father, Absolute Lord, Supreme treasure". Suddenly, she saw He had a syama-complexion resembling a fresh rain cloud. He wore bright yellow cloth and held a flute. In His threefold bending form, He stood in Vrindavana surrounded by gopa's, gopi's and cows.
2. Mahaprabhu is God, God exists

The argument of the spiritual vision in a dream of Gopala Bhatta Gosvami

1. Gopala Bhatta Gosvami saw Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu in His pre-sannyasi days, in a spiritual dream. Gopala Bhatta visualized the entire Navadvipa (Mahaprabhu's town of birth) and actually entered into it as a participant.
Mahaprabhu revealed to Gopala Bhatta Gosvami that He was non different from Syamsundara, Vrajendra Nandana, the original two-armed form of Krishna, playing on His flute: He appeared in the two armed Krishna form and then transformed Himself back into His form of Sri Caitanya. Mahaprabhu instructed him: "You will meet two jewel-like persons, Rupa Gosvami and Sanatana Gosvami. I have given them my teachings. By your disciples, especially these teachings will spread to every town and village.
2. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists

The argument of the Krishna deity becoming Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu

1. Gopala Bhatta was worshiping a Krishna Deity named Radha Ramanna. Remembering once that he had promised his father that he would worship Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu's deity he began to feel a lack of chastity in worshiping his Radha Ramanna Deity. Then the deity manifested His feature as Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Gopala
Bhatta once again realized Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu's identity as Krishna.
2. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists

The argument of Nimai's mother's realization

1. One time Sacimata became enraptured by Nimai's beautiful face which looked more brilliant then millions of suns. His nails glittered like a million moons. Nimai's indescribably beautiful body derided the beauty of millions of Cupids.
At this time Sacidevi recalled when many demigods had appeared in her home. Reflecting on Nimai's pastimes, Saci became convinced. Her son was the Supreme eternal and effulgent Lord Narayana, who is transcendental to material existence, the Lord of all the planets. She said, "He is free from all material contamination. He has no material form. He is omniscient, all-pervading and self satisfied. The greatest yogi's meditate to attain His matchless transcendental form. The demigods can't calculate the extent of My fortune. My son is worshipable by everyone.”
2. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists.

The argument of the prayers of the demigods when Nimai liberated a puppy dog

1. Nimai and His friends played with a puppy dog. They fondled the dog, rolled in the dirt with it, and laughed and joked. Fuming with anger His mother rebuked her son: "This behaviour doesn't befit a brahmana's son. Go bathe in the Ganges". Dogs and cats are lowly and kept outside the house. That puppy dog attained the greatest fortune by the transcendental touch of Lord Gauranga. The dog gave up his bad habits and became Krishna conscious. One day the dog just started dancing ecstatically while chanting the holy names "Radha-Krishna! Govinda!" exhibiting the bodily symptoms of ecstatic love of God. The dog was crying, his hair stood on end and his entire body was covered with goose bumps. Suddenly, that most fortunate dog gave up his body. At that moment a golden celestial chariot came down from the sky, and carried the dog to Goloka Vrindavana. Topped with many domes, the chariot was lavishly decorated with pearls and dazzling jewels. The sound of bells, gongs, conch-shells and karatalas (cymbals) accompanied the divine singing of Gandharva's and Kinnara's, who were singing the glories of Radha and Krishna. Flags flapped atop the chariot, whose brilliance outshone the light of the sun. In his spiritual body, the dog was sitting upon a jeweled throne inside the chariot. His body adorned with divine ornaments looked more beautiful then millions of moons. The spiritual dog was singing the glories of Radha, Krishna and Gauranga. The siddha's fanned him with camaras as he soared back to Goloka.
Lord Brahma, Siva, Sanaka and other demigods surrounded the chariot and sang Gauranga's praises "Never before has He bestowed such mercy. All glories to Gaurahari, the resort of the helpless. You are the best of all incarnations. We have never seen such mercy even in the pastimes of Lord Hrsikesa, Krishna. You always overlook one's faults and offenses. In this way, any fortunate living entity who takes shelter of You, Lord Gaura Raya, will attain Goloka".
2. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists.

The argument of the revelation to the king Prataparudra

1. One day when the king Prataparudra was looking at the Lord Jaggannatha Deity, he saw the Lord had become Lord Caitanya, the greatest of the sannyasis. Lord Caitanya was sitting on the sitting place (asana) of Lord Jaggannatha. The pujari (the priest doing the worship) saw Lord Jaggannatha (and not the transformation). The next time the king took darsana (view) of Lord Jaggannatha, he again saw Lord Caitanya instead of Lord Jaggannatha. The Lord looked effulgent like the golden mountain Sumeru. The king became convinced that Lord Jaggannatha had now incarnated as a sannyasi. The king went to meet Lord Caitanya. Paying obeisances to the Lord, the king was overcome with emotions. Suddenly, Lord Caitanya manifested a wonderful six-armed form to the king. This was one form in which there were the quallities of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna and Lord Caitanya.
2. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists.

The argument of Nimai's statement

1. One day Nimai's mother went to perform worship of Sasthi, a female deity who protects children. She told Nimai, "I will ask for the boon that You'll be free from all suffering and inauspiciousness. After the offering I will give You some sandesh (milk sweets) and bananas". Nimai said: "Mother, I am experiencing great suffering right this minute. My belly is burning with hunger". Suddenly, as quick as lightning, Nimai snatched the sweets, Sacimata wanted to offer to the goddess Sasthi, and popped them in His mouth and said sternly: "Mother, I know everything and I am all in all the three worlds. I am one without a second for no one is equal to Me. Just as water poured on the root satisfies the whole tree similarly, simply by worshiping Me alone, one has done all other worship and one's whole life becomes complete and perfect".
2. Nimai is God. God exists.

The argument of Jagannatha Misra's dream

1. One day, Nimai's father, Jagannatha Misra reprimanded Nimai, "Even though You are the son of a brahmana, You don't know how to behave and study. Now I'll teach You a lesson" and threatened to beat Him with a stick. That night Jagannatha Misra had a dream. "He saw a well-built brahmana with an effulgence as bright as the sun. Plus the dazzling jewels and ornaments decorating His body made it impossible to look at Him. In a voice thundering like a cloud that brahmana said "why do you think that Nimai is your son. An animal can't understand the potency of a touchstone. I am the Supreme Personality of Godhead. I know all scriptures and I am the guru of the demigods. Why did you take a stick in your hand to beat Me". After this Jagannatha Misra realized for some time "The greatness of my son is beyond the reach of the Veda's. He is beyond the power of Siva, Sanaka and other rsi's. My son Gauranga is such a glorious personality.”
2. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists.

The argument of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu giving love of God (Himself)

1. Once while sitting in His house, Lord Caitanya spoke in a deep resonant voice, "I am seeing figures having four, five and six faces respectively". Srivasa Pandita spoke "The demigods like Brahma with four faces, and others with five faces (Siva) ans six (Skandha) have come to see You, my Lord. They are begging You for the treasure of prema, since You are the ocean of love". Srivasa and the demigods swooned at the Lord's feet, begging "You are the most compassionate. Please bestow upon us the sweet nectar of Your Love". In a thundrous voice, Gauranga said "May you all receive this gift of love of God". Instantly, the demigods developed Krishna prema, displaying bodily symptoms of transcendental bliss, happily dancing and chanting "O Radha-Govinda, Hari bol! Hari bol! Gaura-Govinda! Gaura-Govinda!” Then the demigods rose in the sky, returning to their celestial abodes. After witnessing all this Suklambhara brahmacari said: "Please, O Lord Gauranga, You are the Supreme Personality of Godhead I beg You please give me the treasure of love of God". Mahaprabhu gave it.
2. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists.

The argument of the transforming of Gaura-Gadadhara-Narahari into Their Krishna-Radha-Madhumati gopi forms

1. Lord Gauranga clutched with one hand one of Gadadhara's hand and with His other hand one of Narahari's hand and re-enacted the rasa dance within the courtyard of Srivasa Pandita's house. The assembled devotees saw the Syamasundara Krishna feature in Gauranga's body. Gadadhara manifested the form of Radharani and Narahari became Madhumati gopi. Everyone saw Vrindavana-dhama replete with Gopala Krishna, gopi's and cows appear before them, manifested by the son of Saci.
2. Lord Gauranga is God. God exists.

The argument of devotees and Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu stating that Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God.

1. During one festival of dancing and chanting, Mahaprabhu's devotees glorified Gauranga comparing Him to Radha-Krishna. Gaurahari, Mahaprabhu smiling pleasantly said "I am God”. At the very next moment, acting as His devotee's devotee, the Lord paid obeisances and begged blessings from the devotees. Then just after that, the Lord bestowed blessings on all His eternal associates.
2. Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists

The argument of Mahaprabhu transforming to Lord Ramachandra

1. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu said to Murari Gupta (a devotee of Ramachandra) "I am that same Lord
Ramachandra". Then He showed His transcendental form as Lord Ramachandra, along with Sita, Laksmana, Hanuman and other associates. Instantly, Murari fell at the Lord's feet and praised Gauranga, "All glories to Ramachandra. He is the same as the darling of Sacimata". Mahaprabhu said "Murari, you should worship Me, although I am also Your worshipable Lord Rama, still you should worship the Lord of Radha or Lord Krishna"
2. Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists

The argument of the revelation to Murari Gupta and other devotees

1. Once Mahaprabhu embraced Murari, pleased by him. Murari recited a verse from Srimad Bhagvatam (Sudama vipra speaking to Sri Krishna) "I am a poor brahmana and Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead, full in 6 opulences. Nonetheless, He has embraced me with His two arms". After listening to this, Gauranga manifested Himself as the Supreme Lord, shining like millions of suns. He sat on an asana and said in a sweet voice "I am the all-blissful Lord - don't think otherwise"
2. Mahaprabhu is God. God exists.

The argument of the revelation to a brahmana and his son

1. One day the brahmana Vanamali and his son arrived at the home of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. In ecstasy, Vanamali said to himself: "Visvambhara is none other then God Himself. By seeing Him, I have attained perfection. My sufferings have vanished simply by seeing Lord Gauranga". The next day Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, Gaura-nataraja (the king of dancers) danced exuberantly in the midst of the sankirtana party, chanting and dancing on the Hare Krishna maha mantra: Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare....Vanamali and his son became enchanted by a most extraordinary sight. Gauranga appeared as a beautiful young boy with a body the color of a monsoon cloud. The Lord was wearing bright yellow cloth, held a flute and had a peacock feather in his hair. All Gauranga's followers took forms as cowherd boys of Vraja. Vanamali and his son also saw Radharani along with Syamasundara, Krishna and the pleasure groves of Vrindavana. They saw the Giriraja-Govardhana mountain, the Yamuna river, the different forests of Vrindavana. They saw the cows, gopa's, gopi's, and the desire trees.
2. Mahaprabhu and His associates are Krishna and His associates.
3. Mahaprabhu is God. God exists.

The argument of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu becoming Lord Balarama

1. One day a voice rumbling from the clouds commanded "give me honey!" At that moment, Gauranga took the form of Balarama. He wore shimmering blue clothes over His body, which appeared like a white mountain. He had wide beautiful lotus eyes. Everyone became amazed and thrilled to see the transcendental form of Lord Balarama.
2. Only God can become one of His other forms and transform to another form again.
3. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists

The argument of the revelation to Lord Brahma

1 At the end of Dvapara-yuga, Brahma undertook austerities at Antardvipa with a desire to achieve Gauranga's mercy. Brahma had tried to deceive Govinda by stealing the cowherd boys and calves, but when he saw he was defeated by his own tricks, he became miserable and regretted his offense. He entreated Krishna with many prayers, and Krishna forgave him. But later, Brahma considered, `Thinking that I am the creator of the universe is useless. Simply because of this fault I have been deprived of Krishna-prema and enjoyment of the rasas of Vrndavana. If I could have taken birth as a cowherd boy, I could have easily served the master of the gopis. Although I was not able to achieve the nectar of those pastimes, now, when Gauranga appears, I will not fall prey to my wicked mind!'
Thinking like this, Brahma began meditating and performing austerities in Antardvipa. After many days,
Gauracandra mercifully came and said, `O Brahma, I am satisfied with your austerities. I have come to fulfill your desire.' When Brahma opened his eyes, he saw Gauranga and fell to the earth unconscious. The Lord put His foot on Brahma's head, and Brahma was enlightened with transcendental knowledge and began to pray.`I am a low and worthless wretch, controlled by pride. Forgetting Your lotus feet, I have turned to material sense gratification. I myself, Lord Siva, and the demigods headed by Indra are Your subjugated servants. This is written in scripture. But we are not so fortunate as Your pure servants, and thus maya covers us with the net of illusion. The first one hundred trillion years of my life have passed and I have been forced to realize this at last. How will I spend the second one hundred trillion years of my life? If I remain in illusion, I will simply suffer. My only prayer is that I may become Your associate when You manifest Your pastimes. Having given up the illusion that I am the creator, I want to take birth in Your association and sing Your glories.'
Hearing Brahma's prayers, Lord Gauranga benedicted him saying, `So be it. When My pastimes become visible on earth, you will take birth in a yavana's house. Your name will be Haridasa Thakura, and you will be famous for your humility and be completely free from all pride. You will chant three hundred thousand names a day, and when you pass from this world you will be seeing Me. And at the end of the second one hundred trillion years of your life, you will attain Navadvipa-dhama and be absorbed in eternal rasa. Brahma, hear these secret (antara) words, but do not reveal this openly in the scriptures. Taking the role of a devotee, I will taste the nectar of bhakti-rasa and propagate the most rare process of sankirtana. I will make the devotees of all the previous avataras drunk with the nectar of Vrndavana. The love that Sri Radhika possesses is beyond My experience, so I will appear with Her sentiments and complexion. Taking the position of Radha, I will taste that happiness that only Radha obtains in serving Me. From today, act as My disciple and, in the form of Haridasa, always serve Me.' Saying this, Gauranga became invisible, and Brahma fell to the ground unconscious.
2 Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists.

The argument of the words of Lord Siva and Parvati

1 One time during Satya-yuga, Lord Siva began madly dancing, while chanting the name of Gauranga. Parvati asked him, `Please tell me who is Gauranga. By seeing your astonishing dance and hearing the name of Gauranga, my heart is melting. All that I have heard in the way of mantra and tantra till now only leads to more entanglement for the living entities. Dear husband, please tell me something of this Gauranga. By worshiping Him will I receive actual life?'
Hearing Parvati's words, Siva meditated on Gauranga and said, `Unto you, who are the primordial energy, one portion of Sri Radha, I will tell the crest-jewel of all truths. Accepting the spiritual emotions of Sri Radha, Krishna will descend in this Kali-yuga at Mayapur in the womb of Saci. Lord Gauranga, intoxicated with pastimes of kirtana, will distribute the jewel of prema to everyone without discrimination. Whoever does not drown in that flood of prema is most unfortunate. O Devi, just by remembering the Lord's promise that He will come, I pass my life drowning in love of God. Being unable to control myself, I have given up my own city of Kasi. Within Mayapur, on the bank of the Ganges, I will live in a hut and worship Gauranga.'
Hearing Siva's words, beautiful Parvati quickly went to Simantadvipa. As she constantly meditated on the form of Gauranga and chanted His name, she became immersed in prema. After some time, Gauracandra appeared with His associates to bestow mercy on Parvati. His complexion was like molten gold. He had long arms, wavy hair, and beautiful limbs. He was wearing a long dhoti folded thrice, and from His neck swung a garland of flowers, which was very attractive to behold. In a voice choked with love, Gaura Raya said, `O Parvati, why have you come here?'
Parvati fell at the lotus feet of the master of the universe and with an agitated mind explained her sorrow: `O Prabhu Jagannatha, life of the universe, though You are merciful to all, You have deceived me. O deliverer of the fallen, You have appointed me to bind up all the living entities in the material world who are averse to You. I have come into the material world to do this work, and have thus been cheated of Your unlimited prema. People say that wherever Krishna is there is no Maya. I am therefore forced to always remain outside Your spiritual realm, in the material world. So how will I ever see Your pastimes? If You do not offer a way, I am without hope.'
Saying this, Parvati put Gauranga's foot dust on her simanta (part in the hair) in great distress. From that, the name of Simantadvipa came. Ignorant people call the place Simuliya.
Gauracandra was pleased, and He said to Parvati, `O supreme goddess, listen carefully to My words. You are My energy, you are not separate or different from Me. My one energy has two forms. Within the spiritual kingdom, My original energy has one form as Sri Radha, but for carrying out activities in the material world She has expanded Herself as you. Without you, My lila could not be accomplished, for in the form of Yogamaya and Mahamaya, you are necessary in My pastimes. In Vraja, you are eternally present as Paurnamasi, and in Navadvipa you are present as Praudha Maya along with Ksetrapala Siva, guardian of the dhama.'
Saying this, Gauranga disappeared, and Parvati became overwhelmed with love. Parvati stays in one form as the goddess of Simantadvipa, and in another form as Praudha Maya in Mayapur."
2 Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists.

The argument of the revelation to Srila Jiva Govsvami

1 "O Lord Gauranga, will I ever be able to see Your golden jewel-like figure here?" Jiva repeatedly called out. At that time, Gauranga's kirtana party became visible before his eyes. Nectar was defeated by the beautiful form of Gauranga, who then began dancing. Then Nityananda Prabhu, along with Advaita and all the other devotees, began to sing Gauranga's glories. The sound of mrdangas and karatalas joined in as that sweet display of sankirtana manifested.
2 Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists.
The argument of the revelation to lord Indra
1 When Indra was overcome by Krishna's illusory energy, he proudly flooded Gokula with rain. The Lord,
however, carefully protected Gokula by lifting Govardhana mountain. Thus Indra's pride was crushed, and he understood Krishna's identity. He therefore fell down at Krishna's lotus feet to mitigate his offense. The son of Nanda mercifully forgave Indra and pacified him.
Still, Indra remained fearful, so he approached Surabhi with whose milk he had pacified Krishna and said, `I cannot understand Krishna's pastimes, and for that reason I committed a great offense. I have heard that in Kali-yuga Vrajendra-suta will perform wonderful pastimes in Nadia. But I fear that I will again fall into illusion and commit offense. As you are Surabhi, a desire cow, you know everything. Kindly tell me what I should do now.'
Surabhi answered, `Let us go to Navadvipa-dhama and worship Nimai.' They went there and worshiped Lord Gauranga. Since the worship of Gauranga is easy, the results are easy to attain. By chanting Gauranga's name, tears of love filled their eyes and they quickly attained Gauranga's darsana. How extraordinary was His charming form! Gauranga was gently smiling and His voice was choked with love, for He was a reservoir of nectar. The Lord said, `I know your wish. I will soon appear in Nadia town. At that time you will serve Me, and the net of maya will no longer catch you.'
The Lord vanished, and Surabhi remained here beside a banyan tree, constantly serving Gauranga's lotus feet. Therefore this place is called Godruma [go-cow; druma-tree]. At this place the devotees' desires are fulfilled. One who builds a cottage and worships there will easily become absorbed in Sri Caitanya's lotus feet.
2 Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists.

The argument of the revelation to Markandeya Muni

1 Markandeya, the son of Mrkanda, once lived on the Godruma island during the flood of devastation. The muni was awarded a lifetime of seven kalpas. Seeing the great danger during the devastation as everything became inundated with water, he began looking for a place to stay. Tossed in the waves, he went here and there. `Oh why did I take such a benediction?' he lamented.
The dhama of Navadvipa remains however, giving shelter to the devotees. Submerged in a wave, the muni became unconscious and sank. But merciful Surabhi happened to see him and carefully lifted him out. When the son of Mrkanda regained consciousness, he saw the island of Godruma – an astounding place extending for a billion krosas. He saw beautiful streams and rivers, beautiful trees and vines, and birds that sang the glories of Gauranga.
He saw a banyan tree extending over an area of eight miles, and under the tree he saw Surabhi.
The muni was extremely distressed due to hunger, so he begged Surabhi, `O goddess, please protect my life! Kindly rescue me by giving me your milk.'
Surabhi then mercifully gave her milk to the muni. The muni thus regained his strength and said to Surabhi, `O goddess, my mother, you pervade the universe by your mystic potency. Without understanding the consequences I took a boon to live for seven kalpas. But at the time of devastation, I suffered greatly from various miseries. There was no happiness at all. What am I to do, mother? Please tell me how to get free from this misery.'
Surabhi then instructed the muni: `Worship the two lotus feet of Gauranga. This Navadvipa is beyond material nature and therefore never destroyed. By material vision this place is sixteen krosas, but it is the supreme Vaikuntha and therefore without fault or illusion. Place and time here have nothing to do with material existence, nor is anyone here affected by material illusion. Just see the unprecedented wonders of Navadvipa, which is surrounded on all sides by the enclosing Viraja River. Each part measures a billion krosas, and in the center is Mayapur, a vast city. The eight islands are like petals of a lotus with Antardvipa as the central stamen. All they (not reveal this yet) the tirthas, devas, and rsis reside here, worshiping Gauranga. For your own good, dear Markandeya, take shelter of Gauranga's feet. Take shelter of unmotivated dharma, by keeping far away from the desire for bhukti and mukti.'
`By taking shelter in the worship of Gauranga, you will attain the sweet fruit of love of God. When that prema sits in your heart, it will drown you in the nectar of the artful pastimes of the Lord. You will get the shelter of Radha's lotus feet in Vraja, and your mind will be fixed in the service of the divine couple. The happiness of this service is unmatched, while in the non-differentiated Brahman there is only illusory knowledge.'
The muni, hearing the words of Surabhi, folded his hands and said, `If I worship Gauranga, what will be my destiny?'
Surabhi answered with the essence of siddhanta, `In worshiping Gauranga, everything is clean. When you call out the name of Gaura, your sinful reactions are destroyed and you are freed from all distress as your material life is vanquished. Besides sinful reactions, even mental speculation and its fruits, which are only trouble, will be cut out at the root. Therefore, you should stay on this island and submerge yourself in gauranga-rasa while worshiping the Lord.'
Hearing this, Markandeya became filled with bliss. As he chanted the name of Gaura, he sometimes laughed and sometimes cried. Look at this remarkable place where Markandeya received life.
2 Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists.

The argument of the revelation to the sapta rsis

1 The seven rsis stayed in Madhyadvipa a long time and engaged in worshiping Gauranga. In Satya-yuga, the rsis began singing the glories of Gaura in the presence of their father Brahma. Completely absorbed, they begged for the eternal treasure of gaura-prema. Lord Brahma was pleased with his seven sons and told them, `Go to Navadvipa and sing the glories of Gaura, then you will easily attain prema. Whoever gets the mercy of the dhama, gets the association of devotees. Then, by worshiping in the association of devotees, you will become absorbed in Krishna-prema. That is the supreme activity. Whoever gets attraction for Navadvipa will receive the benediction of living in Vraja. To live in the spiritual dhama and recite the name of Gaura is the only aspiration of the devotees.'
The seven rsis took their father's instructions to heart and came to this place. When they arrived, they engaged in dancing and chanting the name of Hari. They begged for gaura-prema while singing the Lord's glories in a loud voice, `O Gaurahari, be merciful and reveal Yourself to us just once! Being offenders, we have followed many paths, but now we are taking to the path of devotional service.'
The rsis underwent austerities and became firmly situated in devotional service by worshiping Gauranga. They completely gave up eating and sleeping and simply recited the name of Gaura. Around noon (madhyahna), the all-merciful Lord Gauranga appeared before the rsis.
The Lord was as brilliant as a hundred suns, and He attracted the minds of the yogis. He appeared with the Panca-tattva. How extraordinary was that form! His form had a beautiful golden hue. Around His neck was a garland of flowers, and His glittering ornaments illuminated all directions. His glance was beautiful, His hair was long and curled, and a dot of sandalwood decorated His forehead. He wore threefolded cloth, a shining thread, and His neck was decorated with a beautiful jasmine garland. Seeing this form, the rsis were enchanted and they humbly petitioned, `We surrender to Your lotus feet. Please give us devotion.'
Hearing the rsis' prayer, Gaurahari replied, `Listen rsis. Give up all desires, the chains of jnana and karma, and just discuss topics of Krishna. Within a short time I will unfold My lila in Navadvipa. Then you will see My pastimes of nama-sankirtana. But now, keep this subject a secret. Worship Krishna at Kumarahatta at the ghata made by you.' When Lord Gauranga disappeared, the seven rsis went to Kumarahatta. At this place now one will see seven tilas, or hillocks. These seven hills are arranged in the same pattern as the seven rsis in the sky (the constellation). By living there one will receive Gaurahari without having to undergo a strict process of rules and regulations.
2 Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists.

The argument of the words of the sages of Naimisaranya

1 At the beginning of Kali-yuga, the rsis headed by Saunaka heard about Gauranga from the mouth of Suta Goswami. Whoever reads the Puranas there during the month of Kartika becomes free from all distress, becomes absorbed in the pastimes of Gauranga, and easily attains Vrndavana. Giving up his bull carrier, Siva once mounted Sri Hansa-vahana, Brahma's swan, and came here to hear the recitation of the Puranas. Along with his followers, he sang the glories of Gaura. While singing and dancing, the followers surrounded Siva, and shouting the name of Gaurahari, threw heaps of flowers all around."
2 Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists.

The argument of the revelation to Samudra sena

1 Samudra Sena, a king and great devotee, held Krishna as all in all. When Bhima came there with his soldiers to conquer all opponents, he surrounded Samudragada, in Navadvipa. The king knew that Krishna was the only resort of the Pandavas and that when they were in danger, He would come to their rescue. He thought that if he could get Bhima to show some fear and cry out, then Krishna would appear, being merciful to His devotees. `He will be kind and come to this servant's country, and I will easily see the blackish form of Krishna with my own eyes.' Thinking like this, he gathered together his soldiers, elephants, horses, and foot soldiers and went to battle. He began firing his arrows while remembering Krishna. Bhima was very oppressed by the shower of arrows, and in great danger he called for Krishna within his mind, `O Lord, protect Your Bhima! Give me shelter at Your lotus feet. I cannot fight with Samudra Sena. If he were to defeat me, that would be humiliating. O merciful Krishna! You are the Lord of the Pandavas, so if I am defeated it will be very shameful news.' Hearing the plaintive call of Bhima, Krishna appeared on the battlefield. No one could see that form except the King. The complexion of His youthful form was like the color of a new cloud. Around His neck hung a garland, and on His head a crown sparkled. His wonderful form was covered with yellow garments, and His limbs were decorated with beautiful ornaments.
Seeing that form, the king fainted in ecstasy. After controlling himself, he revealed his desire to the Lord, `O Krishna, You are the Lord of the universe, the deliverer of the fallen. Seeing me so fallen, You have appeared here.
Everyone sings the glories of Your pastimes, and hearing that, I desired to see them. But my vow was that You should appear in Navadvipa. Now that I see Your enchanting form here, I will never leave Navadvipa. You have mercifully upheld my vow by appearing in the form of Krishna in Navadvipa. But my desire goes even further. Please become Gauranga before my very eyes!'
Then he saw, as he looked on, the king beheld the sweet pastimes of Radha and Krishna. In the forest of Kumuda, Krishna and His friends performing their afternoon activities of going to herd the cows. Then in an instant this lila disappeared and he saw Gauranga with His devotees in a huge kirtana. Gauranga was dancing and singing. His brilliant golden complexion was most enchanting, His eyes rolled as if intoxicated, and His mind was agitated with love. When he saw this, the king considered his great fortune and offered prayers at the Lord's lotus feet. In a few moments, however, this all vanished. Deprived, the king began to weep. Bhima had not been able to see this incident and thought that the king had suddenly become afraid of his prowess. And the king, who was completely satisfied, simply begged to pay his tax. Bhima took the levy and went off to other places.
2 Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists.

The argument of the revelation to Jayadeva

1 Jayadeva worshiped Krishna according to the process of raga-marga. Padmavati, his wife would bring heaps of campaka flowers, which Jayadeva would offer to Krishna. In great love the poet worshiped Krishna, who then appeared before Jayadeva with a complexion the color of the campaka flower, resplendent with the radiance of molten gold. The shining beauty of a million moons would have been put to shame by His beautiful face. He had curly hair and a garland of flowers around His neck. His arms were long, and His effulgence illumined the room. Seeing that form of Gauranga, Jayadeva fainted with tears streaming from his eyes, while Padmavati also fell to the earth unconscious.
The Lord lifted the couple up with His two lotus hands and spoke nectarean words, `Both of you are My exalted devotees, therefore I desired to give you My darsana. Very soon I will take birth in Nadia in the womb of Saci. With all the devotees of all the avataras, I will distribute the gift of prema and Krishna-kirtana. After twenty-four years, I will take sannyasa and live in Nilacala. There, in the association of the devotees and overcome with prema, I will continuously taste the poems of your Gita-govinda, for it is very dear to Me. You will return to this Navadvipa-dhama after death.
2 Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists.

The argument of the revelation to Lord Nityananda

1 Nityananda became like a madman and exclaimed, "Quickly, bring My horn! The calves have gone far off, and Krishna is fast asleep and won't come. He is acting like a baby. Where are Subala and Dama? All alone I cannot go and herd the cows!" Shouting, "Kanai! Kanai!" Nityananda jumped a few yards. Seeing His state, the devotees immediately supplicated at Nityananda's feet, "O Prabhu Nityananda, Your brother, Gauracandra is no longer here. He has taken sannyasa and gone to Nilacala, leaving us poor beggars." Upon hearing those words, Nityananda became dejected and fell to the ground crying, "You have put us in such sorrow, Kanai, My brother! You have taken sannyasa and left us to go to Nilacala. I will not continue My life. I will jump in the Yamuna River!" Saying this, Sri Nityananda lost consciousness. Sensing Nityananda Prabhu's elevated state of spiritual emotion, they began to chant the holy name. After two hours had passed, Nityananda still did not rise. Finally, when the devotees began chanting the glories of Gauranga, Nitai awoke.
"This is the place of Radha-kunda!" He exclaimed. "Here in the afternoon, Gaurahari would perform kirtana with His associates. Look at the brilliance of Syama-kunda, which attracts the minds of everyone in the universe! And look, here and there are the sakhis' groves. In the afternoon, Gauranga would become immersed in singing Krishna's glories and satisfy all by distributing prema. Know that in the three worlds there is no equal to this place, where the devotees worship the Lord. Whoever lives here will get love of God, which will soothe the burning fire of material life." That day the devotees stayed there and drowned in love of God as they called out Gauranga's name. Staying there in Rtudvipa, they passed the whole day and night worshiping the moonlike Lord Caitanya.
2 Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists.

The argument of the words of the upanisads

1 In this forest of Vidyanagara, the Upanisads all worshiped Gauranga for a long time. Unseen by them, Gauranga said, `Your understanding of God as formless (nirakara) has spoiled you all. In the form of sruti you do not recognize Me, but when you appear as My associates on earth, you will see My pastimes with your own eyes. At that time you will sing My glories at the top of your voices.' The srutis became dumbfounded on hearing this. Secretly, they were at waiting at Vidyanagara for the time of His appearance. Then they saw Him. Blessed is this Kali-yuga, the topmost of yugas, for in this yuga Lord Gauranga appeared.
2 Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists.

The argument of the words of Lord Rama and the revelation to Lord Rama's devotee

1 Modadrumadvipa is Ayodhya and in a previous kalpa, when Rama was banished to the forest, He came to this place with Laksmana and Janaki. He built a hut under a huge banyan tree and lived happily for some time. Seeing the effulgence of Navadvipa, the son of Raghu began to slightly smile. How attractive was that form, green as new grass, with lotus eyes and a graceful bow in hand! Wearing the dress of a brahmacari and His head piled with matted locks, He stole the minds of all living entities. Seeing Rama smiling, Sita, the daughter of Janaka, asked Him the reason. `Listen, Sita, here is one very secret story. When the glorious age of Kali advents, I will display a yellow complexioned form here in Nadia. I will take birth in the womb of Saci in Jagannatha Misra's house. I will give all the fortunate souls who see My childhood pastimes the supreme gift of prema.
Then, I will enjoy My beloved educational pastimes and reveal the glories of the holy name. After that, I will then take sannyasa and go to Puri, and My own mother will weep with My wife in her arms.'
Hearing this, Sita asked, `O lotus-eyed one, why will You make Your mother cry? Why will You give up Your wife and take sannyasa? What happiness is there in giving sorrow to Your wife?'
Sri Rama replied, `O dear one, you know everything. But you are acting ignorant just to teach the living entities. Listen Sita, My devotees relish prema-bhakti in two ways. In union with Me they enjoy sambhoga, and in separation from Me they enjoy vipralambha. My eternal associates desire sambhoga, but I mercifully give them vipralambha. The devotees know that distress due to separation from Me is actually the topmost bliss. After separation, when union occurs, they feel happiness so much greater than before – a million times multiplied. That is the explanation of how there can be happiness in separation. You should accept this mood which is described in the four Vedas.
`She who is known as Aditi in the Vedas is now mother Kausalya and will become mother Saci in Gauranga's pastimes. And you, Sita, will serve Me as Visnupriya.’
By the desire of the Lord, Rama's friend Guhaka took birth here in a brahmana's family. His name was Sadananda Vipra Bhattacarya. He knew nothing in the three worlds except Rama. He was present in Jagannatha Misra's house when Gauranga was born. At that time all the demigods came to see the child. The exalted Sadananda realized by the demigods' presence that his Lord had taken birth. In great delight he returned home, and, while meditating on his worshipable Lord Ramacandra, he saw Gaurasundara.
Lord Gauranga was seated on a throne and surrounded by the demigods, headed by Lord Brahma, who were waving camaras. Then Sadananda saw Ramacandra on the throne, green as grass. On Rama's right was Laksmana, the abode of Ananta. On His left was Sita, and in front was Hanuman. Seeing this, the vipra understood the truth about the Lord.
`Blessed am I, blessed indeed! Ramacandra is present before me as Gauracandra!' Later, when the sankirtana
movement started, Sadananda took part by dancing and chanting the name of Gaura.
2 Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists.

The argument of the words of Narada Muni

1 Vaikunthapura on Navadvipa is Vaikuntha, the abode of Narayana, situated in the spiritual sky beyond the Viraja River. Maya can never enter this place, where Lord Narayana is served by His energies, Sri, Bhu, and Nila. The effulgence radiating from this spiritual abode is the Brahman. With material vision, people see only the material world. At Vaikunthapura but with his transcendental vision, Narada once saw Narayana manifest as Gaurasundara in this spiritual abode. After seeing this, the best of the munis stayed there for some time.
2 Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists.

The argument of the revelation to Ramanujacarya

1 Ramanujacarya once came to Puri and pleased the Lord with many prayers. Jagannatha appeared before him and said, `Go and see Navadvipa-dhama, for I will soon appear there in the house of Jagannatha Misra. The entire spiritual sky is situated within one corner of Navadvipa, My very dear abode. As My eternal servant and leading devotee, you should see Navadvipa. Let your students, who are absorbed in dasya-rasa, stay here while you go. Any living being who does not see Navadvipa has been born uselessly. Just one portion of Navadvipa contains Ranga-ksetra, Sri Venkata (Tirupati), and Yadava Acala. O son of Kesava, go to Navadvipa and see the form of Gauranga. You have come to the earth to preach bhakti, so let your birth be successful with the mercy of Gaura. From Navadvipa, go to Kurma-sthana and join again with your disciples.'
With folded hands, Ramanuja submitted to Jagannatha, `In Your narration You have mentioned Gauracandra, but exactly who He is, I do not know.' The Lord mercifully replied to Ramanuja, `Everyone knows Krishna, the Lord of Goloka. That Krishna, whose vilasa-murti is Narayana, is the Supreme Truth, and He resides in Vrndavana. That Krishna is fully manifest in the form of Gaurahari, and that Vrndavana is fully manifest in the form of Navadvipa-dhama. I eternally reside as Lord Gauranga in Navadvipa, the topmost abode in the universe.’ Lord Narayana then led Ramanuja to Vaikunthapura and mercifully showed Ramanuja His transcendental form served by Sri, Bhu, and Nila. Ramanuja considered himself fortunate to obtain darsana of his worshipable Lord, when suddenly he saw the Lord assume the enchanting form of Gaurasundara, the son of Jagannatha Misra. Ramanuja swooned at the brilliance of the form.
2 Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists.

The argument of the revelation to the Pandavas

1 When the five Pandavas and Draupadi were living incognito during exile, they came to Gauda-desa, Bengal. Aware of the glories of this place, Yudhisthira stayed there for some time. Then one day in a dream, he saw Gauranga, whose extraordinary form illumined all directions. Smiling, Gauranga said, `See My rare form. At your house, I am Krishna, the son of Nanda, and I always stay with you as a friend. This Navadvipa-dhama is the topmost abode, and in Kali-yuga it will manifest and drive away all darkness. As you have all been My servants for a long time, when My pastimes take place, you will again take birth. I will stay with you day and night on the shore of the ocean at Jagannatha Puri in Orissa.
2 Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists.

The argument of the revelation to Madhavacarya

1 Madhva and his disciples also stayed in Navadvipa for some time. Gaurasundara mercifully appeared to him in a dream and while smiling said, `Everyone knows that you are My eternal servant. When I appear in Navadvipa, I will accept your sampradaya. Now, go everywhere and carefully uproot all the false scriptures of the mayavadis. Reveal the glories of worshiping the Deity of the Lord. Later, I will broadcast your pure teachings.'
2 Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists.

The argument of the revelation to sankaracarya

1 When Sankaracarya went out to defeat all opponents, on his way to Navadvipa, he first arrived in Nadia. Within his heart, he was the topmost Vaisnava, but externally he played the role of a mayavadi, a servant of Maya. Actually, he was an incarnation of Siva, and by the Lord's order he expertly preached a covered form of Buddhism.  
When Sankaracarya came to this place, Gauracandra appeared to him in a dream and mercifully spoke to him in sweet words, `You are My servant. Following My orders, you are preaching effectively the Mayavada doctrine. But as Navadvipa-dhama is very dear to Me, the Mayavada philosophy has no place here. On My behalf, Vrddha Siva and Praudha Maya spread the imaginary impersonal interpretations of scriptures, but only to those people who envy the devotees of the Lord. In this way I cheat them. Since this Navadvipa-dhama is generally a place for My devotees, not for the envious, you should go somewhere else. Do not contaminate the inhabitants of Navadvipa.'
Realizing the truth about Navadvipa in his dream and with devotion instilled in his heart, he went elsewhere.
2 Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists.

The argument of the revelation to Nimbarkacarya

Nimbaditya had been very attentive in the worship of Siva. Siva spoke to him, `At the edge of this village is a sacred bilva forest. Within that forest, the four Kumaras are sitting in meditation. By their mercy, you will receive transcendental knowledge. They are your gurus. By serving them, you will receive all that is of value.' Saying this, Lord Siva disappeared. Nimbaditya searched and found that place. On an attractive platform in the forest near Siva, he saw the four brothers-Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanatana, and Sanat-kumara-sitting unseen by others. They were young, naked, and noble in character. Nimbarka cried out in excitement, `Hare Krishna! Hare Krishna!'
On hearing the holy name, the Kumaras' meditation broke. They opened their eyes and saw before them an ideal Vaisnava. Satisfied by this sight, one after another they embraced Nimbaditya. `Who are you?' they asked. `Why have you come here? We will certainly fulfill your prayers.'Nimbarka offered his obeisances and humbly introduced himself. Sanat-kumara smiled and said, `Knowing that Kali-yuga would be very troublesome, the all-merciful Supreme Lord decided to propagate devotional service. He empowered four men with devotional service and sent them into the world to preach. Ramanuja, Madhva, and Visnusvami are three of these men. You are the fourth of these great devotees. Sri, Laksmi, accepted Ramanuja, Brahma accepted Madhvacarya, Rudra accepted Visnusvami, and we, meeting you today, have the good fortune to teach you. This is our intention. Previously we were engaged in meditating on the Brahman, but by the Lord's mercy that sinful act has gone away. Now that I know the sweet taste of pure devotional service, I have written one book named Sanat-kumara Samhita. You should receive initiation into its teachings.'
Seeing his guru's mercy, the wise Nimbarka quickly took his bath in the Ganges and returned. He offered obeisances and humbly said, `O deliverer of the fallen, please deliver this low rascal.'
The four brothers gave him the Radha-Krishna mantra and instructed him how to worship Radha and Krishna filled with sentiments of great love, called bhava-marga. Having obtained that mantra, Nimbaditya resided at this sacred place and worshiped according to the injunctions of that samhita.
Radha and Krishna bestowed Their mercy by appearing before Nimbarka. Lighting up all directions and gently smiling, They said, `You are very fortunate. You have performed sadhana in Navadvipa, Our dear abode. Here We take on one form, as the son of Sacidevi.'
While saying this, They combined in one form as Gauranga. Nimbarka was astounded on seeing that form and exclaimed, `Never have I seen or heard of such a remarkable form anywhere!'
Mahaprabhu said, `Please keep this form secret now. Just preach Krishna-bhakti and the pastimes of Radha and Krishna, for I am very happy in those pastimes. When I appear as Gauranga, I will enjoy educational pastimes. At that time, you will take birth in Kashmir and tour India as a champion scholar out to defeat all opponents. Your name will be Kesava Kasmiri, and you will be celebrated everywhere for your great learning. While wandering on tour, you will come to Mayapur. The learned scholars of Navadvipa will flee when they hear your name, but I will be intoxicated with learning and take pleasure in defeating you. By the mercy of Sarasvati, you will realize My identity, give up your pride, and take shelter of Me. Then I will give you the gift of bhakti and send you out to preach devotional service again. So you can satisfy Me now by preaching the philosophy of dvaitadvaita (monism and dualism), keeping My identity secret.
`Later, when I begin the sankirtana movement, I Myself will preach the essence of the four Vaisnava philosophies.’
2 Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists

The argument of the revelation to Lord Ananta

1 Siva: "O Parvati, one day the Lord known as Ananta, the king of snakes, went to Svetadvipa where Lord Visnu, the protector of the three worlds, resides.
Nagaraja said, `O Narayana, O ocean of mercy! I wish to see the pastimes of Radha and Krishna. I desire to go to Mahavana, the best of dhamas. Please tell Me how I can go there.'
Hearing Nagaraja speak, the Lord of Svetadvipa, Madhusudana, slightly smiled and spoke the following sweet words.
`O greatly intelligent Nagaraja, after ten million kalpas of performing pious deeds, the living entity becomes a Vaisnava. Thereafter he develops a taste for the pastimes of Radha and Krishna.
One cannot attain Radha and Krishna by hearing the glories of Visnu for a billion kalpas. Radha and Krishna can be attained only by association with the gopis. And one cannot attain the association of the gopis except by taking shelter of the lotus feet of Gauranga. Therefore, please, constantly worship Gauranga with full devotion.
If You desire the goal of devotion-servitorship to Radha and Krishna in Vrndavana, which is so rare in this world-then go quickly to Navadvipa and worship Gauranga, the ocean of mercy. At present, Krishna, the dearmost of Radha, is residing there in the form of Gauranga.
In order to bestow the mood of the gopis, Krishna, the son of Nanda, has appeared in a two-armed golden form, with hands extending to the knees, and with pleasing eyes and face. In the dress of a devotee, He chants His own auspicious name in a loud voice and sometimes He chants `gopi, gopi, gopi.'
Sometimes He will hold a danda and waterpot, and sometimes He will be overcome with the sentiments of mahabhava for bestowing realization to the souls of this world.
Ananta went to Navadvipa, performed penances, and worshiped Gauranga for ten thousands years. Being pleased with Ananta, Lord Gauranga appeared before Him. On seeing that form, Ananta fell to the ground offering His respects.
Then, raising Himself, Ananta folded His hands and began to sing the glories of Gauranga, who appeared with a complexion of molten gold. Gauranga's lotus feet were very beautiful, His toenails glowed like ten million moons, His form glowed like a thousand suns, and He was decorated with a forest flower garland and the mark of Srivatsa on His chest. Wearing silk cloth, He was as attractive as ten million Cupids. His arms extending to His knees and a sacred thread draped across His chest. He was smeared with sandalwood pulp and decorated with arm bands and tulasi beads around His neck. He had graceful eyes and beautiful eyebrows and nose. He was slightly smiling, and His ears were decorated with shark earrings. He was peaceful, and His feet are eternally worshiped by the devotees. He is the deliverer of the suffering living entities and the cause of the universes.
His form is full of eternity, knowledge, and bliss. With a choked voice, Ananta offered His prayers.
Ananta said, `O Lord, You are the origin of everything, the only cause of the universe. You are the independent, merciful, eternal person. As fire gives birth to sparks, You give birth to all living entities who take bodies of demigods and humans.
`O omniscient Lord, since Your eternal energy cannot give rise to Me without Your wish, I surrender unto You in Your eternal form. O destroyer of the miseries of material life, O Paramatma!
`O best of the godly, today I am more fortunate than the mental speculators, because I have seen Your form, which is transcendental to the material world. O Lord, I offer My respects to You, whose form is full of eternity, knowledge, and bliss, whose complexion is like molten gold, and whose lotus feet are easily attained by the devotees.
‘O merciful Gauranga, I wish to see You once again in the future, in the form which enjoys pastimes in Vrndavana.'
The Lord said, O Ananta, as I always reside in Vrndavana with Radhika, so I always reside in Navadvipa combined with Radhika in one form as Gauranga. Just as I never leave Vrndavana, I never leave Navadvipa. I appear in Vrndavana during every kalpa, and I perform pastimes for the pleasure of the devotees and to purify the world. O Ananta, please describe those same pastimes as they occur in Navadvipa.
`O fortunate one, when I appear in person for the benefit of the populace, You will also appear. I do not tolerate separation from You even for a moment. Therefore, in another age I take You as My elder brother in Vrndavana.
I will appear in Navadvipa, the great holy place, in the house of a brahmana. Being prayed for by the devas, I will kill the fear generated by the advent of Kali-yuga. At that time, appearing as the large-bodied Nityananda, You will be absorbed in kirtana pastimes and transform the bewildered faithless into My devotees. "
Krishna, the Lord of Radha, had merged with Radha's body and began to reside there eternally. Seeing that sat-cit-ananda form-outwardly of a fair complexion but inwardly Krishna Himself-Lalita gave up her beautiful form for the service of Gauranga. She took on a male form to suitably receive the affection of Gauranga. Seeing that Lalita had taken such a form, Visakha and all the other sakhis also suddenly took on male forms.
At that time the tumultuous vibration of `Jaya Gaurahari!' filled the four directions. From that time the devotees call this form of Krishna, Gaurahari. As Radha is Gauri (fair) and Krishna is Hari, when They combine in one form, they are called Gaurahari. Previously, in the rasa dance at Vrndavana, Lord Siva had seen Krishna, the Lord of the rasa dance and attractor of Cupid, appear as Gauranga. That same Lord, Krishna Caitanya, appears in Navadvipa in every kalpa and gives pure devotional service to the living entities.
2 Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists.

The argument of the statement of the Urddhvamnaya-samhita

1 In the Urddhvamnaya-samhita, the Lord says, "O Brahma, during the reign of Vaivasvata Manu, I will take a golden form on the bank of the Ganges and, giving out the name of Hari, I will deliver hundreds and thousands of brahmanas, ksatriyas, vaisyas, candalas, and other low class men. I will go to Kancana-grama (Kancana-grama is an old name of Katwa, where Lord Caitanya went to take sannyasa.) and take sannyasa."
2 Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists.

The argument of the statement of the Srimad Bhagavatam

1 "In the age of Kali, intelligent persons perform congregational chanting to worship the incarnation of Godhead who constantly sings the name of Krishna. Although His complexion is not blackish, He is Krishna Himself. He is accompanied by His associates, servants, weapons, and confidential companions."(Bhag. 11.5.32)
"We offer our respectful obeisances unto the lotus feet of Him, the Lord, upon whom one should always meditate. He destroys insults to His devotees. He removes the distresses of His devotees and satisfies their desires. He, the abode of all holy places and the shelter of all sages, is worshipable by Lord Siva and Lord Brahma. He is the boat of the demigods for crossing the ocean of birth and death." (Bhag. 11.5.33)
"We offer our respectful obeisances unto the lotus feet of the Lord, upon whom one should always meditate. He left His householder life, leaving aside His eternal consort, whom even the denizens of heaven adore. He went into the forest to deliver the fallen souls, who are put into illusion by material energy." (Bhag. 11.5.34)
2 Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists.

The argument of the statement of the Vayu purana

1 In the Vayu Purana the Lord Himself speaks of His appearance, "In Kali-yuga I will appear in populated
Navadvipa on the bank of the Ganges as the son of Sacidevi to begin the sankirtana movement. I will appear in a brahmana's house, in the best of the brahmana's family."
2 Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists.

The argument of the statement of the Agni Purana

1 In the Agni Purana, the following is said: "Krishna will appear as Gauranga, and will be very peaceful, with a long neck, and surrounded by devatas, or devotees."
2 Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists.

The argument of the statement of the Garuda purana

1 In the Garuda Purana it is said: "In Kali-yuga, the devotees will give up all other holy places and reside in either Vrndavana or Navadvipa." Therefore Sri Krishna and Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu are the highest of all the Gods.
2 Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu and Sri Krishna are God. God exists.

The argument of the statement of the Skanda purana

1 The Skanda Purana says: "In Kali-yuga, anyone who takes shelter of Mayapur and worships Me will be freed of all sins and attain the highest goal. The glories of whatever tirthas are present throughout Navadvipa increase a million times in Kali-yuga. The glories of all tirthas increase by association with Gauranga just as the value of metal increases by association with a touchstone. Mayapur is none other than the spiritual energy of the Lord, yogamaya, which increases everyone's bliss."
2 Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists.

The argument of the statement of the Sri Navadvipa Bhava Taranga

1 The Vedas sing of a transcendental place called Brahmapura or Sri Mayapur, which is revealed to one whose eyes are free from illusion. This topmost abode, where the son of Saci performs His eternal pastimes, is the same as Gokula Mahavana of Vraja. Sri Gokula, the abode of gopis and gopas in Vraja, appears in Navadvipa-dhama as the abode of brahmana families. In the center of Mayapur exists the supremely pure, eternal residence of the brahmana, Jagannatha Misra.
Though eyes affected by material illusion will see only a small house, some earth, water, and a few articles, if Maya becomes merciful and lifts her covering, one will see a vast spiritual dwelling.
Sri Gauranga is served here by His eternal mother, father, and countless servants, all incessantly mad with love. Laksmipriya and Visnupriya eternally serve the Lord's lotus feet. The Supreme Lord is seen here in His wonderful form as the Panca-tattva.
Sri Nityananda, Sri Advaita, Gadadhara, Srivasa, and innumerable devotees all have their places in Mayapur. Everywhere are the houses of the Vaisnavas. O Mayapur, please be merciful to me!
2 Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists

The argument of the statement of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura

1 When will I stand on the bank of the Ganges at Vidyavacaspati's doorway and view the opulences of this place? Then after a few moments, the Lord, king of the sannyasis, will mercifully appear before my eyes on that large residential rooftop.
Seeing the golden effulgence of that sannyasi, I will fall to the earth in great eagerness, just as when the gopis saw Krishna again in Kuruksetra dressed as the King of Dvaraka, they cried while remembering His pastimes on the bank of the Yamuna.
I long to take the Lord back to Mayapur where, shining in the dress of a young boy with long curly hair and dhoti folded thrice, He performs pastimes with His young friends in Isodyana.
Of course this sannyasi is also my Lord, and I am His servant. These different appearances that the Lord assumes are just part of His unlimited pastimes. But still my heart desires to take the Lord back to Srivasa
Pandita's temple on the bank of Prthu-kunda!
2 Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists.

The argument of the statements of the tantra scriptures

1 In the Visvasara-tantra, Siva says to Parvati, "In the southern part of the Ganges, at attractive Navadvipa, on the Phalguna Purnima, Lord Krishna will be born in the house of Jagannatha Misra in the womb of Saci to destroy the sins of Kali-yuga."
In the Brhad-brahma-yamala-tantra it is stated: "All glories to blissful Gauracandra, Narahari, the conqueror of the three worlds. He appears in Kali-yuga at Navadvipa on the bank of the Ganges with a beautiful form and golden complexion. He delivers the sinful from the ocean of sin by giving them the pure name of Hari.
In the Kapila-tantra it is said: "In Kali-yuga, the Lord will take birth in a brahmana's house at Mayapur in
Jambudvipa. He will perform kirtana along with His associates."
In the Brahma-yamala it is said: "Sometimes I personally appear on the surface of the world in the garb of a devotee. Specifically, I appear as the son of Saci in Kali-yuga to start the sankirtana movement."
In the Krishna-yamala it is said: "I shall appear in the holy land of Navadvipa as the son of Sacidevi."
2 Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists.

The argument of the statements of the teachers

1 The words of Prabodhananda Sarasvati concerning Navadvipa. "I praise the Supreme Lord in the form of Lord Caitanya, who, crossing the limits of Godhead, appeared in the form of a devotee to generously help the living entity relish Krishna. He appeared in the supreme abode Navadvipa-dhama for bestowing on the living entities the sweet nectarean stream of His own pure prema."
Srila Vrndavana dasa Thakura says: "With the eternal devotees and eternal Bhaktidevi, in the eternal dhama, I eternally worship the one Absolute Truth, brahma sutram, the essence of Godhead, eternally appearing in the form of Nityananda Prabhu, Advaita Prabhu, and Caitanya Mahaprabhu."
Meditation on Navadvipa-dhama, Srila Rupa Gosvami:
On the banks of the Ganges are the most excellent flowering trees and creepers, and in her waters are rows of waves. Gentle refreshing breezes blow over her surface, and bees gather amongst clusters of the pink and yellow lotuses. The stairs leading to her waters are inlaid with rare jewels. She is overcome with ecstasy, having been touched by the dust pollen from the Lord's lotus feet. On a beautiful stretch of golden land on the banks of the Ganges, is situated the all-auspicious Navadvipa-dhama, flooded with the Lord's bliss. This place is most enchanting being always served by great devotees and filled with various flowers, fruits, creepers, and trees.
Throughout Navadvipa, colorful birds enchant the mind and ear with their songs. Within Navadvipa are the pleasant courtyards of the brahmanas, large groves, and beautiful stages and parks. The great devotees, motivated by pure love, perform great festivals of worship, and effulgent forms of Sri Krishna reside in every house. In Navadvipa is situated Gaurasundara's blissful house. The golden gates and walls shine
more brilliant than the sun. Within is the Lord's room; in front of that is a kirtana area; and in their respective places are the kitchen, dining area, bedrooms, upper rooms, and room of the Lord's consort. In this house is a spotless canopy and a temple wonderfully adorned with moonstones. The temple has four doorways with eight doors effulgent with inlaid jewels. There are nine domes topped by jeweled kalasas, or pinnacles, on the golden roof. The temple is decorated throughout with diamonds, moonstones, strings of pearls, and various other jewels which are produced from pure devotion and shine with a golden effulgence. Within the temple are six corners with the syllables of the mantra engraved in gold and jewels. In the central of this yantra is the turtle-shaped Yogapitha standing like the stamen in the center of a lotus flower. On top of this, beneath an umbrella, shines a lotuslike sinhasana with petals as pure white as ether, sunshine, and camphor. The sides and bottom of the sinhasana are made of rubies, the legs are sapphire, and the back, which glitters with huge pearls and exquisite gems, is made of vaidurya gems. It is furnished with soft pillows covered with the finest cloth and a cloth-covered cushion filled with soft cotton. The sinhasana is on a golden platform decorated with eight corners on which the eight syllables of the gaura-mantra are inscribed for meditation on the Supreme Lord.
2 Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists

The argument of the Navadvipa priests

1. Seeing Nimai at one occasion, the brahmana priests of Navadvipa spoke that
"Gaura Hari, Nimai is not a mortal being. Perhaps He is a demigod. Then they concluded however His astoundingly brilliant effulgence indicates that He is none other then the Supreme Lord Govinda Himself".
2. Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu is God. God exists


The proof that there is no proof that God does not exist, there is no evidence, and experience that non-gods (chance, forces, energies, nature) control the events in the cosmos. It can only be done by divine persons.

1. No scientists has been able to show or proof by experiment or even by theory all the steps from before the Big Bang to the molecules, amino acids, proteins, microbes, plants, fishes, reptiles, mammals to the 7 billion humans as per 2013.
2. Even if some scientist could imitate some steps of the process in nature then it was he, the person, who in his laboratory did, what the gods are already doing in nature. And then he made it in hi laboratory, proving that there is no chance or mechanistic evolution in nature.
3. In human society no events are done by chance, forces, energies or nature.
4. The cosmos is created, maintained and active because of Gods, unseen persons. That is the only way it can be explained.
5. The hierarchy or system of divine managers of the cosmos ends with the Supreme Personality of Godhead in heaven as the hierarchy of managers of the prison house and state has at the top the king in his palace.
6. God exists. There is no proof or argument against His existence; that Brahman (spiritual light) or sunya (zero) create and control.

1)      There is matter or energy
2)      This is useless or inactive without information and consciousness.
3)      The DNA displays a huge level of information. Each DNA has a little over 100 million segments (one segment is called a nucleotide. Various nucleotides are the building blocks of purines: adenine, guanine; and pyrimidines: cytosine, thymine and uracil).
4)      Even the scientists are amazed by the amount of information in the DNA and every day they discover new things about it.
5)      The layman does not know that the materialists have no answer to the question what generated the first complex DNA.
6)      Therefore, there must have been a first, super-intelligent designer of not only one DNA but many of them.
7)      That creator we call the all-powerful, all-knowing God.

1. Co-option in microbiology means borrowing parts of systems from different places to form a new system. When in this way a new system is generated it has a new function. This proves evolution.
2a. But in the evolutionary scheme not all the systems were available by co-option.
2b. In the simple example of E-coli only 10 out of 40 components can be traced back as having been developed by co-option.
2c. The rest of the 30 components are unique and new. There are simply no known homologues to them.
      These 30 components were not available for co-option in hypothetic ancestral lines leading from e.g. a bacterium with no flagellum.
3. This again proofs the existence of a designer who is no one else then God.

1)   The arrangements of the amino acids in the genes and proteins are highly specified and meaningful.
2)   They are like the arrangements of letters of the alphabet into meaningful words and sentences of a book that can enrich one’s life.
3)   Amino acids on their own have no ability to order themselves into any meaningful biological sequences.
4)   Thus, the question is how the first protein could assemble without pre-existing genetic material.
5)   The next question is how the further evolutes develop.
6)   To this there is no any answer from material scientists. The only option is – it was all designed.
7)   That designer we call God.

1a. Natural selection can only eliminate the weak members of the particular species but it has no power to create the first living cell or organism and to transform one species into another.
1b. Who is this sir natural selection selecting and eliminating species. This can only be done by an intelligent person.
2. Thus, because natural selection cannot explain the origin of life God exists.

1. Till now, after more than 50 years of biochemical experiments, there were no self-replicating RNA molecules generated in any different laboratory conditions that resemble the prebiotic period of creation.
2. RNA has no self-replicating power.
3. Without self-replicating RNA there is neither natural selection nor evolution.
4. Therefore, there must have been an original cause of existence and that cause is God.

1) According to some experiments in quantum mechanics it is now proven that there are forces by which information spreads through the universe instantaneously, much faster than the speed of light. This is called quantum non-locality.
2) We know that nothing happens without consciousness or direction.
3) That all-pervading consciousness that is instantly transmitting information belongs to a superhuman person
4) This is the dictionary definition of the person called God
5) Therefore, God exists.

Part A
1. The hemoglobin is a protein made of 564 amino acids
2. The hemoglobin’s three dimensional structure; the amino acid sequence and the 4 iron atoms in the central region of the hemoglobin are all together enabling the special function of the hemoglobin - the transfer of the oxygen.
3. An alteration of any part of this structure of hemoglobin would cause inability to execute its duty of carrying oxygen.
4. Conclusively, such a structure is a proof of perfect design
5. Behind a design there is an intelligent designer
6. That designer is God.

Part B
1. If the bond between the oxygen and hemoglobin in the lung would be not enough strong than the oxygen would not combine with the hemoglobin.
    Thus, the oxygen would not be carried to the tissues where it is needed and consequently the tissues would die.
2. Conclusively, there could be no any intermediary development of hemoglobin.
3. To perfectly function it must have been existed from the very beginning in its very perfect state.
4. The natural conclusion of this is that the hemoglobin must have been designed to be able to immediately carry out its important function of giving life to the material body.
5. Where there is a design there is also a designer and we call Him God.

1) The energy and the energetic are inseparable just like fire and spark
2) The spark depends for its existence on the bigger fire.
3) Similarly every energy in nature depends on an energizer.
4) Also all living bodies are energies and so depend for their maintenance on the energizers and controllers of the material energy. E.g. somebody completely in coma or paralyzed: is energy but needs a controller of the material energy to function. So every soul and their bodies are dependent. 
5) The material body and nature are only energies and they must have ultimately a person energizer just like behind the electricity of the powerhouse that energizes the kitchen utensils at home is a personal controller of the electricity.
6) The living entity who does not have to be energized but is the energizer of material nature and all the other living entities is God.
7) God exists.

1)      The theory of evolution claims that life came from nonliving matter through natural processes.
2)      However, spontaneous generation (the emergence of life from nonliving matter) has never been observed. All observations have shown that life comes only from life. This has been consistently observed and so it is called the law of biogenesis.
3)      Life comes from life or the soul. It makes the material body alive.
4)      Both matter and spirit have their ultimate origin and activator.
That ultimate origin of life and matter we call God.

1) If the sun where closer to the earth, we would burn up; if farther away we would freeze. 
2) If the earth was not tilted at 23 degrees, the areas near the poles would be dark and cold all year long.
3) If it tilted too much, the seasons would be very extreme for example, on the planet Uranus the winter is 42 years of total darkness!
4) If Earth did not have a large revolving moon, we would have no tides, causing the ocean waters to grow stagnant and produce no oxygen for its creatures.
5) What we see is a planet that is perfectly balanced for our habitation. We see design in the perfect balance.
6) When we see a design we know there is a Designer.
7) Great things like the structure of the universe which is like a nicely working universal clock, can be design only by a greatest person.
8) That greatest person to design great things can be only God. God exists

1) Scientists, philosophers, poets and musicians get sudden inspirations.
2) Bids know where to fly to the south without thinking or being guided by their parents.
3) There must be a source of inspiration for all people and a source of instinct for all animals.
4) It must be considerate, all-knowing and all-pervading to know the needs of everybody.
5) This is the description of the supreme, best well-wisher, GOD.
6) God exist.

1) Can the laws of nature alone maintain everything?
2) Can the laws of government be effective without enforcing them on people?
3) In both cases the answer is no.
4) The laws of nature also had to be created just like the laws of government.
5) Man creates small laws and only God can create universal laws.
6) Therefore God, the creator and maintainer of the universal laws, exists.

1) Consciousness is a symptom of life.
2) Small units like microbes, ants etc. have life as long as consciousness is present in their bodies.
3) The life of bigger units like plants, trees, animals, humans is also maintained because of the presence of consciousness.
4) We can see that the biggest unit the whole universe does not collapse but exists in systematic harmony. 
5) For this a super-consciousness that pervades the whole universe must be there.
6) That super-consciousness we call God or Krishna.
7) Therefore, God exists.

1) The scientific method consists of four-step process involving observations, hypothesis, experiments, and conclusion. .
2) Performing many scientific experiments upon natural objects, now already for decades, in many of them, scientists discovered  so highly complex and specified information (CSI) that it is very difficult or even impossible to make imitation of such complex units.
3) If scientists cannot make copies of complex and specified units what to say about the dull material nature, natural selection, and mutation.
4) Natural object contains high level of CSI that indicates a super designer.
5) That super designer can be only God.
6) God exists

1) The hard work of the scientists to imitate the complex designs of the nature is just imitation of the process of creation of the primeval creator who already created everything long time ago.
2) Thus, God the primeval supreme designer exists.

1) If the universe would be created simply by some inscrutable outworking of blind necessity or an inexplicable accident there should be evidence of chaos to suggest such a possibility.
2) However, all the immense, symphonic system of atoms, fields, forces, stars, galaxies, and people give evidence of a great harmonious structure.
3) "According to everything taught by the exact sciences about the immense realm of nature, a certain order prevails--one independent of the human mind . . . this order can be formulated in terms of purposeful activity. There is evidence of an intelligent order of the universe to which both man and nature are subservient." (Max Planck)
4) Harmony in the whole universe and all the purposeful units in it are evidence of design and so a designer that we call God.
5) Hence, God exists. 

1. We fulfil the desires of some people according to how much they deserve.
2. We cannot fulfil the desires of all the people.
3. There is someone fulfilling everyone’s desires.
4. Therefore God – the fulfiller of all desires exists.

1. Sometimes God does not fulfil the desires of someone.
2. He knows what somebody deserves.
3. Because only God is all-knowing.
4. God exists.

1) “We found that religious people or even people who simply believe in the existence of God show significantly less brain activity in relation to their own errors,” said Michael Inzlicht, assistant psychology professor at the University of Toronto, who led the research. They’re much less anxious and feel less stressed when they have made an error,” he said.
2) Does this relief come from some imaginary thought?
3) Imaginations are experienced differently by different people but God is experienced in the same way by all the devotees.
4) Only a real person who responds to prayers can relief somebody from stress not an imaginary object.
5) Hence god is a person, He exists.

1) We find in the nature many laws like the law of gravitation, the laws of motion etc;
2) Just as in any state the government or the king make different lows and supervise their subjects that the laws are carried out, any other laws like the laws of nature had to be generated by some intelligent being.
3) Moreover, that everything happens according to those lows there have to be a supervisor and controller.
4) Man can create small laws and can control limited things in his domain, but the nature’s big laws had to be created by a big brain, an extraordinarily powerful person who can supervise that those laws are carried out.
5) Such an extraordinary, omnipotent person can be only God.
6) Hence, God exists.

1) Physical law or scientific law is a scientific generalization based on empirical observations of physical behaviour (i.e. the law of nature. Law is defined in the following ways
a. Absolute. Nothing in the universe appears to affect them. (Davies, 1992:82)
b. Stable. Unchanged since first discovered (although they may have been shown to be approximations of more accurate laws).
c. Omnipotent. Everything in the universe apparently must comply with them (according to observations). (Davies, 1992:83)
2) It is always possible for the laws to be invalidated by repeatable, contradictory experimental evidence. However, fundamental changes to the laws are unlikely in the extreme, since this would imply a change to experimental facts they were derived from in the first place.
3) Some of the examples of scientific or nature’s laws are:
a. The law of relativity by Einstein
b. The four laws of thermodynamic
c. The laws of conservation
d. The uncertainty principle etc.
4) Einstein said the laws already exist, man just discovers them.
5) Only an omnipotent person can give absolute, stable and omnipotent laws for the whole universe.
6) That person we call God or Krishna.
7) Hence God exists.

1) Some laws reflect mathematical symmetries found in Nature. For example, Pauli exclusion principle reflects identity of electrons, conservation laws reflect homogeneity of space, time, Lorentz transformations reflect rotational symmetry of space-time.
2) Homogeneity and mathematical and rational symmetries indicate a wonderful design that further indicates a designer.
3) That wonderful designer that designed symmetries in the nature of the whole universe can be only God.
4) Hence, God necessarily exists.

1. Objection: nobody can see God so he doesn’t exist.
2. Did you meet all the people of this world so you can say this?
3. But it is true to some extent; whoever has material vision doesn’t see God.
4. So, how to get spiritual vision?
5. First through the scriptures and than by the mercy of God.
6. Pure, God-realized persons (like Arjuna) can see God.
7. Therefore God exists.

1. Certain sounds make people sick and disturbed.
2. Certain sounds make people desirous to enjoy material life – chant and dance.
3. Certain sounds give peace of mind.
4. And the spiritual sound of the name of God elevates one to God-realization.
5. Therefore God exists.

2) Unexplainable things refer to a higher intelligence that is very difficult to access even after decades of scientific researches.
3) That higher intelligence and knowledge indicates God.
4) Hance God exists.

2) Proteins are highly complex structures what is very difficult for scientists to create.
3a) The probability of random creation of complex proteins and the assemblage of the needed 239 in one place in nature without any control is less then 10-50 or impossible.
3b) If you leave all the atoms of such structures in an isolated place nothing will happen. If you leave natures forces working then we must say that you make the gods working, no forces is ever reports to work without thinking, feeling, willing which is the work of the person, according to the dictionary.
4) Such impossibility of chance indicates the necessity of a designer.
5) That expert designer we call God.
6) God exists.

1) Performing experiments, from 1975 for 35 years, scientists looked for evidence of a “selective sweep” – the signature of a beneficial mutation becoming fixed in the population – and could not find it.  They did the selection artificially, forcing the fly embryos to evolve toward faster embryonic development.
2) We conclude that, at least for life history characters such as development time, unconditionally advantageous alleles rarely arise, are associated with small net fitness gains or cannot fix because selection coefficients change over time.
3) Despite lots of mutations, they found the flies resistant to change.  Not only that, the experiments showed that “forward experimental evolution can often be completely reversed with these populations, which suggests that any soft sweeps in our experiment are incomplete and/or of small effect.”
4) “Despite decades of sustained selection in relatively small, sexually reproducing laboratory populations, selection did not lead to the fixation of newly arising unconditionally advantageous alleles.  This is notable because in wild populations we expect the strength of natural selection to be less intense and the environment unlikely to remain constant for ~600 generations.  Consequently, the probability of fixation in wild populations should be even lower than its likelihood in these experiments.  This suggests that selection does not readily expunge genetic variation in sexual populations…”
5) Natural or artificial selection cannot create new species.
6) There had to be an intelligent force that could arrange all the varieties of species to exist.
7) Intelligence and power to create belongs only to God.
8) Hence God exists.

Reference: Burke, Dunham et al, “Genome-wide analysis of a long-term evolution experiment with Drosophila,” Nature 467, 587-590 (30 September 2010); doi:10.1038/nature09352.

1) A reflex signal from a bump on your knee needs to go in the direction of the controlling muscle and on to the brain, not any which way.  What directs the placement of “one way” signs in nerve cells?  According to a press release from the University of Georgia, it’s the enzyme MEC-17.
2) The MEC-17, which they studied in roundworms, zebrafish and human cancer cells, is responsible for placing the traffic signs, called acetylation marks, on the cellular highways made of microtubules.  The paths with lots of these marks are on the sending end, and the paths with few of them are on the receiving end.  When the marks are not set properly, bad things happen: zebrafish develop neuromuscular defects, and humans are subject to debilitating neural diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s.  This discovery may lead to new treatment strategies by enhancing or inhibiting the action of MEC-17.
3) By noticing that MEC-17 works identically in animals as diverse as roundworms, fish and humans, the researchers deduced that “this microtubule acetylation process using MEC-17 is an evolutionarily conserved function.”  Conserved means un-evolved.
4) The following important question however the researchers did not answer:
a) What controls MEC-17, and what would happen to the living beings without having this enzyme fully developed from the beginning.
b) If this enzyme puts up the signs, who is the foreman? 
5) We don’t control anything within our bodies. Many different processes happen without our knowledge.
6) If we are not in control of the processes in our bodies than who was the designer of those processes?
7) This is the infinite regress question: who is the designer of the designer? However, the hierarchy of design must eventually stop at a Designer who is omniscient and omnipotent and that is God.
8) Hence God exists.

1) One article in New Scientist magazine about green leaves under the bright sun states: “Catching up with nature’s innovation,” remains tantalizing but frustrating.  “Take sunlight, add water, and there you have it: free energy,” the article teased.  “Plants have been doing this for quite some time, splitting water’s hydrogen apart from its oxygen, but our efforts to turn water into a source of free hydrogen fuel by mimicking them have borne no fruit.
2) A team led by Dr. Sun who is at work in Stockholm, Sweden is experimenting with different kinds of electrodes that produce more-desirable hydrogen gas instead of hydrogen ions.  Unfortunately, “the efficiency is abysmal” for these and all other electrodes tested so far, said rival John Turner in Colorado at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.  Dr. Sun would be happy to get 10% efficiency – far below the near-100% efficiency plants get from the sun. Turner has achieved 12% efficiency, but his electrodes are only stable for a few days.  (The best solar cells achieve 27% efficiency.)
3) The great difficulty of imitating the marvelous structures of the nature is indicative of very complex design.
4) And even if the scientists ever succeed to mimic nature they will only prove the necessity of intelligent design to account for the exquisite engineering we observe in living things.
5) Hence the supreme scientist and designer who is very hard to be imitated exists.
6) We call Him Krishna or God.

1) DNA Polymerase:
a) “DNA polymerases are spectacular molecular machines that can accurately copy genetic material with error rates on the order of 1 in 105 bases incorporated, not including the contributions of proofreading exonucleases.” 
b) Part of the machine rotates 50° as the machine translocates along the DNA.  These machines copy millions of base pairs of DNA every cell division so that each daughter cell gets an accurate copy
c) “Although the polymerases are divided into several different families, they all share a common two metal-ion catalytic mechanism, and most of them are described as having fingers, palm, and thumb domains: the palm contains metal-binding catalytic residues, the thumb contacts DNA duplex, and the fingers form one side of the pocket surrounding the nascent base pair.”  Three phases occur during each step along the DNA chain: the fingers open, the machine moves one base pair as it rotates, then the base in the “palm” is placed into the “pre-insertion site,” while another moving part prevents further movement till the operation is completed.  Then the process repeats – millions of times per operation.
d) In no one the works describing DNA polymerase the word evolution was mentioned.
2) Torsion springs and lever arms: 
a) “Myosin-Is are molecular motors that link cellular membranes to the actin cytoskeleton, where they play roles in mechano-signal transduction and membrane trafficking.”
b) “Some myosin-Is are proposed to act as force sensors, dynamically modulating their motile properties in response to changes in tension.” 
c) “Tension sensing by myosin motors is important for numerous cellular processes, including control of force and energy utilization in contracting muscles, transport of cellular cargos, detection of auditory stimuli, and control of cell shape.” 
d) The authors found that alternative splicing of the gene produces isoforms of the motor with lever arms of different lengths, with varying response to force.  This “increases the range of force sensitivities of the proteins translated from the myo1b gene.”  and it “tunes the mechanical properties of myo1b for diverse mechanical challenges, while maintaining the protein’s basal kinetic and cargo-binding properties.”
e) How did these myosin machines arise?  “Myosins have evolved different tension sensitivities tuned for these diverse cellular tasks,” the authors said.  That was all they could say without giving any details of evolution.  
3) Ribosome dynamics
a) “Spontaneous formation of the unlocked state of the ribosome is a multistep process.” 
b) The L1 stalks of the ribosome bend, rotate and uncouple – undergoing at least four distinct stalk positions while each tRNA ratchets through the assembly tunnel.  At one stage, for instance, “the L1 stalk domain closes and the 30S subunit undergoes a counterclockwise, ratchet-like rotation” with respect to another domain of the factory.  This is not simple.  “Subunit ratcheting is a complex set of motions that entails the remodeling of numerous bridging contacts found at the subunit interface that are involved in substrate positioning.”
4) Interactions between molecules are not simply matters of matching electrons with protons.  Instead, large structural molecules form machines with moving parts.  These parts experience the same kinds of forces and motions that we experience at the macro level: stretching, bending, leverage, spring tension, ratcheting, rotation and translocation.  The same units of force and energy are appropriate for both – except at vastly different levels.
5) Every day, essays about molecular machines are giving more and more bimolecular details, many without mentioning evolution and what to say about giving details about the process how these machines evolved.
6) Complexity versus evolution equals the necessity of God.
7) Hence God exists.

1) Evolutionists believe it is necessary to get chemicals up to the point of replication before Darwinian evolution begins.
a) A basic property of life is its capacity to experience Darwinian evolution.  The replicator concept is at the core of genetics-first theories of the origin of life, which suggest that self-replicating oligonucleotides or their similar ancestors may have been the first “living” systems and may have led to the evolution of an RNA world.  But problems with the nonenzymatic synthesis of biopolymers and the origin of template replication have spurred the alternative metabolism-first scenario, where self-reproducing and evolving proto-metabolic networks are assumed to have predated self-replicating genes.  Recent theoretical work shows that “compositional genomes” (i.e., the counts of different molecular species in an assembly) are able to propagate compositional information and can provide a setup on which natural selection acts.  Accordingly, if we stick to the notion of replicator as an entity that passes on its structure largely intact in successive replications, those macromolecular aggregates could be dubbed “ensemble replicators” (composomes) and quite different from the more familiar genes and memes.
2) But because it is difficult to imagine a chance formation of nucleic acids certain camps imagine metabolism coming into existence first.
a) In sharp contrast with template-dependent replication dynamics, we demonstrate here that replication of compositional information is so inaccurate that fitter compositional genomes cannot be maintained by selection and, therefore, the system lacks evolvability (i.e., it cannot substantially depart from the asymptotic steady-state solution already built-in in the dynamical equations).  We conclude that this fundamental limitation of ensemble replicators cautions against metabolism-first theories of the origin of life, although ancient metabolic systems could have provided a stable habitat within which polymer replicators later evolved.
 3) From above statement, problems with the nonenzymatic synthesis of biopolymers and the origin of template replication,” refers to the impossibility of assembling the required molecules to form on their own.
4) The other problem is the origin of a genetic code that can copy itself. 
a) Both schools acknowledge that a critical requirement for primitive evolvable systems (in the Darwinian sense) is to solve the problems of information storage and reliable information transmission.  Disagreement starts, however, in the way information was first stored.  All present life is based on digitally encoded information in polynucleotide strings, but difficulties with the de novo appearance of oligonucleotides and clear-cut routes to an RNA world, wherein RNA molecules had the dual role of catalysts and information storage systems, have provided continuous fuel for objections to the genetics-first scenario.
5) “We now feel compelled to abandon compositional inheritance as a jumping board toward real units of evolution.”
6) As one scientific theory is abandoned, often the new theory is based on faith being not 100% proven.
a) “We do not know how the transition to digitally encoded information has happened in the originally inanimate world; that is, we do not know where the RNA world might have come from, but there are strong reasons to believe that it had existed.” 
7) The metabolism-first scenario cannot work:
a) “Template-free systems like composomes could only have had the limited role of accumulating prebiotic material and increasing environmental patchiness.”
8) The genetics-first scenario doesn’t work:
a) “The basic property of life as a system capable of undergoing Darwinian evolution began when genetic information was finally stored and transmitted such as occurs in nucleotide polymers (RNA and DNA).” 
b) The last statement is just restating a well known common-sense principle that without precise information storage and retrieval you can’t get inheritance. 
c) Briefly, the genetics-first scenario is falsified because the lack of accurate genetic replication forbids Darwinian evolution.  But also the lack of accurate genetic replication forbids life itself, too.
9) Because both concepts of life’s origin are impossible, the only plausible scenario of complex life’s origin is intelligent design that implies God the best designer
10) Hence God exists.

1.  Vasos, Szathmary and Santos, “Lack of evolvability in self-sustaining autocatalytic networks: A constraint on the metabolism-first path to the origin of life,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, January 4, 2010, doi: 10.1073/pnas.0912628107.

1) Broken or mismatched DNA strands can lead to serious diseases and even death.  It is essential that DNA damage be recognized and repaired quickly. 
2) A team at Rockefeller University and Harvard Medical School that found two essential proteins that act like “molecular tailors” that can snip out an error and sew it back up with the correct molecules. 
3) These proteins, FANC1 and FANCD2, repair inter-strand crosslinks, “one of the most lethal types of DNA damage.”  This problem “occurs when the two strands of the double helix are linked together, blocking replication and transcription.” 
4) Each of your cells is likely to get 10 alarm calls a day for inter-strand crosslinks.
5) The   FANC1 and FANCD2 link together and join other members of the repair pathway, and are intimately involved in the excision and insertion steps.
6) One repair operation requires 13 protein parts. 
7) “If any one of the 13 proteins in this pathway is damaged, the result is Fanconi anemia, a blood disorder that leads to bone marrow failure and leukemia, among other cancers, as well as many physiological defects.”
a) “Our results show that multiple steps of the essential S-phase ICL repair mechanism fail when the Fanconi anemia pathway is compromised.” 
8) In the scientific paper and press release nor Darwin nor the possible way of how this tightly-integrated system might have evolved was mentioned.
9) The absolute necessity of FANC1 and FANCD2 are very much obvious from this discovery not only in one species but in all that has DNA. Their crucial role for survival of the species is undissmissable. 
10) Their must have existed as perfectly functional units from the time of appearance of any species on this planet otherwise existence would be not possible.
11) This implies creation what further implies that God necessarily exists.

1.  Knipscheer et al, “The Fanconi Anemia Pathway Promotes Replication-Dependent DNA Interstrand Cross-Link Repair,” Science, 18 December 2009: Vol. 326. no. 5960, pp. 1698-1701, DOI: 10.1126/science.1182372.

1) Researchers at the University of Virginia said they “found that molecular motors operate in an amazingly coordinated manner” when “simple” algae named Chlamydominas need to move with flagella. 
2) “The new U.Va. study provides strong evidence that the motors are indeed working in coordination, all pulling in one direction, as if under command, or in the opposite direction – again, as if under strict instruction.”
3) The phrases: ‘working in coordination,’ ‘as if under command, ’as if under strict instruction,’ all indicate perfect design by a designer, who harmonizes life-important processes in the cell.
4) Hence, God the Supreme designer exists.

1.  Laib, Marin, Bloodgood and Guilford, “The reciprocal coordination and mechanics of molecular motors in living cells,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, published online February 12, 2009, doi: 10.1073/pnas.0809849106.

1) “Topoisomerases are essential enzymes that solve topological problems arising from the double-helical structure of DNA.”
2) “As a consequence, one should have naively expected to find homologous topoisomerases in all cellular organisms, dating back to their last common ancestor.  However, as observed for other enzymes working with DNA, this is not the case.” 
3) Is common ancestry falsified by this discovery? Although without evidence a new evolution story explains:
4) Topoisomerases could have originated by combining protein modules previously involved in RNA metabolism, such as RNA-binding proteins, RNA endonucleases or RNA ligases.  Alternatively, they could have evolved from protein modules that were already working with DNA, if the first steps in the evolution of DNA genomes occurred in the absence of any topoisomerase activity, i.e. before the emergence of long double-stranded DNA genomes.  Two arguments favour the latter hypothesis: first, whereas RNA polymerases and RNA-binding proteins are obvious candidates to be direct ancestors of DNA polymerases and single-stranded DNA-binding proteins, ‘RNA topoisomerases’ that could be direct ancestor of DNA topoisomerases are unknown.  Secondly, it is likely that double-stranded DNA genomes with complex DNA-replication mechanisms (i.e. concurrent symmetric DNA replication) were preceded by single-stranded or even short double-stranded DNA genomes replicated by simpler mechanisms, such as asymmetric DNA replication, and/or rolling circle (RC) replication (75).  These simple systems probably did not require topoisomerases, as it is still the case for their modern counterparts (the RC replication of some replicons require supercoiled DNA, hence gyrase activity, but only for the recognition step of the initiator protein).  If this scenario is correct, topoisomerases probably originated when more complex DNA genomes (long linear or circular DNA molecules) were selected in the course of evolution, together with more elaborate replication machineries.
5) In the whole story the word suggest occurred 26 times, possible 16 times, could 14 times, and might 10 times.
6) Despite of all the network complexity indicating intelligent design the researchers opine:
a) “An intelligent designer would have probably invented only one ubiquitous Topo I and one ubiquitous Topo II to facilitate the task of future biochemists.
7) In serious scientific circles unsupported storytelling by facts was never accepted as an evidence for truth.
8) So this evolutionary storytelling cannot be accepted as an evidence for disproving the obvious intelligent design.
9) Hence, God the supreme designer exists.

1.  Forterre and Gadelle, “Phylogenomics of DNA topoisomerases: their origin and putative roles in the emergence of modern organisms,” Nucleic Acids Research, published online on February 9, 2009, doi:10.1093/nar/gkp032.

1) Moving quietly through the blood streams, the assassins travel around, looking for their targets.
2) Having license to kill, these natural killer cells (NK), part of our immune systems are removing the disease causing bad cells.
3) Scientists do not yet fully understand how NK cells recognize and distinguish dangerous microbes and disease causing cells from friendly, healthy cells. Nor they understand how assassins remember all the infections to speed up their response the second time. 
4) However it is understood that NK can make holes in the membranes of the invading bad cells and injecting poisons into them they neutralize and kill the potential danger.
5) Because the living entities cannot control the necessary needful processes within their body, like the supposed development of the defense system and because they could not have survived without a developed immune system from the very beginning of their existence, even 300my ago or earlier, all this points to a designer who knows the necessities of the living beings.
6) That Supreme intelligent designer is God
7) Hence God exists.
1) Pyrrolysine is an amino acid outside the standard 20-amino-acid library of “letters” making up life’s protein code. 2) This uncommon amino acid, found in only 7 microbes, is modified after the protein has been translated in the ribosome. 
3) Scientists say that this fact “gave the researchers a molecular handle by being an extreme example of an amino acid that evolved to serve a highly specific need.”  In other words, “these molecules have evolved to work together.” 
4) There is innate or teleological intelligence.
5) God the Supreme Designer exists.

1) There is a “very fast and powerful molecular motor” that crams the viral DNA tightly into the capsid with the help of five moving parts.
2) The parts of the motor move in sequence like the pistons in a car's engine, progressively drawing the genetic material into the virus's head, or capsid.
3) The motor is needed to insert DNA into the capsid of the T4 virus, which is called a bacteriophage because it infects bacteria.
4) The T4 molecular motor is the strongest yet discovered in viruses and proportionately twice as powerful as an automotive engine. The motors generate 20 times the force produced by the protein myosin, one of the two proteins responsible for the contraction and strength of muscles.
5) Even viruses, which are not even alive by the scientific definition of being able to reproduce independently, show incredible design.
6) If design is what we observe, then design will lead to the right explanation.
7) There must be a designer
8) God exists

 Science Daily:

1) The cell is best described as a miniature factory where literally thousands of machines perform various specialized tasks.
2) These functions include:
a. allowing the cell to replicate itself in less than an hour
b. proofreading and repairing errors in its own manufacturing instructions (DNA),
c. sensing its environment and responding to it,
d. changing its shape and morphology, and
e. obtaining energy from photosynthesis or metabolism.
3) The devices engineered by man are similar to these molecular motors.
4) These include:
a. “electric” motors having stators, rotors, shafts, bearings and universal joints;
b. transport “trucks” that provide stepwise motion along “highways” called microtubules or filaments;
c. pumps made from tubes and cams1 that force fluids along the tubes.
5) The major differences between these molecular motors and those made by humans are their size (a billion times smaller) and their efficiency (near 100 percent vs. 65 percent, at best).
6) In the last few decades, research efforts in nanotechnology resulted in making various components of machines, like cogwheels2 or pumps, but have not yet been able to produce the motors needed to make the machinery go.
7) Machines found in cells are absolutely extraordinary in their characteristics, inspiring the creativity of the most advanced researchers. However, the cell machines although almost identical in form but different in size are superior in efficiency to the mechanical devices that the best engineers design for everyday life.
8) This indicates that the biomachines found in cells require a level of intelligent design far greater than what man has accomplished.
9) God necessarily exist.

1. Cell adhesion molecules (CAMs) are proteins located on the cell surface involved in binding with other cells or with the extracellular matrix (ECM) in the process called cell adhesion. In essence, cell adhesion molecules help cells stick to each other and to their surroundings.
2. An article on PhysOrg describes "Watching the cogwheels of the biological clock" in living cells. "Our master circadian clock resides in a small group of about 10,000 neurons in the brain, called the suprachiasmatic nucleus," the article begins. "However, similar clocks are ticking in nearly all cells of the body." How appropriate this was discovered by Swiss researchers, who "devised an elegant method to watch directly under the microscope how the clock's molecular 'cogwheels' govern the activity rhythms" of an essential protein.

1) The 64 codons (sequences of 3 nucleotides: adenine, uracil, guanine) and the 20 amino acids are for research by scientists assigned to numerical elements within a system, referred to as the genetic code-like (GCL) binary representation.
2) It is a mathematical model of the underlining physical/chemical processes related to genetic information processing—a so-called structural isomorphism namely, identity or similarity of form or appearance.
3) The GCL binary representation and the genetic code are both isomorphic systems. Thus, the characteristics that are true of the GCL binary representation must also be true of the genetic code.
4) The characteristics of the mathematically modeled GCL binary representation are:
a. Palindromic symmetry (a symmetry like that of the word that reads same backward and forward)
b. Parity symmetry
c. Organized redundancy (Repetition of messages to reduce the probability of errors)
d. A rich mathematical structure
5) Such a graceful symmetry, organization, and structure indicates a code that has been designed for a purpose.
6) God necessarily exists.

1) The GCL binary representation makes possible the existence of error detection/correction codes that operate along the strands of DNA.
2) “An error-control mechanism implies the organization of the redundancy in a mathematically structured way,” and  “the genetic code exhibits a strong mathematical structure that is difficult to put in relation with biological advantages other than error correction.”
3) A peculiar and unique mathematical model accounts for the key properties of the genetic code that exhibits symmetry, organized redundancy, and a mathematical structure crucial for the existence of error-coding techniques operating along the DNA strands.
4) The DNA data tested using this model gave a strong indication that error-coding techniques do exist.
5) Such a wonderful design indicates purposeful creation that further indicates the existence of God.
6) God exists.

1) “We know nothing about brain evolution.  Scientists are still completely in the dark about why the human brain evolved to be so big, according to Richard Lewontin.” (Blog of James Randerson)
2) “We are missing the fossil record of human cognition.  So we make up stories.” (Lewontin)
3) “We are in very serious difficulties in trying to reconstruct the evolution of cognition” (Lewontin)
4) Reasons according to Harvard evolutionist Richard Lewontin:
a) Fossils:  “Despite a handful of hominid fossils stretching back 4m years or so, we can’t be sure that any of them are on the main ancestral line to us.  Many or all of them could have been evolutionary side branches.
b) Interpretations:  “Worse, the fossils we do have are difficult to interpret.  ‘I don’t have the faintest idea what the cranial capacity [of a fossil hominid] means.”
c) Posture:  Lewontin expressed doubt that we can be sure which hominids walked upright.
d) Selective forces:  “He is also not convinced that we can use current selective forces to infer what natural selection was doing to our ancestors.
5) Brain complexity and problem:
a) The brain has 100 billion neurons, about 60,000 neurons per cubic millimeter, and each one of them is connected with thousands of other neurons, making around 100 trillion connections—more than in all the electrical appliances on earth!
6) Identifying the greatest differences of the regions of the genomes between chimps and humans showed the most active region, with 18 differences among 118 bases, named HAR1 (“human accelerated regions”). On this discovery David Haussler the team leader of the research commented: “Right now we have very suggestive evidence it might be involved at a critical step in brain development, but we still need to prove that it really makes a difference.” Although the HAR1F gene is a circumstantial evidence for brain evolution others opine that “The scientists still don’t know specifically what the gene does.” 
7) According to the embryologists a single gene cannot account for the origin and evolution of the human brain.
8) Chemical structure of genes
Genes are composed of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), except in some viruses, which have genes consisting of a closely related compound called ribonucleic acid (RNA). A DNA molecule is composed of two chains of nucleotides that wind about each other to resemble a twisted ladder. The sides of the ladder are made up of sugars and phosphates, and the rungs are formed by bonded pairs of nitrogenous bases. These bases are adenine (A), guanine (G), cytosine (C), and thymine (T). An A on one chain bonds to a T on the other (thus forming an A–T ladder rung); similarly, a C on one chain bonds to a G on the other. If the bonds between the bases are broken, the two chains unwind, and free nucleotides within the cell attach themselves to the exposed bases of the now-separated chains. The free nucleotides line up along each chain according to the base-pairing rule—A bonds to T, C bonds to G. This process results in the creation of two identical DNA molecules from one original and is the method by which hereditary information is passed from one generation of cells to the next.
The sequence of bases along a strand of DNA determines the genetic code. When the product of a particular gene is needed, the portion of the DNA molecule that contains that gene will split. Through the process of transcription, a strand of RNA with bases complementary to those of the gene is created from the free nucleotides in the cell. (RNA has the base uracil [U] instead of thymine, so A and U form base pairs during RNA synthesis.) This single chain of RNA, called messenger RNA (mRNA), then passes to the organelles called ribosomes, where the process of translation, or protein synthesis, takes place. During translation, a second type of RNA, transfer RNA (tRNA), matches up the nucleotides on mRNA with specific amino acids. Each set of three nucleotides codes for one amino acid. The series of amino acids built according to the sequence of nucleotides forms a polypeptide chain; all proteins are made from one or more linked polypeptide chains.
10) God necessarily exists

1) Even though the elephant shark is much more distantly related to humans than the teleost fish (a subgroup of ray-finned fish) its genome bears a much greater similarity to the human genome.
2) There are a greater number of conserved DNA1 sequences and more extensive synteny (gene order along the length of the chromosomes) between humans and elephant sharks, than between humans and teleost fishes.
3) According to the evolutionary theory, DNA sequences should increasingly differ and synteny should progressively dissipate as organisms diverge from one another.
4) To explain this anomaly the scientists speculate that after the ray-finned and lobe-finned fish diverged, the genomes of the ray-finned fish must have undergone much more extensive genetic change and rearrangement than did the genomes of lobe-finned fish (including tetrapods) and cartilaginous fish.
5) However, both teleost fish and tetrapods first appear in the fossil record about 385 million years ago. It’s troubling to think that the teleost fish have undergone such extensive changes to their genomes with relatively little morphological and physiological change while in the same time period (385 million years) tetrapods have undergone incredible morphological and physiological change (moving from the water to the land, followed by the transformation from amphibians to reptiles, from reptiles to mammals, and from shrew-like creatures to modern humans) with relatively limited genetic change compared to cartilaginous fish.
6) It is therefore more reasonable that an intelligent designer, we call God, used similar templates of DNA for creation of species.
7) God exists.

1. “Conserved DNA” is DNA that is similar across many different species. In the simplistic evolutionary view, DNA that is very important will be very similar in many different organisms, because important DNA cannot change very much.


1) Scientists determined that the Sun formed in a cluster of stars containing at least one massive star that died in a supernova explosion.
2) The distance to that supernova must have been close enough to enrich the solar nebula adequately, but not so close that it would have destroyed the disk from which the planets formed.
3) Such fine-tuning indicates design that can be done only to God.
4) God necessarily exists.

1) People of good memory sometimes cannot remember things even with great endeavor.
2) Senile people sometimes remember things with no endeavor at all.
3) Remembrance and memory is not under their control but it comes from somewhere.
4) Information can be the possession only of an intelligent person.
5) Only a possessor of information can take away or give remembrance.
6) That being who takes away or give remembrance to all other living beings through the media of brain activity, we call God.
7) God exists.

1) In  World  War  II,  there  were  many  big  bangs,  but  nothing positive  came  out  of  them.  They were  all  destructive. 
2) The atomic explosions over Hiroshima and  Nagasaki  didn't create a  television,  radio  or computer. 
3) Then  why  should  we  think that a  big  bang  created this  precisely  designed  and marvelously  varied  universe?
4) God, the Supreme creator exists.

The proof that the ultimate cause is in heaven; there is a need of a cause of heaven because it is all or most perfect
1. God must be the cause of the Big Bang. He is the Big Brain behind the Big Bang because explosions always have a personal cause.
And the cosmic order proofs that the explosion, materials or atoms are after exploding guided into all the forms of nature: planets, flora and fauna.
God doesn’t live here ultimately. He expanded a form to do the material world; after all who likes to be eternally exploding or emanating and imploding. And pleasing and punishing the fallen foolish living entities chasing after the shadows or inferior matter.
He delegated a director and creator of the prison house of the material world.
Thus God resides in heaven
There is no need of a cause behind heaven and God. That world is all perfect.
Just as illusioned living entities don’t bother about or need another world; all is ok for them.
Or just as the kingdom of Rama (-raja) is the ultimate and beyond his prison, so heaven is the ultimate and beyond his prison. Thus heaven is the ultimate perfection.
God the ultimate and Supreme Personality of Godhead exists.

The argument of the comparison with the sun
1. Wherever there is the sun, there is light and heat.
Heat and light is the understanding of the presence of the sun.
Sometimes the sun is covered, but sill we experience heat and light.
Similarly Krishna or God is there you have to understand by the energies, the material energy and the spiritual energy.
By the qualities of the heat and light we understand the qualities of the sun.
The qualities of matter are
a. temporary
b. dull or dead
c. miserable.
A+B Although matter is dead, it continually takes on different forms. There must be a mover of the material energy.
C Everything is moved to create suffering for the embodied and imprisoned spirit souls.
2. The qualities of spirit
The spirit soul desire
a. eternity
b. knowledge
c. bliss
These are the qualities of the spiritual energy. Because we see the qualities of temporariness, ignorance and misery in the prison, there must be the free and better life, beyond the prison, the life eternal full of knowledge and bliss.
3. Thus we can know the qualities of the source of the material and spiritual energies as the Perfect Judge, the Original Father, the Supreme Friend, the highest bliss personified, the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
4. God exists.

The argument by the analogy of the sun
1. We can study the existence of the Absolute Person or Absolute Truth by studying the sun; the sun is the centre and source of this world, God is centre of spiritual world.
2. The sunshine is spread all over the universe.
The sun god and sun globe causes the sun shine.
Within the sun globe there is the sun god, Vivasvan.
3. Similarly, the original planet is Goloka Vrindavana just like the sun globe is the origin of the life of the universe.
Within Goloka Vrindavana planet there is the Supreme Person.
From that globe, Goloka Vrindavana, there is rays.
On account of the effulgence from the Goloka Vrindavana, there are innumerable spiritual and material planets.
The spiritual planets are called Vaikunthalokas. They are all resting on that Brahman effulgence of Krishna and Balarama Krishna’s first expansion.
4. Why the analogy can be made and how the existence of this spiritual world can be proven?
The sun is a huge lamp illuminating this underground dungeon. “Underground” because it is an under or below or fallen down place.
Lamps are created and placed by persons or a person.
Prisons are made for rebels, and are made by a King.
The palace or kingdom beyond the prison has its perverted reflection the prison-house.
5. As the sun god and (god immanent) and his assistants create illuminate, maintain and operate this dark prison cave, so God transcendental energizes all as a king empowers the prison director.
6. God the center of the spiritual world exists.

The argument of unbelievable history
1. The chunk or singularity or totality of material atoms in chaos had a Big Bang. By this the basic, and only existing at that time, particles of matter created first gas, then clouds of matter, then planets. Then 8.400.000 forms of life.
2. Suppose you have to make a movie of this theory. Each step of this scenario needs several engineers, industrial designers, architects, building companies etc. and the head man (producer).
3. Similarly, God and gods emanate and evolve the planetary systems.
4. God exists.

The argument of the smooth “big bang” and “big crunch” model
1A - Science finds that the “big bang”, the cause of the creation of the universe, was a gradual evolution. This is established by measuring the background radiation in the universe.
B - Science in great detail registers the effect of this “Big Bang”. They describe in the universe, design, esthetica and powerful energies. By seeing what the Big Bang is doing we see this fits the description of God, the Supreme Person.
Because person according to the dictionary is thinking, feeling and willing.
Design means thinking.
Esthetica means feeling.
Energy means will power.
C - So science agrees with the philosophy of the Vedas; there is a creator and controller. Their cause has the properties of God. By allowing the indescribable Bang to have all these potencies science conforms to the vedic definition of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
D - God exists.
2A - Where is He?
This is the world of laws. Kala (time), karma (activity), klesa (miseries firm the body and mind, demigods or material nature and other living entities) and guna (the ropes of maya goodness, passion and ignorance).
The lawgiver or king lives beyond the world of laws in a palace or paradise.
And a king (as in ramaraja or dwarakaraja) is wise, blissful with all opulence (rich, powerful, beauty), all good qualities (such as saintliness).
B - So god is in heaven and is full of all opulence.
3A - Who is God?
The evolution or emanation smooth big bang within the shells of the universe took place according to Vedas from Brahma, the creator of the worlds.
There is also an expansion process from Garbhodakasayi Visnu.
He is also within the universe. From His navel bursts out or grows a lotus flower on which Lord Brahma sits. Brahma and the creation ingredients come forth from this Visnu through the stem of this lotus flower.
4 - Another evolutionary “Big Bang” is from MahaVisnu. He emanates the 35 million universes. From the pores of His body. From each pore one universe. From Him expands the above Garbhodakasayi Visnus (also 35 million).
5A - MahaVisnu expands, bangs or flows forth from MahaSankarsana, who emanates from Balarama, who is an eternal extension of Krishna in Vrndavana the ultimate abode of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krishna. Krishna is the original, the Supreme and first of the Personalities of Godhead. These oersonalities can be compared with the prisondirector, the minister of justice, the King in the office, the King in His palace, and the King and his brother in His holyday resort.
B - Krishna, God, exists

1) In this material world everything is in duality, relativity and temporary universe.
2) According to the rule of duality the material universe, the invisibility of God, relativity and temporariness must have their opposites.
3) Thus an eternal, absolute spiritual world with God visible exists.

The argument from wound healing cilium    
1) The cilium that looks like an antenna on most human cells, orients cells to move in the right direction at the speed needed to heal wounds, and so acts like a Global Positioning System (GPS) that helps ships navigate to their destinations.
2) “The really important discovery is that the primary cilium detects signals, which tell the cells to engage their compass reading and move in the right direction to close the wound.”
3) “Protruding through the cell membrane, primary cilia occur on almost every non-dividing cell in the body,”
4) “Once written off as a vestigial organelle discarded in the evolutionary dust, primary cilia in the last decade have risen to prominence as a vital cellular sensor at the root of a wide range of health disorders, from polycystic kidney disease to cancer to left-right anatomical abnormalities.”
5) The unavoidable importance of the primeval cilium for the survival of the cell and its wonderful design, reasonably proves the existence of the primeval designer God.
6) God necessarily exists.

The argument of the new scientific development 

1. Ken Miller a staunch propagator of evolution theory said: “Intelligent design cannot explain the ' presence of a nonfunctional pseudogene, unless it is willing to allow that the designer made serious errors, wasting millions of bases of DNA on a blueprint full of junk and scribbles. Evolution, however, can explain them easily. Pseudogenes are nothing more than chance experiments in gene duplication that have failed, and they persist in the genome as evolutionary remnants of the past history...
2. "Chance experiments in gene duplication" means somebody, a person is experimenting. There is no experience of a non-person experimenting.
3. The new discoveries of science teach the so-called psudeogenes are really functional1, not to be considered any more as just “junk” or “fossil" DNA. Surely, many functional pseudogenes and novel regulatory mechanisms remain to be discovered and explored in diverse organisms. (RNA Biology 9:1, 27-32; January 2012; G 2012 Landes Bioscience) \
4. God is a must. His intelligence is seen in the mind-boggling complexities.
5. God exists.

1. Functional pseudogenes in mouse and humans:
a. 60% of the processed pseudogenes are conserved in both mammalian species. This suggests important biological functions.
b. "pseudogenes in mouse have been confirmed to produce stable transcripts”… many pseudogenes are known to be transcribed in humans.
c. Discovered functions for pseudogenes includ:
i. They may function as "intracellular inhibitors in cell development" where pseudogenes can "suppress the translation of the functional counterparts."
ii. They may regulate gene expression through RNA interference (RNAi), where small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) can be generated by pseudogenes that play roles in RNAi pathways.
iii. They may produce transcripts which serve as "endogenous competitive RNAs to their cognate genes," also helping to regulate gene expression.
iv. They may yield transcripts which produce functional proteins. One example given is the nanog pseudogene which is known to yield proteins in cancer cell lines.

1)      Many people want to know God.
2)      But as many people there are so many ideas about God exist.
3)      The knowledge of the limited mind and limited intelligence is unable to speculate to perfect spiritual knowledge.
4)      God knows the need of spiritual seekers and so He gives perfect knowledge e.g. in the Bhagavad-gita.
5)      By the knowledge of the Bhagavad-gita and its spiritual practice many attained God-realization.
6)      Therefore, God exists.

1)      Scientists, philosophers, poets and musicians get sudden inspirations.
2)      Birds know where to fly to the south without thinking or the guidance of their parents.
3)      There must be a source of inspiration for all people and a source of instinct for all animals.
4)      This must be considerate, all-knowing, all-powerful and all-pervading to know and fulfill the needs of everybody.
5)      This is the description of the supreme, best well-wisher – GOD.
6)      So, God exists.

1a. Some people see God.
1b. To see God one day face to face is a matter of spiritual qualification and purity.
2. There is no material cause in the material world that can give that qualification.
3. The cause and the source of that qualification must be superior to our present condition.
4. That qualification must be a personal possession of somebody who bestows these blessings.
5a. Such a person is called a guru, a spiritually enlightened teacher. This guru alo must have had a guru.
5b. The cause is greater than the effect and the cause is one. Therefore, there is an ultimate non-regressible source of that qualification. The ultimate and original sage.
6. We call that perfect, eternal Supreme Being God.

1. People take care of each other but not of everybody (including animals, plants).
2. That person who can take care of everybody is God.
3. Atheist: God doesn’t take care of everybody because many are very poor and needy.
4. Theist: God gives to everybody that much as one deserves.
5. Not getting much makes people sober and inquisitive about material and spiritual existence. They will come to know that this material world is the prison; our home is the spiritual world.
6. Only a perfect spiritual person will make others think about and give knowledge about the real, ultimate, spiritual goal of life.
7. That personality can be only the all-knowing, all-powerful controller, supreme friend - God.
8. Therefore, God exists.
1. Steadily giving out light the sun will continue to do so for about 150 trillion years according to the Vedas.
2. The sun is already shining for 150 trillion years.
3. Therefore, the question is what causes the sun to steadily giving light.
4. As behind shining electric bulbs is the engineer and director of the electricity powerhouse, so behind this design and maintenance of the sun is God.
5. God exists.

1)      According to some experiments in quantum mechanics it is now proven that there are forces by which information spreads through the universe instantaneously; much faster then the speed of light thought to be the maximum speed. This is called quantum non-locality.
2)      We know that nothing happens without consciousness.
3)      The all-pervading consciousness that is instantly transmitting information belongs to a person
4)      This is the dictionary definition of the person called God
5)      Therefore, God exists.

1)      When God descends in this material world He leaves special signs on this planet like for example the impressions of His feet like in Rameshvaram, Mathura, Vrindavan, Prayag, Jagganatha Puri etc.
2)      God also establishes famous cities like Dwaraka, Mathura, Vrndavana, Ayodhya.
3)      There are thousands of holy places with temples and Deities (forms) made after God’s original spiritual form when He descended or incarnated at those places.
4)      In this way, people since time and for many generations appreciate and worship the activities of God who is superexcellent because of His activities.
5)      Therefore, God exists.

1)      By the advancement of microbiology, the great complexity of the cell is discovered in more and more details.
2)      It is also more understood that for the harmonious coexisting of the different particles of the cell all parts are needed.
3)      All this reveals the fact that these parts of the cell could not develop independently one by one.
4)      No one of them is useful without the existence of another; particles like chromosomes, DNA, RNA, the Amino acids etc.
5)      Man did not create such complex cells since according to Darwin’s theory there were no people at the very beginning of life’s coming into being.
6)      Thus, the only option is God – the great creator, the one ultimate source who ever exists and gives facility for life for all different kinds of living entities. 

1)      The e-coli is the first living entity to arise out of the cosmic soup or Big-bang.
2)      The e-coli’s flagellum (turning propeller for movement in the water) has about 40 different proteins facilitating the work of the flagellum. Every protein is a complex structure of about 300 atoms
3)      All particles are very important and one cannot exist without another just like parts of the car engine. And the proteins will disintegrate if they are not in the flagellum structure.
4)      The evolutionists are unable to give any explanation how all these 1200 parts appeared simultaneously in the right position and started to work together out of the cosmic soup or Big-bang. 
5)      Therefore, the only option is creation. Just like no car engine has come out of an oilfield explosion or tank of gasoline.
6)      The supreme Ultimate creator is God

1. The combinations of the four acids of DNA: A-adenine; C-cytosine; T-thymine and G-guanine store a tremendous amount of information.
2a. No ordinary human being can store more information than the DNA molecule.
2b. E.g.: one human DNA has 3 billion individual characters equal to 40 times bigger amount of information than there is in the biggest book of the world – the Encyclopedia Britannica.
2c. DNA is much smaller than a ladder. We measure DNA's dimensions in thousands of millionths of metres, known as 'nanometres'! To put these tiny measurements into perspective: in each cell there are about 6,000,000,000 'rungs' of DNA. That means if the base pairs were as far apart as the rungs on a real ladder, then the DNA from just one cell would stretch half way to the moon!
2d. Humans have about 100 trillion body cells. Thus the total number of DNA rungs in a human body is about 600 trillion.  
3. All the combinations of A, C, T and G are like computer programs but much more complex.
4. Till now the material evolutionary cause of generating the complex DNA by natural selection, self-organizational processes or chance could not be demonstrated at all.
5. The only option is that just as only intelligent agents can produce information-rich systems, only an intelligent designer - whose knowledge is greater than that of any scientist – could create the DNAs.
6. That creator is God.

1)      Vertebrates cannot exist without blood
2)      Fish cannot exist without water
3)      Man cannot exist without food
4)      The material body can not exist without consciousness
5)      Food sustains many living beings; food is there because of water, which comes from clouds generated by the sun.
6)      In the network of dependent things everything has its proper place and function.
7)      Excluding any dependent thing would cause suffering and life would be impossible.
8)      The whole network of interdependency between the nature and living beings would not be possible if all the units would not be fully developed for co-operation from the very beginning.
9)      Scientists are amazed how all things are in all ways interdependent in nature.
10)  Thus, there was a need of a superior intelligence to plan interdependent things animate and inanimate.
11)  Such refined intelligence, which could plan complex interdependent things, is the possession of some superior person.
12)  That person we call God or Krishna
13)  Hence, God exists.

1)      Evolutionists try to proof that the eye, ear, blood clotting and heart could develop in small steps.
2)      But in this gradualistic concept each change has to provide some advantage
3)      Natural selection selects only for functional advantage.
4)      Natural selection eliminates things that has no function and can even harm the organism.
5)      Thus, the half functional blood clotting; flagellum of E-coli; heart etc are impossible scenarios.
6)      These must have already existed in their full functionality to facilitate the survival of the living being.
7)      Therefore, a creator exists and we call Him God or Krishna.

1)      The astrology of the Vedas – jyotir Veda - can calculate one’s previous and future material lives.
2)      Sometimes the positions of the stars are very special and the symptoms of the person having taken birth or appeared match the description of the divine being.
3)      These calculations were done for Krishna, Balarama, Ramachandra, Caitanya Mahaprabhu and in this way, Their divine Nature as the Supreme Personality of Godhead was determined.
4)      Therefore, God exists.

The Argument of the Supreme Architect
1. The universe consists of 10e-80 atoms building blocks.
Everything is in a constant coming and going; we see creation maintenance and destruction of the flora fauna humans and planets. This is all done by one or a group of Supreme engineers, architects, masoners and builders or contractors.
2. This world is imperfect, faulty and deficient. There is disease, old age and death. Calamities of nature. Interpersonal cold and hot wars. On the whole there is more suffering then pleasure. The creation is a masterpiece of art but not paradise.
3. An architect, engineer, contractor or builder makes his own house the best.
Similarly the supreme architect engineer builder lives in a paradise or heaven.
4. God and his original abode in the spiritual world or heaven exist.

The argument of the miniature universe

1. If some man creator would make a miniature cosmos, with all the 1023 planets, rotting stars and star clusters, moons and planets circling, with the clouds and winds moving, the flora and fauna, that human creator would be glorified for making this huge, fine piece of art.
2. Such a miniature cosmos would never ever arse spontaneously, by chance or evolution from a pile of atoms. No chance. The chance would be 0.000 x 10unlimited
3. God, the creator of the material world exists.

The argument of God here and there

1. As there is a material world there must be a spiritual world. Otherwise wherefrom the spirit soul comes.
The soul is an alien here as a prisoner is in the prison house or a fish on the land or sparks of fire outside of fire.
2. As the spirit soul is not annihilated after the annihilation of the body, similarly the controllers of the non human activities are also eternal.
They do the heart beats, the digestive system, and the production of the human, animal and plant bodies. How a flower is made so beautiful unless there is brain? Then you come to God. His energy and brain act so that He has not got to do it personally. As soon as he desires, immediately the energy works. Just like simply by pushing one button, 1000’s of businesses are done immediately by nowadays electronics. That is materially possible and even better by spiritual energy.
God hasn’t got to do anything with his hands. Just like here a big man has secretaries, officers.
The flower has come with God’s color, brush, brain and energy. The action from the growing from the bud is so slow and subtle that we cannot see.
Even if you make an artificial flower you have to take so many colors, brush, you have to apply your brain.
Scientists explain “it is nature doing, accident.” The nature is the brain of Krishna.
We can study from this flower what is the greatness of God. In everything we can see the hand of God. He also put up the planetary systems.
3. Both the soul and the universal soul belong to the spiritual world, just as the prisoners and the prison guards or directors are to live outside the prison walls.
4. God and heaven exists.

The argument that Absolute or God means janmadyasya the cause of everything material

1. Just as a spider creates a cob web out of its own saliva and eats it back into its body. Or an explosion, say a road under the Alps, is done by a person. Similarly, the material creation is expanded from and engineered by the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Matter was as disassembled atoms, building blocks in His body and came out of his pores. And at the time of dissolution every 622. years the creation becomes disassembled and returns back into God. Just as the spider creates and destroys its web.
2. This material world is for the spiders and spiderlike people and their victims.
3. This is a place of exile (place of punishment) or prison of the spiritual world. It is created and destroyed to give insecurity, fear and punishment to the rebels of the perfect world.
4. There must be a perfect world because outside of or besides the prisons there is the palace with the King and the Queen.
5. God and His Goddess exist in paradise.

The argument that there must be God, way beyond the clouds, stars, planet

1. Man looks up into the sky and sees clouds or in the open sky planets and stars. He wonders “There up must be the Supreme Personality of Godhead?”
2. Yes, there must be God because we see ourselves in a huge prison house; everywhere; we see souls, or life, or consciousness embodied, imprisoned in prison cells; forms of matter or prison suits. And these souls are reincarnating from one form to another. The senses are like the windows of the prison cells.
3. When there is a prison there is a judge and a palace with a King and Queen.
4. So, “yes, there up is God.”
5. God and His Goddess and heaven exist.

The argument of gods and God everywhere

1. In our human world all motion, forces, activities, creations are done by persons, conscious controllers, small gods. Souls who are eternal causes.
2. Similarly, extrapolating, the motions, forces, activities, creations in the universe must also be done by persons, bigger gods.
3. In our homes we put on the fan, the heater, the shower, we put in a new bulb in a lamp when the old one is broken. We dim or increase the light, the temperature in the house.
4. Similarly the wind in the universe, the sun, the clouds, the moon are created and operated by the gods or divine heavenly personalities.
5. MISSING I don’t have this text.

The argument of the man-made satellites and God made flying-balls

1. Consider the intelligence needed to orbit man-made satellites.
    A gigantic intelligence is responsible for the arrangements of the various planetary systems.
2. The scientists control satellites and rockets from their office on earth as the centre.
     God immanent controls the planetary systems from the causal ocean or the big chunk or singularity, from which the Big Bang took place.
3. The scientist is at home at his villa or holyday resort away from his office.
    God is at home in the spiritual world away from the material world.
4. God and heaven exists.

The argument of understanding God, the Supreme, the Soul of the cosmic body by first understanding the soul in the material bodies of humans, flora and fauna.

1. We are spirit soul in a material body and are not supposed to be in matter.
The material body is the prison cell for the soul; we are subjected to the whipping of time, karma, humans, nature etc.
2. We should be in the spiritual world.
This world has many souls in prison cells. Beyond prison cells there is always a free world
There is nowhere only prison cells.
3. The controller, maintainer and creator of the material world prison house is the Soul of the Cosmic body, God immanent.
4. This God immanent is an expansion of God transcendent.
Just like the King or the judge of the country have their deputies or delegates in the prison house.
5. As a prison has a king with his palace or paradise, God is in heaven.
6. God exists.

The argument that the material energy cannot work unless God joins
1. We are practically seeing that if there is no driver what is the use of that car.
Unless a man knows how to work on the computer, push the buttons, it does not work.
2. So practically we see that without a supreme energy, the material energy does not work.
3. The whole cosmos which is matter only, has also not come out automatically. Somebody is operating.
That is the universally all-pervading Supreme Person, God immanent, the Supreme Soul.
4. As we use that car or computer and are different from these, the Supreme Soul is also different from matter.
5. As we use matter to control and enjoy, the Supreme Soul also has His purpose: The material world is a big prison house with many prison cells (the material bodies of the spirit souls). We are punished till we get enlightened. We are meant to live in paradise, the spiritual world, with the original form of God, transcendental.
6. God exists and lives in heaven.

The argument of personality being all-pervading: everything is persons and composed of personalities. Everything is done by persons.

1. a. Behind every human activity or product there is a person energizing or creating it.
    b. Sometimes the person is visible. If we don’t see the source, there must also be a person: person means thinking, feeling, willing.
2. Thus behind the movements and configurations of 1080 atoms and of the 1023 planets, stars, moons etc. in this universe there are persons.
3. The universe as a whole also has a source: The big bang caused by one or more persons. Just as the prison house is caused by the minister of justice.
4. The prison house of the material world is a part of the infinite spiritual world, the world of freedom and happiness.
In that world all the personalities composing the objects (houses, chariots, trees etc.) are God-conscious, eternal, full of bliss and knowledge. In the material world these personalities (composing the objects) (being the paramanus or atoms) are in susupti, dreamless sleep.
5. Outside of the prison is the world of the free citizens and the King, the Queen and their palace.
So beyond the prison house of the material world is Heaven and God and His angels.
6. God, heaven and angels exist.

The argument of the superior controllers

1. You are a combination of two natures, the material and spiritual nature. So this world is a combination of the material and spiritual nature.
2. The material nature is inferior because the superior nature living entity controls over it.
2a. Just like a machine, computer is a combination of matter. But it cannot work independently. Until and unless there is a touch of the spiritual nature, a human being, it cannot work.
2b. The airplane floats not only by mechanical arrangements. Unless there is a pilot it will not move.
2c. Unless there is a direction of the Supreme Being, this cosmic manifestation will have no activities. 
3. The Supreme Being, immanent in the creation, exists.
4. As a King lives and directs the prison through his representative, so the Supreme Being transcendental, controls the material world through God immanent.
5. God in heaven exists.

The argument of the hierarchy of the Gods

1. Out of fear of the Supreme Personality of Godhead the wind blows, out of fear of Him the sun shines, out of fear of Him the rain pours forth showers, and out of fear of Him the host of heavenly bodies shed their luster.
The sun rises and sets and the seasonal changes ensue at their appointed times by the superintendence of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The seasonal plants, flowers, herbs, creepers and trees all grow under the direction of the Supreme Lord. It is not that plants grow automatically, without any cause, as the atheistic philosophers say. Rather, they grow in pursuance of the supreme order of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
The Lord's diverse energies are working so nicely that it appears that everything is being done automatically.
Out of fear of the Supreme Personality of Godhead the rivers flow, and the ocean never overflows. Out of fear of Him only does fire burn and does the earth, with its mountains, not sink in the water of the universe.
Subject to the control of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the sky allows outer space to accommodate all the various planets, which hold innumerable living entities. The total universal body has expanded with its seven coverings under His supreme control.
Out of fear of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the directing demigods in charge of the modes of material nature carry out the functions of creation, maintenance and destruction; everything animate and inanimate within this material world is under their control.
There are many demigods in charge of the air department, the water department, the cloud department, the planets etc. The eternal time is the representative of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the maker of the criminal world. Just as the government has many different departments, so, within t material world, the government of the Supreme Lord has many departments, and all these departments function in proper order out of fear of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Demigods are undoubtedly controlling all matter, animate and inanimate, the universe, but above them the supreme controller is the Personality of Godhead. Therefore in the Brahma-samhita it is said, isvara parama krsna [Bs. 5.1].
2. The Personalities of Godhead immanent (the Visnu-purusa avataras) are the Supreme Personality of Godhead’s representatives controlling the criminal world. They have above them the Supreme Controller, Krishna the Supreme Personality of Godhead, just as the King of the country is the superior above the controllers of the criminal department of the state.
3. As the King doesn’t live in the prison house with the criminals, so God lives in heaven away from the criminal world.
4. God exists and lives in heaven.

The argument of the Supreme final person everywhere

1. In every society, country, establishment we have a leader. Just like in India there is the president, the chief Indian or in Holland, the King is the chief of the Dutch. 
To manage a big establishment there is a chief man.
2. Similarly, by logical conclusion there must be one chief person, leader of the whole creation.
3. Leaders, presidents, CEOs always personally live away from their field of work, in a field of a superior quality and of relaxation and enjoyment.
4. Similarly, God lives in the spiritual world, heaven, paradise.
5. Leaders are persons of superior quality.
6. So, God, the Supreme Person of the material and spiritual worlds has all the opulences of richness, power, good character, beauty, wisdom and renunciation.
Therefore, His name is Bhagavan or Krishna which means the all-attractive or Supreme Perfect Person.
7. God exists and He lives in heaven.

The argument of the supreme scientist

1. When we think calmly and carefully about this wonderful universe, we can see that everything is working under the control of a supreme brain. The arrangements in nature are perfectly ordered. Things would be at random without the careful planning of a scientific and engineering brain. It is a common understanding that there is a cause behind each action. A machine cannot run without an operator. Modern scientists are very proud of automation, but there is a scientific brain behind automation also. When we talk about “brain” and “operator,” these terms imply a person.
2. Examples of the wonderful creations of the Supreme Scientist, the Supreme Creator Krishna
- The energy the sun emits in one second is greater than the whole amount of energy the human species has consumed throughout its entire history. Yet it is only one of the countless number of stars floating in the sky. This material universe is running like intricate, well-oiled clockwork according to great natural physical laws and principles. Scientists have gained great acclaim for making a few spaceships, whereas Krishna effortlessly produces gigantic spaceships, such as planets and stars, which are perfectly equipped and maintained. Each year the seasons change quite periodically, producing symptoms unique to each season.
-The molecular framework for each definite color or aroma is wonderfully unique. A little change in position of a few atoms in the molecule, a little variation in the geometry of the molecule or a slight change in the size of the molecule can cause a color to change from orange to red, a mild, pleasing aroma to become repellent and pungent, and a flavor to change from sweet to bitter.
-Charcoal, graphite and diamonds are all derived from the same element, carbon, and yet the shining and transparent diamond is extremely hard, whereas graphite is soft, black and opaque. This is due to the difference in the crystalline forms of these molecules. In the crystal lattice of the diamond, each carbon atom is tetrahedrally surrounded by four other carbon atoms at a distance of 1.54 angstroms (one angstrom = 10<-8> cm.). In graphite, by contrast, the three bonds of each carbon atom are distorted so as to lie in the same plane, the fourth bond being directed perpendicularly to this plane to link with a carbon atom of the neighboring layer.
In this way we can cite innumerable examples of molecular networks so fantastically and delicately arranged that chemists cannot but wonder about the most expert hand and brain who is making all these wonderful artistic arrangements in His laboratory. *
-Professor R.B. Woodward of Harvard, a Nobel Prize winner in chemistry (1965) and Professor A. Eschenmoser of Zurich took eleven years to synthesize the vitamin B12 molecule. Altogether, ninety-nine scientists from nineteen different countries were involved just to accomplish this one small task. Yet Krishna is making all these
complex molecules at will, in a moment.
3. The Supreme Scientist (Inventor and Creator), God exists.

The argument of personalism and the Supreme Person

1. Movements and activities are done by persons. They can only be done by persons.
2. The activities in nature are done also by persons. Only e.g. the formation and moving of the clouds is done by a god, a superior, powerful person called Indra-deva.
The varieties of winds and tornados are blowing by Vayu, god of air.
The planets, stars, suns, moons are created and circling as vehicles and residences of their respective presiding Deities or gods.
The gods also produce the grains, grass, flowers, birds i.o.w all the flora and fauna.
Everything is controlled by divine persons or demigods. How can you deny the existence of demigods?
3. These demigods are like different parts of the universe body of the Supreme Lord. They are just like the government of the King or Queen.
For the universe there is one King but there are many state officers. If for the management of a city like The Hague there are so many departments: criminal department, civil department etc. So for the management of these universal affairs, there are different departments also.
Brahma is the supreme director of this universe. He is like the creator and manager of the prison.
4. As in the state there is a hierarchy of managers or controllers or Lords, Brahma is the creator and director of the prison house department.
Brahma’s management team arranges food, water, air, light, prison dress, prison cells, etc. for prisoners.
5. Outside of prison and prison cells there is the free life of the state and ultimately the palace of the King and the Queen.
The hierarchy of Lords ends with the King and the Queen in their palace or their holiday resort.
6. So the hierarchy of Lords of the material world ends in the eternal holiday resort in the lotus-like planet of Sri Sri Radha-Krishna the original forms of God and His Goddess.
7. God, Goddess and heaven exists.

The argument of demonstration by information theory that Life cannot arise from matter
1. The laws of physics for matter have low information content because they consist of a few simple mathematical formulas.
2. Living organisms have high information content because they consist of DNA, cells, etc.
3. According to information theory, the information of any system that has evolved from an older system must be contained in the older system.
4. Therefore, according to information theory, no system of high information content can evolve from a system of low information content by random changes.
5. Therefore material science has failed to prove that life has originated from matter.
6. Therefore life comes from life. Every life form can only originate from another life form which must have higher information content.
7. There cannot be an infinite chain of cause and effect as a mouse cannot climb a sand dune or a person cannot proceed on a marshy land. There must be a first ground of being.
8. Therefore the original source has the highest information content.
9. This must be a Supreme Living Being.
10. God exists.

The argument of the supreme juggler

1. The biggest planet in the universe, the sun globe, is floating in a corner of the sky.
Whose activities are these? Who has caused this floating? GOD.
Millions of planets are floating in the air by God’s arrangement.
2. As when you see a ball floating in the sky or the work of a juggler: many balls systematically moving through the sky.
This is done by a person.
3. God the Supreme Person, the Lord of the planets, exists.

The proof of the sages

1.     aisvaryasya samagrasya viryasya yasasah sriyah
        jnana-vairagyayos caiva sannam bhaga itingana
Bhagavan, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, is defined by Parasara Muni as one who is full in six opulences—who has full strength, fame, wealth, knowledge, beauty, and renunciation. (Visnu Purana 6.5.47)
It has been found by the great sages in their meditative trance that Krishna is the possessor of all opulences – in full – all riches, all strength, all wonderful personal qualities, all wisdom, all beauty, all renunciation. That is God.
When Krishna was on earth 5000 years ago He displayed only a part of these opulences, His kingdom and and His pastimes. The unlimited doesn’t fit in this limited world.
2. Krishna is God
3. God exists.

The proof of the Bhagavad-gita

1. Bhagavad-gita is spoken by Krishna. Any knowledge – material, spiritual, political, scientific, philosophical – you will entirely find in the Bhagavad gita.
2. Bhagavad-gita is the proof that Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead because there is no other parallel book like this Bhagavad-gita.
3. God, Krishna exists.

The argument of memory, forgetfulness and knowledge

1. Genes are from one’s mother and father and thus there are no genes that can give memory of previous life’s activities, circumstances and personalities.
2. Memory is the function of intelligence. Intelligence is the property of a person.
3. Old people forget what did happen to them 50 years before exactly on a certain day and at a certain time. What to say about remembering their previous life. Forgetfulness is a part of the human nature. 
4a. Those people who remember their past lives must get that remembrance from some other person or persons who is or are not forgetful of their activities. 
4b. The hierarchy of gods has at the top the Supreme Personality of Godhead as in the state the hierarchy of the clerks, ministers etc. has the king at the top. 
5. These persons must have superhuman ability of memory and knowledge of the past lives of the living entities.
6. All-knowingness is the quality of Gods.
7. Therefore God exists.

The argument of feeling happiness and God being pleased
1. When people sing love songs, they do that to reciprocate with somebody and they feel happy.
2. Some are singing songs for the pleasure of God and they also feel happy.
3. The feeling of happiness can come only due to the reciprocation of a person who is pleased.
4. When someone sings for God the happiness one feels is therefore coming from God Himself.
5. God exists.

The argument of opposites and not thinking about God
1. The material bodies of living beings including people are temporary, full of spiritual ignorance and mostly sad. 
2. According to the logic of opposite qualities there must be a person who is eternal, full of knowledge and blissful.
3. It is difficult to imagine that such a person exists because we don’t have experience of him and we compare everything to our experience.
4. However our experience of all the different realities (material and spiritual) that exist are very limited because we have imperfect senses and mind.
5. When the spiritual senses and mind are awakened by a spiritual process of God-realization one will fully understand that God exists.
6. Therefore, at the present, for us, spiritually sleeping conditioned souls, whether we think about God that He exists or not, He exists anyway.
7. Therefore God exists.

9 arguments for God from Nyaya

Proof of God from effect -  Karyat
1. An effect is produced by a cause, and similarly, the universe must also have a cause.
2. The atoms and the association of the atoms are not enough for creation.
3. There must be an active cause of the world  that must have an absolute knowledge of all the material of creation. 
4. Only a great superhuman person can have absolute knowledge of everything in the universe.
5. This is the description of God, hence God exists.

Proof of God from combination, Ayojanat of atoms which are inactive and which properties are unphysical.
1) Atoms are inactive and properties are unembodied
2) Self-combination of inanimate and lifeless things is not possible, otherwise atoms would either not combine or only combine at random, creating chaos.
3) Behind the systematic grouping of the ultimate atoms, paramanu’s, into dyads and molecules there must be the hand of a wise organiser.
4) That must be a person who creates the world with his will by causing the atoms to join.
5) The final organiser is God, hence God exists.

Proof of God from support - Dhriti
1) All things fall off without a support.
2) Also the world has to stay integrated and so it needs a support.
3) One who can support the whole universe to not fall apart must have great power.
4) The supporter, bearer and the superintended of the whole universe can be only God.
5) Hence God exists.

Proof of God from Word - Padat - and Knowledge
1) Every word has the capability to represent a certain object.
2) No knowledge can come to us of the different things here, unless there is a source of this knowledge.
3) The origin of all knowledge should be omniscient, and, consequently, omnipotent.
4) The will of that omniscient, omnipotent and all knowledgeable person is that things should be represented by a certain words.
4) This description befits only God hence God exists. 

Proof of God from faith Pratyatah and the Vedas
1) The holy scriptures, the Vedas, are regarded as the source of eternal knowledge.
2) Their knowledge is free from fallacies and are widely accepted as a source of proof.
3) They describe even more details of scientific knowledge like astronomy than what the scientists nowadays can give using their modern instruments. 
4) Thus the author of the Vedas cannot be a human being because human knowledge is limited.
5) Moreover, humans cannot obtain knowledge of past, present and future and in depth knowledge of the mind.
6) Hence only God can be the creator of the Vedas, which he revealed to various sages over a period of time.

Proof of God from scriptures - Shruti
1) The Shrutis, ie., the Vedas glorify God and talk about his existence. "He is the lord of all subjects, omniscient and knower of one's internal feelings; He is the creator, cause and destroyer of the world."
2) The Shrutis are regarded as a source of proof by the religious people.
3) Hence the existence of God is proved.

Proof of God from precepts - Vakyat
1) The Vedas must have been produced by a person because it has the nature of "sentences,", in other words, the sentences of the Vedas were produced by a person because they have the nature of sentences, just as the sentences of beings like ourselves.
2) That person must have been God.
3) Hence God exists.

Proof of God from the speciality of numbers - Samkhyavisheshat
1) The size of a dyad or a molecule depends on the number of the atoms that go to constitute it. This requisite number of the atoms that go to form a particular compound could not have been originally the object of the perception of any human being;
2) This could have been contemplated only by a supreme intelligent person namely God.
3) Hence God Exists.

Proof of God from the unforeseen - Adrishtat
1) It is seen that some people in this world are happy, some are in misery. Some are rich and some poor.
2) This is due to Karma and reincarnation.
3) The fruit of an individual's actions does not always lie within the reach of the individual as the agent.
4) There should be a distributor of the fruits of actions.
5) This supreme distributor must be all-knowing and aware of the existence of everybody.
6) This description fits only God
7) Hence God exists.

The argument of the property
1) A property is positive if, its negation is not positive.
2) A property is positive if it necessarily contains a positive property[self containment].
3) A positive property is logically consistent.
4) A property is God-like if, it contains all positive properties. The term "God" is therefore defined as an unlimited being that is self contained, and contains, all positive properties.
5) Being God-like is a positive property.
6) Being a positive property is logically necessary.
7) Necessary existence is a positive property.
8) Therefore God exists.

The argument from energy to physical laws
1) Matter is a form of energy; energy is primary to matter.
2) Energy is defined [in physics] as the ability to do work.
3) Work is defined as [Force x Distance]. Work is a measure of the energy expended in applying a force to move an object.
4) Force is an aspect of a distributed field; fields are primary to energy.
5) Physical laws determine the dynamics of quantum fields; physical law is primary to fields.
6) Physical laws must have a principle of organization.
7) Either physical laws result from a unifying principle of organization, or, physical laws result from an infinite regress.
8) Infinite regress is an absurdity; therefore, physical laws are the result of an organizing principle.
9) "Organizing principle" implies purpose, purpose implies mind.
10) Organizing principle is derivative of mind; therefore mind is primary to physical law.
11) The mind that is primary to physical law is called "God"

The argument of chaos, order and purpose
1) total chaos" is analogous to absolute chaos.
2) Absolute chaos means absolute zero order, which is not what we observe in the universe.
3) The universe is not totally chaotic, rather it has a lot of order
4) Order implies purpose, purpose implies intent, intent implies mind, mind implies intelligence.
5) This all suggests design that implies designer
6) The designer of the universe can be only God.
7) Hence God exists.

The argument of the greater than the greatest
1) By definition the greatest being conceivable is God.
2) If anyone could conceive anybody greater than God, then that person would be God.
3) Therefore, God exists.

The argument of the existence of the maximally greater being
1) It is possible that a maximally great being (God) exists.
2) If it is possible that a maximally great being exists, then a maximally great being exists in some possible world.
3) If a maximally great being exists in some possible world, then it exists in every possible world.
4) If a maximally great being exists in every possible world, then it exists in the actual world.
5) Therefore, a maximally great being exists in the actual world.
6) Therefore, a maximally great being exists.
7) Therefore, God exists.

The argument of the creator of everything
1) Argument: God exists in some universes, but not in our universe;
2) Reply: this makes God the part of some universes, rather than their Creator.
3) By definition God is a creator of everything.
4) Hence God necessarily exists.

The argument of God in all universes
1) The existence of God is not logically impossible.
2) In multiverse, everything that is not logically impossible is in fact instantiated.
3) Therefore God is instantiated in some universes.
4) But if God is instantiated in some universes in the multiverse, He is instantiated in all the universes (by definition of the term “God”).
5) Therefore God exists in our and all other universes.

The argument of existence
1) The definition of a perfect God must include existence.
2) Therefore, God exists.

The argument of the controller of all forces
1) "EVERYTHING is forces over which we have no control." (Einstein)
2) Hence God exists

The argument of E=MC2
1) E=MC2 means E= energy M=mass C= the speed of light 2= squared (a number times itself)
2) The "E" refers to a set amount of energy in the universe that is always constant. This energy cannot be destroyed and no new energy can be created, but rather the same energy can transform into different "types" of energies.
3) The "m" in the equation refers to the mass of an object. Mass is defined as the measure of an objects resistance to acceleration. For example, when you try to push a big car, and can't, it's "resistance" to your push is called mass.
4) The "c2" is the notation for the speed of light. The speed of light is a very large number and so it is multiplied by itself like in this equation that points out how a small amount of matter can release a huge amount of energy, as in a nuclear reaction.
5) This famous equation shows how energy and matter are the same and is explained as follows: When energy is accelerated, it gains mass. The higher the velocity (rate of acceleration), the greater the mass. It becomes "heavy." Additional weight or mass caused by acceleration is called "energy of motion." All objects and particles acquire mass when traveling at high velocities. A car gets heavier when in motion and an astronaut, travelling at high speeds, gains weight.
6) Briefly, E=MC2 Basically represents the amount of energy by converting totally an object's mass into pure energy called mass.
7) There is an action there must be an activator or mover of the energy, converting mass to energy and viceversa.  
8) Hence the formula E=MC2 proof that God exists.

The argument of time and creation
1) This universe had a beginning, it was created.
2) That creation, cause and effect and decay takes place there is a need for a time factor.
3) No ordinary creature could ever create the time factor. It had to be somebody not affected by it.
4) The person who acted before the creation of time and did create time can be only God. He exists outside of time.
6) Since God created time, cause and effect would never apply to His existence. God has no need of being created.
7) Hence, the eternal, Supreme God exists. We call Him Krishna.   

The argument of the contradicting theories of the origins of life
1a. Researchers at Cambridge created an RNA enzyme that worked at freezing temperatures. They said:”Ice could have aided the emergence of self-replication in the prebiotic chemical world.”
1b. But Jack Szostak1 threw a snowball: the created molecule cannot replicate itself.  “I’m afraid we still have a long way to go to get a self-replicating ribozyme.”
2a. Wayne Roberge, a professor of physics within the School of Science at Rensselaer recently re-introduced a formerly discredited idea where “a new look at the early solar system introduces an alternative to a long-taught, but largely discredited, theory that seeks to explain how biomolecules were once able to form inside of asteroids.” 
2b. But Roberg also said: “We’re just at the beginning of this…it would be wrong to assert that we’ve solved this problem.”
3a. A coacervate is a tiny spherical droplet of assorted organic molecules (specifically, lipid molecules) which is held together by hydrophobic forces from a surrounding liquid. The idea of these theoretical bubbles in which the magic of life happened was introduced by Oparin in 1920s.
3b. Dutch researchers Ekaterina Sokolova, Evan Spruijt et al. revisited Oparin’s theory of creation of “artificial cell-like environment in which the rate of mRNA production is increased significantly” however, without explaining the origin of the complex molecular machines DNA polymerase and RNA polymerase. 
4a. “We propose that in early geological history clay hydrogel provided a confinement function for biomolecules and biochemical reactions," said Dan Luo, professor of biological and environmental engineering and a member of the Kavli Institute at Cornell for Nanoscale Science. (Nov. 5, 2013)
4b. The Bible, the Koran and even Greek mythology has suggested for thousands of years that life began as earth, dust or clay
4c. New theory is that clay is a breeding ground for chemicals which it ‘absorbs like a sponge’ and eventually leads to proteins and DNA forming
4d. One little problem remains: “How these biological machines evolved remains to be explained,” the Science Daily article points out.
5. Till now all the contradictory theories of origin of life falsify one another.
The “building blocks of life” can’t be cold and hot at the same time. 
They can’t be at deep sea vents and in asteroids at the same time. 
They can’t be dry and wet at the same time. 
The metabolism-first and genetics-first scenarios are mutually incompatible and impossible.
6. Moreover, none of the above theories answers the question: where did biological information come from?
7. For the origin of life to take place there is a need for a complex system that has all the ingredients for a genetic code, and the machinery to read and translate it, encased in a cell with active transport. These all have to be present and working together from the beginning.
8. Such an irreducible complex system gives evidence for creation with intelligence that no one of the scientists have.
9. That prson with super intelligence that only a super scientist can have we call God.
10. God exists.

1. Jack William Szostak (born November 9, 1952) is a Canadian American biologist of Polish British descent and Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and Alexander Rich Distinguished Investigator at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston.
The argument of the hydrogen cyanide
1. Hydrogen Hydrogen cyanide is an organic compound and it is found in large quantities in the universe. It may have helped in producing amino acids and DNA bases, some of life’s basic molecules.
2. If hydrogen cyanide can lead to the formation of amino acids, can it also contribute to the formation of other essential compounds? Can hydrogen cyanide help explain how life originated on Earth? And how it can arise on other planets?
3. “It has taken a long time to find out which molecules of interest can arise out of hydrogen cyanides reaction", explains associate professor Martin Hanczyc from the Center for Fundamental Living Technology (FLinT), Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy at the University of Southern Denmark.
4. “Preliminary studies have shown that hydrogen cyanide can contribute to the formation of amino acids. This discovery required month-long experiments in the laboratory, where scientists painstakingly monitored the reactions and continuously manipulated the experiment to keep it on track.” This only proves intelligent design. The divine scientists or gods of nature also monitored and manipulated the building blocks.
5. Nothing in the article mentions that or how this could have happened in nature without painstaking manipulation or what agent.  Even if it did, getting one amino acid is insignificant.  There are numerous great obstacles and difficulties chance would have had to overcome before life began, such as the origin of replication, a membrane, autocatalytic cycles, metabolism, and the genetic code, along with molecular machines able to process and interpret the code for function.  In a world of chance and inorganic matter, where natural selection cannot be invoked for help, a building block of a building block has no guidance toward becoming a building block, let alone a building.
6. Wikipedia says “the relationship of these chemical reactions to the origin of life theory remains speculative.…” Just one drop of cyanide can kill an adult human in 60 seconds. 
7. The necessity for an intelligent designer greater than the human scientists is a must. We call him God.
8. God exists.

NOTE: News from, Origin & Evolution of Life, Posted:   09/08/13

The argument of the ancient protein as the origin of life
1. The primeval proteins, described (Aug. 8. 2013) in the journal Structure, could reveal new insights about the origin of life, said study co-author José Manuel Sanchez Ruíz, a physical chemist at the University of Granada in Spain.
2. Exactly how life emerged on Earth more than 3 billion years ago is a mystery. Some scientists believe that lightning struck the primordial soup in ammonia-rich oceans, producing the complex molecules that formed the precursors to life. Others believe that chemical reactions at deep-sea hydrothermal vents gave rise to cell membranes and simple cellular pumps. And still others believe that space rocks brought the raw ingredients for life — or perhaps even life itself — to Earth.
3. It seems that the complexity of thioredoxin, a class of small redox proteins known to be present in all organisms, suggests intelligent design.
    a. They then recreated the protein in the lab. The original “fossil” protein was incredibly stable, bound to many different chemicals and functioned well in a highly acidic environment.
    b. “That makes a lot of sense because 4 billion years ago, many people think that the temperature was high and the oceans were acidic,” Sanchez Ruíz told LiveScience.
4. A BBC article pointed out several problems with this resurrected theory
    a. Prof Eric Gaucher of Georgia Tech, US, helped with the ancestral gene sequence reconstruction and commented: “A gene can become deactivated by as few as one or two mutations.
    b. “If our ancestral sequences were incorrectly inferred by having a single mistake, that could have led to a dead gene. Instead, our approach created biochemically active proteins that fold up into three dimensional structures that look like modern protein structures, thus validating our approach.”
5. Even bigger problem is the dismissal of the main tenet of neo-Darwinism namely the gradual evolution.
“The results suggest that biological systems might evolve at the molecular level in discrete jumps rather than along continuous pathways, as has been suggested from studies of the evolution of species.”
6. Finally, Sanchez Ruíz has a great doubt whether the designed protein in the laboratory had anything to do with a hypothetical lonely protein in an imagined hot sea:
“There is no way to make absolutely certain unless we invent some kind of time machine…But we know that the properties we measure for these proteins are consistent with what we would expect of 4-billion-year-old proteins.
7. One more problem of this earliest thioredoxin protein is that it is not simple, but complex, stable, and possessing multiple functions. And what would it function with, if not a cell filled with many other proteins and genes? 
8. Another speculation in the theory of Ruiz is that thioredoxin arose on Mars and then was transported to Earth in meteorites.  “Four billion years ago Mars was a much a safer place than Earth…Maybe we have resurrected Martian proteins. Maybe the last universal common ancestor (the first life) formed on Mars and transferred to Earth.” 
9. However, no life or products of life have yet been discovered on Mars, and shifting the origin of thioredoxin from earth to Mars still does not explain how a complex protein arose at once.
10. All in all, after considering all the impossibilities and unexplained things, intelligent design by the greatest designer who we call God is the best explanation.
11. God exists.

The argument of the protocells
1. “Protocells may have formed in a salty soup,” says chemist Wilhelm Huck, professor at Radboud University Nijmegen, (July 2, 2013) 
2. DNA and RNA molecules, however they emerged, may have clustered together without a cell membrane at first. 
3. But despite the interesting story Wilhelm Huck admitted: “A functioning cell must be entirely correct at once, in all its complexity.”
4. This conclusion suggests the supreme designer we call God.
5. God exists.

Arguments from the animal kingdom and humans

The argument of the ant’s life
1. Pheromone is a chemical substance produced and released into the environment by an animal, especially a mammal or an insect, affecting the behaviour or physiology of others of its species. For example ants use pheromones to leave chemical trails that can be followed by other members and to also identify which nest an ant is from, along with its social status in the colony.
2. Studying European ants scientists now found that they have “a specialized appendage on their abdomen that it strokes with its hind legs to create sound signals. Other ants can detect and process these signals, resulting in various complex social responses that are key to survival of the colony.”
3, Thirdly, it is now also discovered that the developing larvae back in the nest also use this technique, which is important for the ant colony's survival.
4. In short, all the ants would die in one generation if you remove any one of these features:
a) early maturing abdominal acoustic appendage,
b) instinct to "strum" it,
c) sensors in adults to detect it,
d) ant brains to interpret the sounds, and
e) the instinct to protect the mature larvae.
5. All these necessary complex features of the ants are suggesting an intelligent design which could not happen without designer or by chance.
6. Evolution is also impossible since let say if all these features just partially developed this would harm the survival of the ants.
7. A designer was a must and we call him God.
8. God exists. 

The evidence of DNA storage
1. In the scientific magazine ‘Nature,’ in January 2013, Nick Goldman et al. reported a successful use of DNA to store large amounts of data.
2. “Here we describe a scalable method that can reliably store more information than has been handled before. We encoded computer files totaling 739 kilobytes of hard-disk storage and with an estimated Shannon information of 5.2×106 bits into a DNA code, synthesized this DNA, sequenced it and reconstructed the original files with 100% accuracy. Theoretical analysis indicates that our DNA-based storage scheme could be scaled far beyond current global information volumes and offers a realistic technology for large-scale, long-term and infrequently accessed digital archiving. In fact, current trends in technological advances are reducing DNA synthesis costs at a pace that should make our scheme cost-effective for sub-50-year archiving within a decade.”
3. "DNA-based storage has potential as a practical solution to the digital archiving problem and may become a cost-effective solution for rarely accessed archives," said Goldman. 
4. DNA far surpasses any current manmade technology and can last for thousands of years. To get a handle on this, consider that 1 petabyte is equivalent to 1 million gigabytes of information storage. This paper reports an information storage density of 2.2 petabytes per gram.
5. Scientists needed many decades to find out such an incredibly useful design of the DNA made, as they say, by nature. But, if the finding out of the complex design of the DNA needed intelligence, how one can deny a superior intelligence that designed hundreds of different DNAs necessary for the survival of all the species.
6. That intelligence of nature is actually the intelligence of God since intelligence is only a property of a person.
7. Thus God inevitably exists. 

The argument of increasing knowledge about the complexity of the cell
1. Almost 30 years ago, in 1985 Michael Denton in his book Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, p. 328 compared a cell to a large city, filled with “supreme technology and bewildering complexity.”  Nowadays we have not only much more detailed information about the complexity of the cell and how life works, but also every week in the reports/writings of science, new findings are made about regulators, teams, quality controls, checkpoints, conductors, players with starring roles. Let’s see a few examples:
a. Bricks that build:  “Researchers have found in mice that supporting cells in the inner ear, once thought to serve only a structural role, can actively help repair damaged sensory hair cells, the functional cells that turn vibrations into the electrical signals that the brain recognizes as sound.”1
b. Master regulator: Whether or not a cell grows is decided by a remarkable protein kinase enzyme called mTOR. As part of two complexes, mTORC1 and mTORC2, mTOR integrates and interprets all sorts of factors that influence cell growth — including nutrients, stressors (=agents that causes stress to an organism) and the outputs of signal-transduction networks (=biological circuits that pass along information) — by targeting a multitude of substrates that drive processes such as protein translation, metabolism and cell division. Research into mTOR-mediated signaling has taken on added urgency since it was discovered that most cancers contain mutations that inappropriately activate this protein.2
The newly-uncovered structure of mTOR, made up of 1,500 amino acids, shows that it has a “gatekeeper mechanism that controls substrate access to the active site.”
c. Checkpoint charlies:  “MTBP acts with Treslin/TICRR to integrate signals from cell cycle and DNA damage response pathways to control the initiation of DNA replication in human cells.”3 
d. Damage repair: One latest study, performed on yeast cells, describes cooperation between translesion DNA synthesis (TLS), single-stranded DNA repair (ssDNA), and homologous recombination, which rebuilds a damaged strand from the intact strand.  “These findings suggest that ssDNA that might originate during the repair of closely opposed lesions or of ssDNA-containing lesions or from uncoupled replication may drive recombination directly in various species, including humans.”4  
2. All these examples indicate the irreducible complex system of the cell’s life and structure. If not assembled all together at the same time even the simplest cell could not survive. There would be no life on this earth.
3. Intelligent design and creation by a superior intelligent person all men call God is a must.
4. God exists.

1. Lisa Cunningham, Ph.D., National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), July 25, 2013
2. Structural biology: Security measures of a master regulator by Dario R. Alessi & Yogesh Kulathu, (09 May 2013)
3. Identification of a Heteromeric Complex That Promotes DNA Replication Origin Firing in Human Cells by Dominik Boos, Mona Yekezare, John F. X. Diffley, (24 May 2013)
4. Homologous recombination rescues ssDNA gaps generated by nucleotide excision repair and reduced translesion DNA synthesis in yeast G2 cells by Wenjian Ma, James W. Westmoreland, and Michael A. Resnick  (January 26, 2013)

The argument of artificial intelligence computers, human brain and its evolution
1. Computers and robots are very fast in searching particular info through vast amounts of data.  They can also outperform chess champs. Still, even after decades and decades of improving them, computers have no common sense, no prudence, no sound judgment and cannot match some of the mental capabilities of even a 3-year-old toddler.
2. “We’re still very far from programs with common sense — artificial intelligence (AI) that can answer comprehension questions with the skill of a child of 8…Machines can’t yet be programmed to form intuitions about the physical world without doing extensive calculations, and they seem to fail at answering open-ended questions,” says Robert Sloan, a computer scientist at the University of Illinois at Chicago.
3. Not only Neuroinformatics researchers from the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich have now made a breakthrough by making neuromorphic chips to imitate the brain's information processing abilities in real-time, but also Intel succeeded to make the neuromorphic chip that looks to be an improvement over existing ones. However, it is still orders of magnitude away from the computational efficiency that real neurons achieve. Thus there’s a long way to go before synthetic systems can begin to match the capability of natural ones.
4. Human brains have some pretty sophisticated wiring like the method of signaling. For example, exosomes provide a kind of “delivery on call” capability.
In their study, Carsten Frühbeis, Dominik Fröhlich, and Wen Ping Kuo of the Institute of Molecular Cell Biology at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz found that oligodendrocytes release nano-vesicles known as 'exosomes' in response to neuronal signals. These exosomes are taken up by the neurons and their cargo can then be used for neuronal metabolism. "This works on a kind of 'delivery on call' principle," explained Dr. Eva-Maria Krämer-Albers, who is leading the current study. "We believe that what are being delivered are 'care packages' that are sent by the oligodendrocytes (=from Greek, meaning cells with a few branches) to neurons."
5. An article on Science Daily1 said that cells have a “zip code” capability that is linked to learning and memory, including redundancy to ensure proper delivery. 
According to Trybus, a UVM (University of Vermont) professor of molecular physiology and biophysics, ensuring proper cellular function is challenging. "The proteins responsible for orchestrating this task are not uniformly distributed, but they often need to be in a certain place at a certain time," she says. That's where mRNA (messenger RNA) plays a role; cells employ a unique identifier signal in the mRNA called a "zip code" to ensure it transports to the place where the protein is needed.
6. PNAS2 published a paper that says “Flexible frequency control of cortical oscillations enables computations required for working memory.” 
7. In another article of Science Daily3 we read that the brain finds it easy to pick out salient sounds from background noise, said, by tracking frequency and time.
Our ears can effortlessly pick out the sounds we need to hear from a noisy environment -- hearing our mobile phone ringtone in the middle of the Notting Hill Carnival, for example -- but how our brains process this information (the so-called 'cocktail party problem') has been a longstanding research question in hearing science.
Researchers have previously investigated this using simple sounds such as two tones of different pitches, but now researchers at UCL and Newcastle University have used complicated sounds that are more representative of those we hear in real life. The team used 'machine-like beeps' that overlap in both frequency and time to recreate a busy sound environment and obtain new insights into how the brain solves this problem.
In the study, groups of volunteers were asked to identify target sounds from within this noisy background in a series of experiments.
Sundeep Teki, a PhD student from the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging at UCL and joint first author of the study, said: "Participants were able to detect complex target sounds from the background noise, even when the target sounds were delivered at a faster rate or there was a loud disruptive noise between them."
8. “The brain’s complexity is beyond anything imagined, almost to the point of being beyond belief,” says Stephen Smith, a professor of molecular and cellular physiology. “One synapse5 [in the brain], by itself, is more like a microprocessor–with both memory-storage and information-processing elements–than a mere on/off switch.  In fact, one synapse may contain on the order of 1,000 molecular-scale switches.  A single human brain has more switches than all the computers and routers and Internet connections on Earth…A typical, healthy [brain] houses some 200 billion nerve cells, which are connected to one another via hundreds of trillions of synapses.  Each synapse functions like a microprocessor, and tens of thousands of them can connect a single neuron to other nerve cells.  In the cerebral cortex alone, there are roughly 125 trillion synapses, which is about how many stars fill 1,500 Milky Way galaxies.
9. Human brain contains about 10 billion neurons, and each one can contain thousands of connections with other neurons.
10. “A single neuron can send 1,000 signals per second, each traveling at a sizzling 250 mph (400 km/h).  Then there’s the early growth spurt most people don’t think about – half a million brain cells form every minute during the first five months in the womb.”4
11. James Randerson, science correspondent for the United Kingdom’s Guardian, wrote an article titled “We Know Nothing About Brain Evolution” in which he reported about a speech of Richard Lewontin who is a Alexander Agassiz Research Professor at the Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University. Lewontin titled his speech, “Why We Know Nothing About the Evolution of Cognition.” Randerson reported that, in the lecture, the eminent Harvard professor “systematically dismissed every assumption about the evolution of human thought, reaching the conclusion that scientists are still completely in the dark about how natural selection prompted the massive hike in human brain size in the human line” (2008).
12. As the AI scientists are very slowly trying to approach the computer imitation of the brain’s capabilities by careful and thoughtful design, and as more and more discoveries are made about the complexities of the brain, the more and more the fact of its being designed by an intelligent designer we call God is established.
13. God necessarily exists.

1. Thomas Sladewski, a University of Vermont graduate student working in the laboratory of Kathleen Trybus, Ph.D., and colleagues (July 15, 2013)
2. Flexible frequency control of cortical oscillations enables computations required for working memory by Mario Dipoppaa et al. approved June 21, 2013.
3. Researchers from UCL and Newcastle University, July 23, 2013
4., Inside the Brain: Museum Exhibit Will Blow Your Mind by Jeremy Hsu  
5. In the nervous system, a synapse is a structure that permits a neuron (or nerve cell) to pass an electrical or chemical signal to another cell (neural or otherwise)…Synapses are essential to neuronal function: neurons are cells that are specialized to pass signals to individual target cells, and synapses are the means by which they do so. At a synapse, the plasma membrane of the signal-passing neuron (the presynaptic neuron) comes into close apposition with the membrane of the target (postsynaptic) cell. Both the presynaptic and postsynaptic sites contain extensive arrays of molecular machinery that link the two membranes together and carry out the signaling process.

The proof that because the brain exists, therefore God exists

1. A microprocessor with around 1 billion transistors is in the same mental ballpark as … a worm. Rather an underwhelming result, don’t you think?
“What about the Internet as a whole?” you might ask. As we saw above, the number of transistors (N) in the entire Internet is 10^18, so log(N) is 18. log(Z) is log(2) or about 0.3, so C=(18*0.3)=5.4. That’s right: on Deamer’s scale, the complexity of the entire Internet is a miserable 5.4, or 40 orders of magnitude less than that of the human brain, which stands at 45.5.
Remember that Deamer’s formula is a logarithmic one, using logarithms to base 10. What that means is that the human brain is, in reality, 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times more complex than the entire Internet! And that’s based on explicitly materialistic assumptions about consciousness. (Dr. Torley in December 7, 2012)
3. Consider a neuronal synapse — the presynaptic terminal1 has an estimated 1000 distinct proteins. Fully analyzing their possible interactions would take about 2000 years. Or consider the task of fully characterizing the visual cortex of the mouse — about 2 million neurons. Under the extreme assumption that the neurons in these systems can all interact with each other, analyzing the various combinations will take about 10 million years…, even though it is assumed that the underlying technology (in computers used to try to understand the biological interactions) speeds up by an order of magnitude each year. ,,,
Improved technologies for observing and probing biological systems has only led to discoveries of further levels of complexity that need to be dealt with. This process has not yet run its course. We are far away from understanding cell biology, genomes, or brains, and turning this understanding into practical knowledge. (Modular Biological Complexity by Christof Koch – August 2012)
4. The goal of the Human Brain Project is to provide the most detailed simulation ever of the complexity of the human brain. The computing power for this will require super-computers thousands of times more powerful than what we have available today. So an aim of the larger research initiative is to develop computers with that kind of power.,,,
Our prediction? Simply this. Much as in the case of the human genome, the study of the physical makeup of the brain will provide remarkable insight into its components and structure. However it will also unlock layers upon layers of (unfathomable) complexity. (Project Brain: Our Prediction – June 28, 2013)
5. Who can really believe that a computer network more vast and complex than the internet, packed into a three-pound lump of wet tissue that has grown from a single cell and runs on potatoes, grains and milk arose by an undirected, purposeless process essentially by chance? 
6. Thinking about this fact falsifies Darwin’s evolution theory. The evolutionists didn’t even begin to try to start to commence to explain how all this astounding complexity evolved.
7. All of man’s internet-like connections in the brain could not develop by an unguided, purposeless, uncaring process.
8. Therefore, the complex design of the brain is the brain – and handiwork of a much superior designer than any human being. We call him God.
9. God exists.   

1. Presynaptic terminals are nervous system structures located at the terminal of the axon or sometimes along its length. They are specialized structures that form junctions (synapses) with other neurons and with muscle cells. Presynaptic terminals, seen by light microscope, look like small knobs and contain many organelles.

The proof of the IC systems and fault tolerant systems

1. Irreducibly Complex (IC) systems are those systems (man-made or otherwise), where removal of critical core parts results in malfunction.
2. In engineering, fault-tolerant design is a design that enables a system to continue its intended operation, possibly at a reduced level, rather than failing completely, when some part of the system fails.
3. A fault tolerant system can be composed of several irreducibly complex systems. For example, the space shuttle has 5 navigation systems each capable of serving as a sufficient navigation system in case of damage or failure of the other 4.
4. Not only do IC architectures pose a problem for Darwinism, but more so do fault-tolerant architectures, especially when a fault tolerant architecture is itself composed of several irreducibly complex subsystems!
5. Selection fails to construct fault tolerance because not only do all the parts of the subsystem have to be in place for the subsystem to make sense, the existence of the precursors and even functioning subsystems can come at a metabolic (relating to metabolism) cost, especially the large scale fault tolerant systems, making them a liability (making them obliged and responsible) with respect to immediate fitness.
6. Darwinian selection lacks foresight. Construction of a fault tolerant system requires foresight because with respect to immediate fitness, precursors to subsystems are neutral at best, and a liability at worse.
7. “Interestingly, some species have the ability to regenerate appendages, while even fairly closely related species do not,” Poss added. “This leads us to believe that during the course of evolution, regeneration is something that has been lost by some species, rather than an ability that has been gained by other species. The key is to find a way to ‘turn on’ this regenerative ability.” (Key to zebrafish heart regeneration uncovered, Duke University Medical Center, 2-Nov-2006)
8. There are 3 scenes:
a. parts of Irreducibly Complex systems, removal of any of them results in failure
b. parts of Fault Tolerant systems, removal or malfunction of some of the parts does not result in loss of immediate function but reduces the probability of continued function in presence of continued removal or failure of parts
c. useless parts or even parts that are a liability which serve no purpose for the benefit of the organism which can be removed
9. IC poses a challenge for Darwinism, and fault tolerance poses an even greater challenge, particularly if the fault tolerant system is composed of irreducibly complex subsystems.
10. IC systems are those systems, where removal of critical core parts results in malfunction.
11. IC systems could not arise by evolution because a not completely developed system could not serve perfectly its purpose. Therefore IC systems in any species were designed.
12. Thus IC systems and fault tolerant systems composed of irreducibly complex subsystems are from a designer.
13. That designer we call God. God exists.

The argument of the astounding newly found complex genes

1. The 3-prime untranslated region (3' UTR) gene tails contain a variety of regulatory features. Some of them allow regulatory RNA-binding proteins to attach to the mRNA's tail while others allow small regulatory RNAs—called micro RNAs—to bind. The combination of these bound regulatory molecules fine-tunes and robustly controls genes after the mRNAs are produced. This is a form of regulation called "post-transcriptional," meaning after the mRNA is transcribed.
2. Like the protein-coding areas of the gene, these 3' UTR tails are also alternatively spliced and thus variable. Their size and makeup can vary widely and dynamically between mRNAs from the same gene and between the different cell types in which they are found.
3. While scientists knew that the 3' UTRs of genes had this capability several years ago, they recently discovered that this feature was on a scale much more intricate and massive than they anticipated. In this study, they identified 2035 mouse and 1847 human genes that have 3' UTR tails ranging from 500 to 25,000 bases long. In some cases, they were even longer than the protein-coding areas of the genes themselves. These incredibly long gene tails literally contain hundreds to thousands of genetic switches within each single mRNA. 
4. The complexity of genetic control at this level astounds researchers—each network of genes related to a certain cell process is composed of hundreds to thousands of individual genes, each with this type of intricate regulatory set of features. Not only that, but genetic networks in the cell also overlap and function together dynamically, continually, and robustly as part of normal cell physiology.
5. The level of coordination of such genetic complexity is mostly beyond human comprehension and clearly the product of incredible bioengineering.
6. Such complex bioengineering can/could be done only by a superhuman person we call God. God exists.

The argument of the genetic piano

1. Dr. Kohzoh Mitsuya [University of Texas Health Science Center] who studies genes says the work of epigenetics “corresponds to a pianist playing a piece of music. Like keys on a piano, DNA is the static blueprint for all the proteins that cells produce.”
2. “Epigenetic information provides additional dynamic or flexible instructions as to how, where and when the blueprint will be used.
3. After watching the response of mice deficient in the RNA, he said, “It shows how one note is played on the piano. The symphony has only just come into view. We can hear it, but we need to learn how all the parts are being played.” 
4. Here the questions are: who’s the pianist and who’s the conductor? 
5. The environment cannot be the musician; it is oblivious to the needs of the organism.  Heredity cannot be the musician; it has no foresight to read or comprehend a collection of processes organized into a work.
6. Thus, this discovery and explanation of Dr. Mitsuya causes trouble for Darwin while it fits precisely into the intelligent design theory.
7. There must be an origin of the information required to produce function.
8. A classical answer to this by the evolutionists is: “this evolved, that’s why it is there.”
9. Answering this we say: “Science is supposed to seek efficient causes, not just-so stories or appeals to chance based on circular reasoning. For example, in his book The Making of the Fittest, Sean Carroll writes “the degree of similarity in DNA is an index of the [evolutionary] relatedness of species.” [98] This can only make sense if we first assume evolution is true. But Carroll’s book is a defense of evolution, intended to demonstrate that the theory is true without first assuming it is true. He seeks to prove evolution is true, but he begins with evolutionary reasoning and interpretations. That is circular reasoning.”
10. The alternative and only explanation is therefore intelligent design with a known cause sufficient to produce functional information: intelligence. Only intelligence can organize atoms or buildinblocks into order or functions. There is no other experience of anything else putting things in motion.
11. Therefore, intelligent design suggests intelligence of the greatest scientist we call God. God exists.

1.  Watanabe, Tomizami, Mitsuya et al, “Role for piRNAs and Noncoding RNA in de Novo DNA Methylation of the Imprinted Mouse Rasgrf1 Locus,” Science, 13 May 2011: Vol. 332 no. 6031 pp. 848-852, DOI: 10.1126/science.1203919.
The tail of the peacock

1. Darwin once remarked the tail of the peacock made him sick because the unnecessary extravagance of nature was suggestive of Intelligent Design. What made Darwin sick then still holds true today, he never solved the problem, and it is more in evidence by the problem of Irreducible Complexity (IC).
2. The peacock tail contains spectacular beauty because of the large feathers, bright, iridescent colours and intricate patterns. The colours in the tail feathers are produced by an optical effect called thin-film interference. The eye pattern has a high degree of brightness and precision because the colour-producing mechanisms contain an extremely high level of optimum design. According to the theory of sexual selection, the peacock tail has gradually evolved because the peahen selects beautiful males for mating. However, there is no satisfactory explanation of how the sexual selection cycle can start or why the peahen should prefer beautiful features. In addition, there is irreducible complexity in both the physical structure of the feather and in the beautiful patterns.
3. When a peacock displays his tail feathers during courtship, a magnificent ‘fan formation’ of feathers forms a beautiful backdrop to the body of the peacock. An adult peacock has an average of 200 tail feathers and these are shed and re-grown annually. Of the 200 or so feathers, about 170 are ‘eye’ feathers and 30 are ‘T’ feathers. The ‘eyes’ are sometimes referred to as ocellations.
4. It is difficult to determine how many genes would be required to specify the aesthetic features of a peacock tail feather because it is not known how the tail feather grows. However, a conservative estimate can be made by assuming that each separate aesthetic feature is specified by one gene. By assuming that each colour and each shape within the eye pattern represents a separate feature, and taking into account the other features of the feather, the total number of aesthetic features in a single feather comes to about 20…In particular, it may be that many genes are required to produce each shape in the eye pattern since the eye pattern is formed from the coordinated arrangement of over 100 barbs. In addition, the fanning-out of barbs in the top of the feather, where there is no stem, is a complex feature that may well need several controlling genes.
Even if only 20 genes are required to specify the beautiful features of the peacock tail, this still amounts to a lot of genetic information. A gene typically consists of 1,000 chemical units of information (base pairs). Therefore, 20 genes would contain many thousands of chemical units of information. According to evolutionists, all of this information has appeared gradually by genetic mistakes and by sexual selection.
4. The problem is that goals are achieved via the simplest means, but via extravagant and irreducibly complex means with great depth of integration.
5. New discoveries might prove that an IC system could be reduced a bit but it is not possible to reduce it too much because the system would stop to be functional. Thus any simplest functional system is an IC system.
6. IC systems proof an intelligent designer who must be a person.
7. We call that person God.
8. God exists.

The argument of the development of an embryo
1. During the development of an embryo, everything happens at a specific moment. In about 48 hours, it will grow from the top to the bottom, one slice at a time – scientists call this the embryo’s segmentation. “We’re made up of thirty-odd horizontal slices,” explains Denis Duboule, a professor at EPFL and Unige. “These slices correspond more or less to the number of vertebrae we have.”
2. Every hour and a half, a new segment is built. The genes corresponding to the cervical vertebrae, the thoracic vertebrae, the lumbar vertebrae and the tailbone become activated at exactly the right moment one after another.”
3. The process is astonishingly simple. In the embryo’s first moments, the Hox genes are dormant, packaged like a spool of wound yarn on the DNA. When the time is right, the strand begins to unwind. When the embryo begins to form the upper levels, the genes encoding the formation of cervical vertebrae come off the spool and become activated. Then it is the thoracic vertebrae’s turn, and so on down to the tailbone. The DNA strand acts a bit like an old-fashioned computer punchcard, delivering specific instructions as it progressively goes through the machine.
4. “A new gene comes out of the spool every ninety minutes, which corresponds to the time needed for a new layer of the embryo to be built,” explains Duboule. “It takes two days for the strand to completely unwind; this is the same time that’s needed for all the layers of the embryo to be completed.” This system is the first “mechanical” clock ever discovered in genetics; it is so remarkably precise.
5. The Hox clock is a demonstration of the extraordinary complexity of the species.
6. Many times as in this case scientists don’t offer any evolutionary explanations. By discovering more and more complexities the gaps of God arguments are increasing (means there is more need for explaining the complexities by God’s creation than ever before).
7. God exists.

 The proof of so-called pseudogenes being functional

1. Ken Miller a staunch propagator of evolution theory said: “Intelligent design cannot explain the presence of a nonfunctional pseudogene, unless it is willing to allow that the designer made serious errors, wasting millions of bases of DNA on a blueprint full of junk and scribbles. Evolution, however, can explain them easily. Pseudogenes are nothing more than chance experiments in gene duplication that have failed, and they persist in the genome as evolutionary remnants of the past history…
2. The new discoveries and conclusions of science teach: But definitely, the so-called psudeogenes are really functional, not to be considered any more as just “junk” or “fossil” DNA. Surely, many functional pseudogenes and novel regulatory mechanisms remain to be discovered and explored in diverse organisms. (RNA Biology 9:1, 27–32; January 2012; G 2012 Landes Bioscience)
3. God is a must. His intelligence is seen in the mind-boggling complexities.
4. God existes.  

The proof of consciousness that preceded material reality

1. Materialism predicted that consciousness is an 'emergent property' of material reality and thus has no particular special position within material reality.
2. However: “The stream of knowledge is heading towards a non-mechanical reality; the Universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter... we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter.” (The mental Universe - Richard Conn Henry - Professor of Physics - Johns Hopkins University)
3. Thus consciousness preceded material reality and Quantum Mechanics (QM) reveals that consciousness has a special, even central, position1 within material reality.
4. The consciousness that preceded material reality is a property of a person we call God.
5. God exists.

1. QM represents reality in terms of wave functions or probability functions. So how do we get from probabililty to actuality? That occurs by observation or conscious awareness, which shrinks probability down to a singular perception. All all measurements or observations therefore depend on consciousness.

The argument for God from consciousness

1. Consciousness either preceded all of material reality or is an 'epi-phenomena' of material reality.
2. If consciousness is an 'epi-phenomena' of material reality then consciousness will be found to have no special position within material reality. Whereas conversely, if consciousness precedes material reality then consciousness will be found to have a special position within material reality.
3. Consciousness is found to have a special, even central, position within material reality.
4a. Therefore, material reality was preceded by consciousness that is a property of a person we call small Soul or the Over- or Super-soul, God.
4b. Small bodies or living entities are preceded and maintained by the small souls.
      God or the Supreme Soul preceded and operates the universal body or the cosmos.
5. God exists.

The argument of the fine-tuning of the Universe Constants of the Universe
1. Parameter                                                Ratio              
Ratio of Electrons: Protons                          1:1037
Ratio of Electromagnetic Force: Gravity    1:1040
Expansion Rate of Universe                       1:1055
Mass Density of Universe1                          1:1059
Cosmological Constant                              1:10120
2. These numbers represent the maximum deviation from the accepted values, that would either prevent the universe from existing now, not having matter, or be unsuitable for any form of life.
3. One part in 1037 is such an incredibly sensitive balance that it is hard to visualize. The following analogy might help: Cover the entire North American continent in dimes all the way up to the moon, a height of about 239,000 miles (In comparison, the money to pay for the U.S. federal government debt would cover one square mile less than two feet deep with dimes.). Next, pile dimes from here to the moon on a billion other continents the same size as North America. Paint one dime red and mix it into the billions of piles of dimes. Blindfold a friend and ask him to pick out one dime. The odds that he will pick the red dime are one in 1037. (Dr. Hugh Ross)
4. “If we modify the value of one of the fundamental constants, something invariably goes wrong, leading to a universe that is inhospitable to life as we know it. When we adjust a second constant in an attempt to fix the problem(s), the result, generally, is to create three new problems for every one that we “solve.” The conditions in our universe really do seem to be uniquely suitable for life forms like ourselves, and perhaps even for any form of organic complexity." Gribbin and Rees, “Cosmic Coincidences”, p. 269
5. These, 90 (registered) constants proof an intelligent designer. Without such finely tuned constants the universe could not work properly like a perfectly designed watch.
6. This Supreme designer of these constants and of the universe must be God the most intelligent person.
7. God exists.

Unexpected evidence

a. Evolution by subtraction

1. The growth of the evolution tree of life from the root to the top branches should have been accompanied by a huge amount of new genetic information. 
2. Normally, according to the evolution theory, related species should have closely related genomes. 
3. However, the lab plant Arabidopsis thaliana (thale cress) and the lyre-leaved rock cress are contradictory to these above tenets.
4. In a press release from Max Planck Institute we read, “It would appear reasonable to assume that two closely related plant species would have similar genetic blueprints.”  But the lyre-leaved rock cress has a genome fifty percent bigger than the other. Moreover, these changes arose over a very short period in evolutionary terms.”
5. It doesn’t look at all that the lyre-leaved cress has gained new genetic information; on the contrary, “considerable elements have been lost from some parts of the thale cress genome.”  To the further amazement and frustration of the scientists it was observed that, “A smaller genome appears to offer advantages during the natural selection of individuals.” 
6. One of the researchers is asserted, “We consider the thale cress with its more streamlined genome as the form derived through evolution.” 
7. This contradictory evidence to Darwin’s evolution theory is one of the many where a species in a lower part of the evolutionary life tree has more genes than those on the higher branches.
8. This suggests that species were designed and not evolved from one into another.
9. The ultimate designer we call God. God exists.

b. Emerging from the ooze

1. George Poinar at Oregon State has tried to understand the evolution of nematodes (roundworms) that originated a billion years ago as one of the earliest forms of multicellular life.  He says, “They literally emerged from the primordial ooze.
2. Though, the article enumerated all the parts that would have had to emerge in one of the paragraphs we read, “But they are functional animals, with nervous and digestive systems, muscles, good mobility, and they are capable of rapid reproduction and learned behavior.
3. Although Poinar wrote a book on nematode evolution, he admitted, “There’s still a huge amount we don’t know about nematodes.”
4. And he did not explain how something so complex could emerge from ooze.
5. This again points to the work of an intelligent designer we call God. God exists.

The proof of complexity in simplicity

a. Box jellyfish eyes

1. Jellyfish are among the simplest of animals and it is very puzzling why they have two dozen (24) eyes but no brain? 
2. It is baffling how an animal lacking a central nervous system can receive visual input and respond with coordinated movements.  One marine biologist told New Scientist, “We have an under-appreciation for how sensory systems in simple organisms are used for fairly sophisticated adaptation.” It is a puzzle, “Why they have complex eyes, how well they see, and what role vision plays in their mating and feeding behavior remains unknown.”
3. Another agreed in the Live Science entry: “This shows that the behavioral abilities of simple animals, like jellyfish, may be underestimated.” 
4. There is no evolutionary explanation how box jellyfish evolved in the first place, nor how they developed “as many as 24 eyes, capable of sensing light and forming an image of their surroundings.” 
5. The surprising complex eyes of box jellyfish and its unknown origin for evolutionists can only be explained as the work of an intelligent designer much more complicated then the work of the man who invented the camera.
6. The designer who could make the box jellyfish and its so highly complex eyes we call God.
7. God exists.

b. Innate immune system

1. The innate immune system, also known as non-specific immune system and first line of defense, comprises the cells and mechanisms that defend the host from infection by other organisms in a non-specific manner. This means that the cells of the innate system recognize and respond to pathogens in a generic way, but unlike the adaptive immune system, it does not confer long-lasting or protective immunity to the host. Innate immune systems provide immediate defense against infection, and are found in all classes of plant and animal life.
2. “Compared to the sophistication of the acquired or adaptive immune system, the innate immune system was considered a rather simple and blunt instrument,” said an article on MedicalXpress. 
3. No longer; Scientists at Max Planck Institute were astonished to find that neutrophils, part of the innate system, are able to spread elaborate networks of DNA-histone filaments to capture intruders.  “When scientists can’t believe their eyes, it is very likely that they are on to something quite extraordinary,” the lengthy article began.
4. Neutrophils were found to form NETs (Neutrophil Extracellular Traps) when summoned to an infection site.  “Under the scanning electron microscope, the NETs appear as fine fibers and particles that link the threads to form more complex structures…This causes the formation of a ball in which the bacteria become engulfed.  The main ingredient of this ball is chromatin.  This mixture of DNA and proteins is normally found in the cell nucleus and contains genetic information.
4. The unexpected discovery of complexity in a “simple” system subsequently led to other fruitful leads about how the immune system operates, and how serious diseases ensue when mutations muck up the works.  The adaptive immune system is even more complicated.
5. The major functions of the vertebrate innate immune system include:
- Recruiting immune cells to sites of infection, through the production of chemical factors, including specialized chemical mediators, called cytokines1.
- Activation of the complement cascade2 to identify bacteria, activate cells and to promote clearance of dead cells or antibody complexes.
- The identification and removal of foreign substances present in organs, tissues, the blood and lymph, by specialized white blood cells.
- Activation of the adaptive immune system through a process known as antigen presentation.
- Acting as a physical and chemical barrier to infectious agents.
6. All this is proof of an irreducible complex system of the innate immune system. Even one and what to say of more functions lacking would result in the death of the cell due to infections.
7. Because the immune system should have existed perfect from the beginning without any evolution, this means a designer who we call God created it.
8. God exists.

1. The term "cytokine" has been used to refer to the immunomodulating agents. They are regulators of host responses to infection, immune responses, inflammation, and trauma. Some of them are proinflammatory; these are necessary to initiate an inflammatory response necessary to recruit granulocytes, and later on, lymphocytes, to fight disease. Excessive inflammation, however, is sometimes the pathogenicity of certain diseases. Other cytokines are anti-inflammatory and serve to reduce inflammation and promote healing once the injury/infection/foreign body has been destroyed.
2. The complement cascade is an array of sequentially interacting proteins that serve a vital role in innate immune responses. See below: d. Complement cascade

c. Proteasome: 

1. The disposal of protein “trash” in the cell is the job of a complex machine called the proteasome.  What could be more low than trash collection?  Here also, sophisticated mechanisms work together. 
2. PhysOrg described a new finding that shows that “two different mechanisms are required to determine which targets to destroy.” The “recognition tag” and “initiator tag.”
3. Both mechanisms have to be aligned properly to enter the machine’s disposal barrel.  “The proteasome can recognize different plugs1, but each one has to have the correct specific arrangement of prongs1,” said a researcher at Northwestern University.
4. This is another example of interdependent irreducible complex systems. One can’t argue for evolution that first only one system existed.
5. The work of a designer is again obvious and we call him God.
6. God exists.

1. Based on their data, the researchers concluded that these physical constraints arise because Ub4- and UbL-tagged proteins bind to completely different sites on the proteasome; ubiquitin binds very near to the digestion machinery, requiring the initiation region to be close by (Fig. 1), while the UbL-binding site is considerably farther away, and thus accommodates greater separation. Inobe compares this to how an electrical plug must match its outlet. “The proteasome can recognize different plugs,” he says, “but each one has to have the correct specific arrangement of prongs.”

d. The argument of the complement cascade
1. The complement cascade is an array of sequentially interacting proteins that serve a vital role in innate immune responses. The complement cascade can be activated via interactions with antibody-antigen complexes. Proteins involved in the complement cascade react with one another and with components of the target cell, marking pathogen cells for recognition by phagocytes or inducing cell membrane damage, leakage of contents, and cell lysis. The accompanying animation shows the formation of the membrane attack complex, which serves to punch a hole in the cell membrane, resulting in cell lysis and death.
2. The complement cascade needs to be very finely regulated to prevent damage to self-cells by antibody-directed complement-mediated lysis. Further, the complement cascade needs to be controlled because degradation products of the complement proteins can diffuse (and thereby cause damage) to adjacent cells. The complement cascade is thus very tightly regulated by several circulating and membrane-bound proteins.
3. There are three major pathways of the complement system. These are the classical pathway, the alternative pathway and the lectin pathway. To give a sense of the complexity and engineering brilliance of the complement cascade, let me briefly describe the classical pathway.
4. The first stage is the initiation phase, and the classical pathway is triggered by antibody molecules bound to antigens. An enzyme called C1, found in blood serum, has an affinity for immunoglobulins. C1 is a molecular complex comprised of 6 molecules of C1q, 2 molecules of C1r, and 2 molecules of C1s (C1qr2s2). The constant regions of mu chains (IgM) possess a C1q binding site. Some gamma chains (IgG) also possess this binding site but IgG is much less efficient than IgM, and many molecules are needed to initiate the pathway (whereas only one molecule of IgM is required).
Since C1 can readily undergo autoactivation, it is ordinarily regulated by a C1-inhibitor protein (C1-In or C1 esterase). This inhibiting activity, however, is overcome upon binding of immunoglobulin molecules to C1q. Upon binding of activators to C1q, the C1r and C1s components of the C1 molecule are activated (C1r* and C1s*), and they are rendered catalytically active.
Two serum proteins, C4 and C2, are cleaved by C1s*. C4 is cleaved to form C4a and C4b. C4a has no further use and diffuses away, while C4b covalently binds to transmembrane glycoproteins. C2 is cleaved into C2a and C2b. C2a has no further use and diffuses away. C2b binds to C4b. By convention, the larger subcomponent is always designated "b" and the smaller subcomponent is designated "a."
The complex that is formed by this association between C2b and C4b is responsible for catalyzing the cleavage of C3, and thus it is named the C3 convertase (C4b2a). C3 is cleaved into C3a and C3b. C3a diffuses into the plasma. When C3b joins the C3 convertase, it forms the C5 convertase (C4b2a3b). The C5 convertase subsequently cleaves protein C5 to form C5a and C5b. C5a diffuses into the plasma, but C5b is responsible for initiating the formation of the membrane attack complex (MAC). The membrane attack complex is assembled by C5, C6, C7, C8, and C9. As many as 18 C9 molecules form a tube that is inserted into the membrane, creating a transmembrane channel. Water osmotically enters the cell, causing it to burst.
There is much more detail that could be given, of course. And I haven't even touched on how this cascade is regulated (which involves many other proteins).
5. It is extremely difficult to envision how an ordered (and tightly regulated) cascade or pathway, such as complement, could have arisen in step-wise Darwinian manner. These are precisely the types of systems that are created by intelligent agents. The more we learn about biology at the micro scale, the more clearly we learn it manifests design.
6. God exists.

The proof of Rad51           

1. The scientists from the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab in their essay: “Safeguarding genome integrity through extraordinary DNA repair,” write:
Homologous recombination is a complex mechanism with multiple steps, but also with many points of regulation to insure accurate recombination at every stage.  This could be why this method has been favored during evolution.  The machinery that relocalizes the damaged DNA before loading Rad51 might have evolved because the consequences of not having it would be terrible.
2. If evolution is a chance process with no goal or purpose, it would not care if something emerges or not.  How can a mindless process “favor” a method?  How would a mindless process “know” that the consequences of not having something would be terrible?  How would that motivate a non-mind to produce machinery and complex mechanisms to avoid terrible consequences?
3. Thus instead of saying ‘Rad51 might have evolved’ it is clear that Rad51 was designed by an intelligent designer since without such a complex mechanism with multiple steps with many points of regulation to insure accurate recombination at every stage, life could not exist.
4. The ability of Rad51 that has the ability of extraordinary DNA repair proofs the existence of an intelligent designer we call God
5. God exists.

The proof of consequences
1. DNA Damage Repair was described by Lawrence Berkeley National Lab in a following way:
The machinery that relocalizes the damaged DNA before loading Rad51 might have evolved because the consequences of not having it would be terrible.
2. If evolution is a chance process with no goal or purpose, it would not care if something emerges or not. 
3. Let’s extand the logic of Lawrence Berkley to other things
·  The constants of physics became fine-tuned because the consequences without it would be terrible.
·  Earth emerged because the consequences of not having one would be sad.
·  Life emerged because the consequences of not having it would be a lonely universe.
·  Eyes emerged because the consequences of not having them would be blindness.
·  Flowering plants emerged because the consequences of not having all that color would be boring.
·  The machinery that repairs DNA might have evolved because the consequences of not having it would be terrible.
4. According to the modern science, chemical and biological evolution has no mind and intelligence to understand different consequences.
5. Thus the consequences for intelligent researchers who misuse logic in support of evolutionary myths are terrible.
6. Conclusively, only an intelligent designer who knows past, present and future can know all kinds of consequences in advance.
7. The greatest designer of all things in the universe that are amazing and glorious for the tiny brain of the scientists is God.
8. God exists.

The proof of the ‘earlier then thought evidence'

1. Scientists at Penn State found evidence that the emergence of flowering plants occurred “nearly 200 million years earlier than the events that other research groups had described” ( Apr 10, 2011)
2. In the Science Daily journal in the report titled, “Loch Fossils Show Life Harnessed Sun and Sex Early on,” we read: “This suggests that life on land at this time was more abundant and complex than anticipated.” The co-author of the study opines:  “It also opens the intriguing possibility that some of the major events in the early history of life may have taken place on land and not entirely within the marine realm.” (, Apr. 14, 2011)
3. By these evidences and other similar ones the concept of Darwin’s gradual increase in complexity appearing over time is falsified.
4. The early appearance of complexity proofs creation and intelligent design by a much more intelligent designer than any modern educated Phd person.
5. That intelligent designer all men call God.
6. God exists.

The Evidence of Early enzymes 

1. At Columbia University the following news was published with a title: “Researchers Resurrect Ancient Enzymes to Reveal Conditions of Early Life on Earth.”  “For the first time [the researchers] reconstructed active enzymes from four-billion-year-old extinct organisms…The results shed new light on how life has adapted to changes in the environment from ancient to modern Earth.”  
2. The researchers engaged in “ancestral sequence reconstruction” by comparing gene sequences of living organisms.  They focused on thioredoxin enzymes that are found in all living cells. They expected to find the resurrected enzyme would be simple, but “Instead we found that enzymes that existed in the Precambrian era up to four billion years ago possessed many of the same chemical mechanisms observed in their modern-day relatives,” even though the organisms back then supposedly predated the buildup of oxygen in earth’s atmosphere.
3. The putative Precambrian proteins were seen to be highly resistant to changes in temperature and acidity – more features indicating advanced early function instead of simplicity. 
4. Evolution is greatly questioned with the surprisingly and unexpectedly advanced features of proteins and the modern looking enzymes from the Precambrian period. This discovery proves design and creation by a more intelligent designer then humans.
5. That most intelligent designer we call God.
6. God exists.

The evidence of the angiosperms (flowering plants)

1. Evolutionists since Darwin called the sudden appearance of angiosperms an “abominable mystery” because they could not find any evidence for their evolution.
2. Researchers at Penn State published a paper titled: “Study helps to solve Darwin's mystery about ancient plant evolution.” They wrote: “The evolution and diversification of the more than 300,000 living species of flowering plants may have been ‘jump started’ much earlier than previously calculated…two major upheavals in the plant genome occurred hundreds of millions of years ago -- nearly 200 million years earlier than the events that other research groups had described.”
3. “Upheavals” in the plant genome “produced thousands of new genes that may have helped drive the evolutionary explosion that led to the rich diversity of present-day flowering plants.” 
4. Not knowing the cause of the “upheavals” nor having a proof that it really happened they opine that the “upheavals” in the plant genome “produced thousands of new genes that may have helped drive the evolutionary explosion that led to the rich diversity of present-day flowering plants.” No matter what caused these events, these were genetic miracles as they write: “one or more important genetic metamorphoses had occurred in the ancestor of flowering plants, and we also knew that these metamorphoses could explain the enormous success of so many species living on the Earth today.”
5. The metamorphosis was “a special kind of DNA mutation — called a polyploidy event — that revolutionized the flowering-plant lineage.” Polyploidy mutations are generally lethal in vertebrates, but “Plants, on the other hand, often survive and can sometimes benefit from duplicated genomes.” “Some of these new genes led to true innovations and have become vital parts of the genetic toolkit for the regulation of flower development,” Claude dePamphilis explained. He also remarked, “The further we push back the date of when these events happened, the more confidently we can claim that not most, but all flowering plants are the result of large-scale duplications of the genome…It’s possible that the important polyploidy events we’ve identified were the equivalent of two ‘big bangs’ for flowering plants.
6. Fred Hoyle had criticized his rivals’ cosmology as a “big bang” with the explanatory power of an explosion from nothing, so it’s hard to see how dePamphilis can take comfort in the comparison.  Interestingly, the Penn State press release neglected to go into details of how in detail a copy of DNA mutated further to innovate new things full of functional genetic information, leaving their whole theory unproven and on the level of mere scientific speculation. Moreover, it is very unclear if the big-bang theory of flowering plant evolution provides understanding on the origin of orchids any more than saying, “Stuff happens,” namely that anything can happen, anywhere, anytime, without any reason, and we can never know why.
7. The sudden appearance of angiosperms is still an “abominable mystery” because there is no any evidence for their evolution only a theory how things could have happened. A scientific theory can be fully accepted only when proven by an experiment.
8. Conifers and other gymnosperms were already successful before the above mentioned metamorphosis.
9. Because of the complexity of conifers, gymnosperms and angiosperms and because of their unknown sudden appearance, still, the only possible explanation of their coming to existence is intelligent design and creation by the intelligent designer we call God.
10. God exists.

The argument of organisms parents

1. “No one has ever found an organism that is known not to have parents, or a parent. This is the strongest evidence on be-half of evolution.”—Tom Bethell, Agnostic Evolutionist.
2. The first parent of all organisms is God.
3. God exists.

The evidence of Charles Darwin

1. As by this [evolution] theory, innumerable transitional forms must have existed. Why do we not find them embedded in the crust of the earth? Why is not all nature in confusion instead of being, as we see them, well-defined species?”—*Charles Dar-win (1866)
2. Even the few transitional forms claimed by the scientist to be good ones are very questionable and what to say about not finding innumerable transitional forms.
3. The work of a designer and his creation is obvious. We call him God
4. God exists.

The evidence of the universe

1. The evolutionary formula of making a universe:
a. Atoms + atoms = two elements
b. two elements + time = 118 natural elements
c. 118 natural elements + time = all physical laws and a completely structured universe of galaxies, systems, stars, planets, and moons orbiting in perfect balance and order
2. All physical laws and a completely structured universe of galaxies, systems, stars, planets, and moons orbiting in perfect balance and order show a great complexity just like a Swiss watch.
3. Not even a planetarium can be made by nobody, without a design, thinking, feeling and willing.
4. Therefore, there must have been an intelligent designer of the whole universe who we call God.
5. God exists.

The evidence of 'Guadeloupe Woman'

1. The 'Guadeloupe Woman' is a well-authenticated discovery which has been in the British Museum for over half a century. In 1812, on the coast of the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, a fully human skeleton was found, complete in every respect except for the feet and head. It belonged to a woman about 5 foot 2 inches [15.54 dm] tall.
2. This skeleton was found inside extremely hard, very old limestone, which was part of a formation more than a mile [1.609 km] in length! Modern geological dating places this formation at 28 million years old—which is 25 million years before modern man is supposed to have first appeared on earth!
3. Since such a date does not fit evolutionary theory the "Guadeloupe Woman" is not mentioned in the Hominid textbooks. To do so would be to disprove evolutionary dating of rock formations.
4. When the two-ton limestone block, containing Guadeloupe Woman, was first put on exhibit in the British Museum in 1812, it was displayed as a proof of the Genesis Flood. But that was 20 years before Lyell and nearly 50 years before Darwin. In 1881, the exhibit was quietly taken down to the basement and remains there to this day.
5. The 'Guadeloupe Woman' is not supporting the evolution theory at all but rather creation and intelligent design.
6. God exists.

The evidence of fossilized tracks

1. In 1987, palaeontologist Jerry MacDonald discovered a wide variety of fossilized tracks from several different species of animals and birds, located in a Permian strata. Among the various fossilized tracks were the clear prints of a human foot.
2. However, the Permian strata has been dated from 290 to 248 million years ago- millions of years before animals, birds, dinosaurs, and yes, man, was supposed to exist. How then can these prints be explained?
3. In July 1992, the Smithsonian Magazine had an article on these tracks called "Petrified Footprints: A Puzzling Parade of Permian Beasts".[1] The magazine acknowledged the mystery, acknowledging "what palaeontologists like to call, 'problematic.'" It described what appeared to be large mammal and bird tracks that, "evolved long after the Permian period, yet these tracks are clearly Permian."
4. While it is commendable that MacDonald and the Smithsonian clearly acknowledge the existence of these tracks in a strata that contradicts the current evolutionary theory, it is noteworthy that they highlight only the mammal and bird prints, and don't mention the human footprint found with them. Of course, mammal includes human, but truthfully they should have listed the human footprint.
5. Interestingly enough, since these tracks been discovered, evolutionists have not tried to argue their authenticity or debunk them. Nor have they tried to argue that the footprint isn't human. (Often they claim that it's a print that just "looks like" a human footprint.) 
6. All this again proves the work of an intelligent designer we call God.
7. God exists.

Reference: [1] See "Petrified Footprints: A Puzzling Parade of Permian Beasts" by Jerry MacDonald, Smithsonian, July 1992, Vol. 23, Issue 4, p. 70-79

The evidence of Urey-Miller experiment

1a. Amino Acid Synthesis (1953). When Stanley Miller produced a few amino acids from chemicals, amid a continuous small sparking apparatus, newspaper headlines proclaimed: “Life has been created!” But evolutionists hid the truth: The experiment had disproved the possibility that evolution could occur.
1b. The amino acids were totally dead, and the experiment only proved that a synthetic production of them would result in equal amounts of left- and right-handed amino acids. Since only left-handed ones exist in animals, accidental production could never produce a living creature.
2. Till nowadays life could not be created in any laboratory. Therefore it must have been created by God.
3. God exists.

The evidence of impossibility of bringing back one’s life

1. For the scientists life is a combination of chemicals but they could never prove this theory.
2. Although out of 118 elements known, they know all the material elements that could produce life, they never could create life nor they could inject an appropriate element in a dead body of some living entity to revive him back to life. Life is still a mystery for the scientists.
3. If an intelligent designer would not create life on this planet there would be nothing living. That intelligent designer and creator we call God.
4. God exists. 

The evidence of punctuated equilibrium theory

1. The large gaps between major kinds of organisms in the fossil record is an embarrassment to Darwinists.  It has given rise to radical theories like punctuated equilibria, which tries to explain why the evidence is not there.
2. Stephen Gould of Harvard University, working with Niles Eldredge in 1972 announced a new alternative theory to Darwin’s gradual changes of the species. They named it “punctuated equilibrium.” This term means that for 50,000 years or so, there will be no change (an “equilibrium” without any evolution). And then, suddenly (in a very rare “punctuation”) and by total chance, two totally different life-forms will emerge.
3. In 2007 Dean Falk worte: “Punctuated equilibrium argues convincingly that speciation confers stability, with new species emerging only when external factors throw ecosystems into disequilibrium.  A clear example of this, supported by the fossil and geographic record, is the sudden end of the dinosaurs after a meteor hit Earth rendering it uninhabitable by dinosaurs and giving mammals a selective advantage.”
4. Also in 2007 Gene Hunt undertook a study of “The relative importance of directional change, random walks, and stasis in the evolution of fossil lineages,” and found a lot of stasis.  After his “large-scale, statistical survey of evolutionary mode in fossil lineages,” involving some 250 sequences of evolving traits, he wrote in PNAS, “The rarity with which directional evolution was observed in this study corroborates a key claim of punctuated equilibria and suggests that truly directional evolution is infrequent or, perhaps more importantly, of short enough duration so as to rarely register in paleontological sampling.2
5. Hunt found only 5% of fossil lineages could be attributed to directional evolution.  Of the rest that showed change over time, it was mostly for body size, not body shape.  This does not seem to be a vindication for Darwin’s prognosticative powers.  In the evolutionary rat race, if a bigger or smaller rat wins, it is still just a rat.
6. “Gould took issue with those who used natural selection carelessly as a mantra, as in the evidence-free ‘just-so stories’ concocted out of thin air by mentally lazy adaptationists.” (Richard Milner 1990) 
7. Gould’s critics, on the other hand, viewed punctuated equilibria as deficient in mechanisms that could generate functional innovation.
8. So both theories faile completely. We are left with nothing else then, as previously explained, the only plausible possibility that all the species were designed by an intelligent designer we call God.
9. God exists.

1. Dean Falk, “Delving into the ancient brain,” Nature 450, 31-32 (1 November 2007) | doi:10.1038/450031a.
2. Gene Hunt, “The relative importance of directional change, random walks, and stasis in the evolution of fossil lineages,” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, published online before print November 14, 2007, 10.1073/pnas.0704088104.

The evidence of Panspermia

1. In 1981, Francis Crick, the co-discoverer of the structure of the DNA molecule, published a book, declaring that “directed panspermia” was responsible for life on earth.  According to this theory, people from another planet sent a rocket down here, with living creatures on it, in order to populate our planet.
2. Crick admits that this does not explain how nearly all our plant and animal species came into existence. Nor does it explain the transportation problem.  Centuries of travel through the cold of outer space would be required. This theory is a desperate, gasping effort to provide a solution to the question of how living creatures originated, a puzzle which thousands of scientists in 150 years of diligent work have not been able to solve. Very few intellectuals have accepted panspermia.
3. Somehow, somewhere, this theory is a reflection of the truths described in the Vedas, the books of the timeless wisdom of the east. Life cannot originate from matter. And the souls or the seeds of consciousness were originally in the spiritual world, or heaven. Hate, lust, envy and greed made them loose paradise and fall into this body of flesh, blood, bones and skin.
First the higher heavenly material planets were populated. These divine mystic beings under the leadership of Kasyapa Muni descended to earth in the Caucasian mountains close to the Caspian see (Caspian comes from Kasyapa etymologically) and from there populated the earth, the lower species first, by devolution. This means they withheld some of their genes and gave birth to all the varieties of plants, animals and humans.
4. We are left with nothing else then, again the only plausible possibility that all the species were designed by an intelligent designer we call God.
5. God exists.

The evidence of the hopeful monster

1. Richard Goldschmidt of the University of California had spent most of his adult life trying to prove that fruit flies could change into new species, but without success.
“After observing mutations in fruit flies for many years, Goldschmidt fell into despair. The changes, he lamented, were so hopelessly micro [small] that if a thousand mutations were combined in one specimen, there would still be no new species.”—Norman Macbeth, Darwin Retried (1971), p. 33.
Richard Goldschmidt was a veteran genetics researcher, and after many of his experiments on the fruit flies he gave up the idea that one-by-one mutations could accomplish the task of evolution.
After all Goldschmidt proposed his new “theory of saltation,” in which no transitional forms would be necessary. (“Saltation” means “sudden leap” in German.)
This theory is also popularly known as the “hopeful monster theory.” It taught that one day a reptile laid an egg and a “brown furry thing” hatched out of it. Chance would have it that, when it grew up, this mammal found a mate that had also suddenly by chance hatched out of another rep-tile egg—and the result was a new species of animal.
2. But Darwin, always said, “Natura non facit saltum” (nature does not take leaps). 
3. In 2010 Tanguy Chouard a senior editor of the scientific magazine Nature, discussed evidence that nature does take leaps – big changes that can occur within a single generation.  “Experimental evidence has shown that individual genetic changes can have vast effects on an organism without dooming it to the evolutionary rubbish heap,” he said. (The evolutionary rubbish heap would be the slow Darwinian evolution). In a bit reconciling way with Darwin theory Chouard continued: “But small-effect mutations still matter – a lot.  They provide essential fine-tuning and sometimes pave the way for explosive evolution to follow.”
4. For evidence, Chouard exhibited an evolutionary pet, the stickleback fish.  Offspring can vary substantially between armored and naked forms.  This is due to a single gene location responsible for 2/3 of the spines.  Chouard explained, “the reigning gradualist dogma regarded these as artificially protected monstrosities that would never survive the harsh hand of natural selection.” Later he continued, “How could a mutation in such a crucial gene result in anything but a hopeless monster?” However, Chouard added, “It remains to be seen, whether such elementary mechanisms of adaptation, often referred to as microevolution, can instruct the higher processes that constitute macroevolution, such as speciation and the emergence of biodiversity or complex organs.”
5. Also Goldschmidt, the hopeful-monster champion, doubted leaps that large could be made.  And Jerry Coyne cautioned generalizing results from asexual bacteria with small genomes and high mutation rates.
6. Chouard admitted, “Large effect or small, evolution begins to look like an endless list of special cases...One reason is the general lack of knowledge about how changes in genes contribute to function and how this affects fitness.
7. This is really essential for understanding evolution. So it seems way premature to claim that evolutionary biology has settled on a comprehensive theory of speciation, even 150 years after Darwin.
8. Despite of the great advancement of science, many experiments and so-called advanced knowledge, all the possible explanations of evolution are still speculative, imperfect, incomplete and not proven by experiments.
9. The truth is that no mammoth mutations can or would occur. None occurred at Hiroshima, Nagasaki, or Chernobyl.  Yet, in regard to number of mutations suddenly occurring, they are the monster mutation capitals of the world.
They did not occur in the irradiated budding eyes of research roses or the thousands of laboratory fruit fly jars. If they had occurred, we would have seen new species form. The 20th century, with all its laboratory and nuclear radiation, has been the century—above all others—for new species to arise. But it has not happened.
10. The only plausible theory therefore is that all the species were designed by an intelligent designer. That designer we call God.
11. God exists.

The evidence of psudeogenes

1. “Intelligent design cannot explain the presence of a nonfunctional pseudogene, unless it is willing to allow that the designer made serious errors, wasting millions of bases of DNA on a blueprint full of junk and scribbles. Evolution, however, can explain them easily. Pseudogenes are nothing more than chance experiments in gene duplication that have failed, and they persist in the genome as evolutionary remnants of the past history…(Ken Miller, a Brown University biology professor)
2. But definitely, the so-called psudeogenes are really functional1, not to be considered any more as just “junk” or “fossil” DNA. Surely, many functional pseudogenes and novel regulatory mechanisms remain to be discovered and explored in diverse organisms. (RNA Biology 9:1, 27–32; January 2012; G 2012 Landes Bioscience)
3. The theory of intelligent design by an intelligent designer is again confirmed. That designer we call God.
4. God exists.

The evidence of statistics

1. E. coli cells contain roughly 3 million proteins within a box that is roughly one micron (1,000 nanometers) on each side. Less than 10 nanometers separate each protein from its neighbors. “There’s no room for anything else,” Phillips says. “These cells are really crowded.” (The physics of going viral: Researchers measure the rate of DNA transfer from viruses to bacteria – June 27, 2012)
2. There are anywhere from 50 trillion to 100 trillion cells in the average human body, thus the conservative estimate of 1019 to 1020 protein molecules per one human body. According to other estimate the human body has over two million proteins, coded for by only 20,000 - 25,000 genes.
3. The enzyme machine that translates a cell’s DNA code into the proteins of life is nothing if not an editorial perfectionist…the ribosome exerts far tighter quality control than anyone ever suspected over its precious protein products… To their further surprise, the ribosome lets go of error-laden proteins 10,000 times faster than it would normally release error-free proteins, a rate of destruction that Green says is “shocking” and reveals just how much of a stickler (insisting) the ribosome is about high-fidelity protein synthesis. (Rachel Green, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator and professor of molecular biology and genetics: The Ribosome: Perfectionist Protein-maker Trashes Errors, 2009)
4. Comparing ATP1 binding with the incredible feats of hemoglobin, for example, is like comparing a tricycle with a jet airplane. And even the one in 1012 shot, though it pales in comparison to the odds of constructing a more useful protein machine, is no small barrier. If that is what is required to even achieve simple ATP binding, then evolution would need to be incessantly running unsuccessful trials. The machinery to construct, use and benefit from a potential protein product would have to be in place, while failure after failure results. Evolution (if it were true) would make Thomas Edison appear lazy, running millions of trials after millions of trials before finding even the tiniest of function. (How Proteins Evolved – Cornelius Hunter – December 2010)
5. Considering these irreducible complex systems, evolution is impossible and intelligent design by an intelligent designer is the true theory. That intelligent designer we call God.
6. God exists.

1. A nucleotide derived from adenosine that occurs in muscle tissue; the major source of energy for cellular reactions

The evidence of intron’s fine tuning

1. ncRNAs carry out a function at the interface between DNA and specific chromatin modification marks, through stabilization of the association of PRC2 with chromatin. Intronic RNAs arise as candidates to carry out roles as ‘transcription factors’ that are responsible for fine-tuning mammalian transcriptional programs. (Intronic RNAs mediate EZH2 regulation of epigenetic targets)
2. Intronic sequences contain a number of ncRNAs (conservative estimates suggest that 65% of noncoding transcripts map to intergenic regions and 35% to intronic regions38), including many well-characterized regulatory small ncRNAs, such as snoRNAs, small nuclear RNAs (snRNAs), piRNAs or miRNAs39, 40, their expression being coordinated with the intronic context from which they originate. In addition, a recent study reports close to 80,000 and 40,000 long intronic expressed sequence tag (EST) contigs in human and mouse genomes, respectively41. They suggest that 80% of all spliced human protein-coding genes have transcriptionally active introns.
3. The more complexities and the more complex systems with their complex subsystems are discovered, the more the intelligent design by an intelligent designer is proved. That intelligent designer we call God.
4. God exists.

The evidence of the the mallee bird

1. The mallee bird lives in the Australian desert. In May or June, with his claws the male makes a pit in the sand that is just the right size: about 3 feet [9 dm] deep and 6 feet [18 dm] long. Then he fills it with vegetation. As it rots, it heats up. The bird waits patiently until the rains, which increase the heat to over 100o F. [38o C.] at the bottom of the pile. The bird waits until it is down to 92o F. [33o C.]. When the right temperature is reached, he calls for his wife; they mate; she lays one egg a day for 30 days; and then leaves. The male then covers the eggs with sand, and continually checks the temperature with his amazing thermometer bill for 7 weeks. He cannot let the temperature go up or down even one degree. If it cools at night, he piles on more sand. If it overheats in the day, he pulls off sand. At hatching time, the chicks break their shells—and crawl up through as much as 2 feet of sand! Arriving at the top, each one is fully able to fly and is on its own. Neither father or mother mallee bird gives it any further attention or training. When it grows up, it does just as its parents did.
2. Evolution could not do this. If all the required irreducible conditions would be not there like temperature regulation and immediate knowledge without training etc., the continuation of the malle bird species would stop.
3. Intelligent design by an intelligent designer is obvious. Him all man call God.
4. God exists.

The proof of the failure of the Big Bang theory

1. There are many problems with the Big Bang theory to be the truth of creation of matter, stars, planets.
2. That such a large structure could form so quickly after the Big Bang calls into question some of the traditional theories of how the universe evolved, Williger said, since it is difficult to explain how gravity could pull together such an immense cluster in a relatively short time . . . . “A successful theory has to explain the extremes,” said Williger. (Discovery News Online, Gerard Williger of NOAO,  01/09/2001)
3. Using the Hubble Space Telescope astronomers detected a new galaxy bright with stars almost as old as the big bang.  In the Science Daily magazine this galaxy, with redshift 7.6, was called the “strong contender for the galaxy distance record.”
    According to theory, stars did not form till the end of the “dark ages” about 400,000 years after the big bang.  Young galaxies emerging from the fog of particles might have had enough energy to evaporate the fog and bring the first stars to light, the article says.  Still, to see a galaxy so soon after the dark ages was unexpected.  An astronomer from UC Santa Cruz said, “We certainly were surprised to find such a bright young galaxy 13 billion years in the past.”  The current age estimate for the universe is 13.7 billion years. (Feb. 13, 2008 — The NASA/ESA)
4. In the June 2001 issue of Astronomy Magazine, astrophysicist Mark Sincell lists “The Eight Greatest Mysteries of Cosmology:”
a. How multidimensional is the universe?  (We don’t understand gravity.)
b. How did the universe begin?  (How did an explosion produce such smoothness?)
c. Why does matter fill the universe?  (There should be an equal part of antimatter1.)
d. How did galaxies form?  (“The details are devilishly difficult to understand.”)
e. What is cold dark matter3?  (What is the other 95% of stuff that must be out there?)
f. Are all the baryons2 assembled in galaxies?  (Astronomers have only found a tiny fraction of what they expect.)
g. What is the dark energy?  “Physicists have tried to calculate the observed dark-energy density from accepted theories of physics, but their results don’t jibe with reality.  So far, the computed value is roughly 1060 times greater than the observed value.  (Others say the number could be off by a factor of up to 10130, but let’s not quibble over the details.)”
g. What is the destiny of the universe?
Some answers are known but mostly cosmologists really don’t know very much at all. 
a. For instance, inflation is still the rage, but the author says: “What drove inflation?  Nobody knows.  Physicists have suggested different models to describe the inflating universe, but all the solutions are mathematical conveniences with no particular physical basis.” 
b. Regarding dark energy, “The biggest problem with this idea is that no one has any idea what dark energy is.  ‘So far, all we’ve been able to do is name it,’ says [Michael] Turner.  ‘It could be the energy associated with nothing [sic!], or the influence of hidden spatial dimensions.’”
6. God exists.

1. Antimatter is material composed of antiparticles, which have the same mass as particles of ordinary matter but have opposite charge.
2. A baryon is a composite subatomic particle made up of three quarks (as distinct from mesons, which comprise one quark and one antiquark).
3. Cold dark matter (or CDM) is a hypothetical form of matter that interacts very weakly with electromagnetic radiation (dark) and most of whose particles move slowly compared to the speed of light (cold). It is believed that approximately 80% of matter in the Universe is dark matter, with only a small fraction being the ordinary "baryonic" matter that composes stars and planets.

The proof of the cosmological tale
1. In the August 2001 Sky and Telescope journal the editor Rick Fienberg in his editorial opening tries to explain the seemingly contradictory and illogical statements from modern cosmology.  He imagines a conversation with a non-astronomer:
“The universe began with the Big Bang.” 
“Where did it happen?” 
“'It didn’t happen anywhere; it happened everywhere. Now the universe is expanding.” 
“Into what?”
“Not into anything; space itself – space-time, actually – is expanding and carrying the galaxies with it.  Astronomers used to think the expansion was slowing down as galaxies tugged on each other with gravity. Now they think the expansion is speeding up.” 
“Really?  What’s pushing it?” 
“Something scientists call the ‘cosmological constant’ or ’vacuum energy.’ Most people just call it ‘dark energy.’” 
“Oh, so it comes from dark matter?” 
“No, that‘s different. Dark matter, like ordinary matter, pulls on stuff with its gravity. Dark energy pushes on stuff.” 
“So the universe has been expanding faster and faster since the Big Bang, pushed by dark energy?” 
“Not exactly. In the first fraction of a second after the Big Bang, the universe inflated like a balloon, but over the next few billion years the expansion slowed.” 
“But you just said it’s speeding up.” 
“It is now, but it wasn’t in the distant past, except during the early burst of inflation. It took a while for the outward push of dark matter to overcome the inward pull of dark matter and begin to accelerate the expansion.” 
“Oh. Well, what exactly is the dark energy?” 
“Nobody knows. Some astronomers think it has something to do with quantum physics or higher dimensions.” 
“Hmm. How about the dark matter – what’s that made of?” 
“Nobody knows that either. Some of it may be made up of black holes1, small planets, or dead stars too faint to see in telescopes. But most of it is probably made up of subatomic particles that haven’t been discovered yet.” 
“The whole thing sounds made up to me.”
2. After this impasse, Fienberg comments:
“Of course, it’s not all made up – it’s backed up by abundant data, much of it very recent and very compelling. Nevertheless, modern cosmology is so counterintuitive that it sounds like nonsense. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that more people say they believe in a religious story of creation than in the story told by cosmologists.”
3. The most sound and logical theory of cosmic creation, a creation or cosmic order that works perfectly like a Swiss watch, is intelligent design. When there is intelligent design there must have been an intelligent designer with an ability of thinking, feeling and willing. That person all men call God.
4. God exists.

1. The hole is called "black" because it absorbs all the light that hits the horizon, reflecting nothing. A black hole is a region of spacetime from which gravity prevents anything, including light, from escaping. Black holes of stellar mass are expected to form when very massive stars collapse at the end of their life cycle. After a black hole has formed it can continue to grow by absorbing mass from its surroundings. By absorbing other stars and merging with other black holes, supermassive black holes of millions of solar masses may form. There is general consensus that supermassive black holes exist in the centers of most galaxies.

The evidence of the plants internets

1. Plants may be mostly stationary, but they have connections.  In fact they have both intranets, extranets and internets.  Inside their own vessels, they communicate with proteins and RNA molecules from root to shoot; outside, they have many social relationships with other organisms.  They even “friend” their partners, just like humans do on Facebook.
2. On the 29th of March 2011, Ferris Jabr wrote about plant communication in New Scientist magazine. “The botanical underground is a social network of powerful alliances and nepotism,” he wrote. “We’ve known for some time that plants respond to one another, but only now are we realizing how subtle and sophisticated their interactions can be.  Plants continually eavesdrop [listen without the speaker's knowledge] on each other’s chemical chatter – sometimes sympathetically, sometimes selfishly.  Some plants, like the Scandinavian rhododendron, assist their neighbors by sharing resources.  Others recognize close relatives and favor them over strangers.  And at least one parasitic plant homes in on its host’s telltale chemical scent....
    “Plants don’t go out to parties or to watch the movies, but they do have a social network,” says Suzanne Simard, a forest ecologist at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.  “They support each other and they fight with each other.  The more we look at plant signaling and communication, the more we learn.  It’s really incredible.
3. Beneath the forest floor, each spoonful of dirt contains millions of tiny organisms.  These bacteria and fungi form a symbiotic relationship with plant roots, helping their hosts absorb water and vital elements like nitrogen in return for a steady supply of nutrients.
    Now closer inspection has revealed that fungal threads physically unite the roots of dozens of trees, often of different species, into a single mycorrhizal network.  These webs sprawled beneath our feet are genuine social networks.
4. “When a caterpillar starts to munch on a tomato plant, for example, the leaves produce noxious compounds that both repel the attacker and stimulate neighboring plants to ready their own defenses.”  Plants recognize their own species and work together for the common good.  But plants are also within communities of diverse organisms that benefit from each other’s contributions to the community.
5. Did these capabilities evolve slowly over millions of years?  Darwin’s “abominable mystery” – the emergence of flowering plants, the largest and most diverse group of plants on earth – was dealt a blow on a previous page week.  Beautiful, detailed leaves that look like they were pressed in a book were found exquisitely preserved in the Jehol strata in China, reported New Scientist.  Being dated at 123 million years old puts an advanced angiosperm “roughly contemporary with the ancestors of all flowering plants around today.”
    Reporter Colin Barras claimed that “Flowering plants had an evolutionary edge over the conifers and other gymnosperms that were around at the time, and rapidly took over.” 
6. The problem with such explanations, though, is not the survival of the fittest, but the arrival of the fittest. 
7. Even assuming their own timeline, evolutionists have no explanation for how complex plants, communications networks and all, seemed to appear abruptly, fully formed, without ancestors.
8. The work of an intelligent designer we call God is obvious.
9. God exists.

Brain Complexity

1. It is found that the brain’s complexity is beyond anything one could imagin, almost to the point of being beyond belief, says Stephen Smith, a professor of molecular and cellular physiology and senior author of the paper describing the study: …One synapse, by itself, is more like a microprocessor–with both memory-storage and information-processing elements–than a mere on/off switch. In fact, one synapse may contain on the order of 1,000 molecular-scale switches. A single human brain has more switches than all the computers and routers and Internet connections on Earth.
2. So there you have it. A microprocessor with around 1 billion transistors is in the same mental ballpark as … a worm. Rather an underwhelming result, don’t you think?
“What about the Internet as a whole?” you might ask. As we saw above, the number of transistors (N) in the entire Internet is 10^18, so log(N) is 18. log(Z) is log(2) or about 0.3, so C=(18*0.3)=5.4. That’s right: on Deamer’s scale, the complexity of the entire Internet is a miserable 5.4, or 40 orders of magnitude less than that of the human brain, which stands at 45.5.
Remember that Deamer’s formula is a logarithmic one, using logarithms to base 10. What that means is that the human brain is, in reality, 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times more complex than the entire Internet! And that’s based on explicitly materialistic assumptions about consciousness. (Dr. Torley in December 7, 2012)
3. Consider a neuronal synapse — the presynaptic terminal has an estimated 1000 distinct proteins. Fully analyzing their possible interactions would take about 2000 years. Or consider the task of fully characterizing the visual cortex of the mouse — about 2 million neurons. Under the extreme assumption that the neurons in these systems can all interact with each other, analyzing the various combinations will take about 10 million years…, even though it is assumed that the underlying technology (in computers used to try to understand the biological interactions) speeds up by an order of magnitude each year. ,,,
Improved technologies for observing and probing biological systems has only led to discoveries of further levels of complexity that need to be dealt with. This process has not yet run its course. We are far away from understanding cell biology, genomes, or brains, and turning this understanding into practical knowledge. (Modular Biological Complexity by Christof Koch – August 2012)
4. The goal of the Human Brain Project is to provide the most detailed simulation ever of the complexity of human brain. The computing power for this will require super-computers thousands of times more powerful than what we have available today. So an aim of the larger research initiative is to develop computers with that kind of power.,,,
Our prediction? Simply this. Much as in the case of the human genome, the study of the physical makeup of the brain will provide remarkable insight into its components and structure. However it will also unlock layers upon layers of (unfathomable) complexity. (Project Brain: Our Prediction – June 28, 2013)
5. A typical, healthy [brain] houses some 200 billion nerve cells, which are connected to one another via hundreds of trillions of synapses.  Each synapse functions like a microprocessor, and tens of thousands of them can connect a single neuron to other nerve cells.  In the cerebral cortex alone, there are roughly 125 trillion synapses, which is about how many stars fill 1,500 Milky Way galaxies. (Human brain has more switches than all computers on Earth by Elizabeth Armstrong Moore 2010)
6. Who can really believe that a computer network more vast and complex than the internet, packed into a three-pound lump of wet tissue that grows from a single cell and runs on potatoes, arose by an undirected, purposeless process essentially by chance? 
7. Thinking about this fact falsifies Darwin’s evolution theory. The evolutionists didn’t even begin to try to start to commence to explain how all this astounding complexity evolved.
8. All of man’s internet-like connections in the brain could not develop by an unguided, purposeless, uncaring process.
9. Therefore, the complex design of the brain strongly suggests a much superior designer than any human being. We call him God.
10. God exists.   

IC systems and fault tolerant systems

1. Irreducibly Complex (IC) systems are those systems (man-made or otherwise), where removal of critical core parts results in malfunction.
2. In engineering, fault-tolerant design is a design that enables a system to continue its intended operation, possibly at a reduced level, rather than failing completely, when some part of the system fails.
3. A fault tolerant system can be composed of several irreducibly complex systems. For example, the space shuttle has 5 navigation systems each capable of serving as a sufficient navigation system in case of damage or failure of the other 4.
4. Not only do IC architectures pose a problem for Darwinism, but more so do fault-tolerant architectures, especially when a fault tolerant architecture is itself composed of several irreducibly complex subsystems!
5. Selection fails to construct fault tolerance because not only do all the parts of subsystem have to be in place for the subsystem to make sense, the existence of the precursors and even functioning subsystems can come at a metabolic cost, especially the large scale fault tolerant systems, making them a liability with respect to immediate fitness.
6. Darwinian selection’s lack of foresight. Construction of a fault tolerant system requires foresight because with respect to immediate fitness, precursors to subsystems are neutral at best, and a liability at worse.
7. “Interestingly, some species have the ability to regenerate appendages, while even fairly closely related species do not,” Poss added. “This leads us to believe that during the course of evolution, regeneration is something that has been lost by some species, rather than an ability that has been gained by other species. The key is to find a way to ‘turn on’ this regenerative ability.” (Key to zebrafish heart regeneration uncovered, Duke University Medical Center, 2-Nov-2006)
8. There are 3 scenarios:
a. parts of Irreducibly Complex systems, removal of any of them results in failure
b. parts of Fault Tolerant systems, removal or malfunction of some of the parts does not result in loss of immediate function but reduces the probability of continued function in presence of continued removal or failure of parts
c. useless parts or even parts that are a liability which serve no purpose for the benefit of the organism which can be removed
9. IC poses a challenge for Darwinism, and fault tolerance poses an even greater challenge, particularly if the fault tolerant system is composed of irreducibly complex subsystems.
10. IC systems are those systems, where removal of critical core parts results in malfunction.
11. IC systems could not arise by evolution because a not completely developed system could not serve perfectly its purpose. Therefore IC systems in any species were designed.
12. Thus IC systems and fault tolerant systems composed of irreducibly complex subsystems strongly suggest a designer.
13. That designer we call God.
14. God exists.

Astounding new complex genes

1. The 3-prime untranslated region (3' UTR) gene tails contain a variety of regulatory features. Some of them allow regulatory RNA-binding proteins to attach to the mRNA's tail while others allow small regulatory RNAs—called micro RNAs—to bind. The combination of these bound regulatory molecules fine-tunes and robustly controls genes after the mRNAs are produced. This is a form of regulation called "post-transcriptional," meaning after the mRNA is transcribed.
2. Like the protein-coding areas of the gene, these 3' UTR tails are also alternatively spliced and thus variable. Their size and makeup can vary widely and dynamically between mRNAs from the same gene and between the different cell types in which they are found.
3. While scientists knew that the 3' UTRs of genes had this capability several years ago, they recently discovered that this feature was on a scale much more intricate and massive than they anticipated. In this study, they identified 2035 mouse and 1847 human genes that have 3' UTR tails ranging from 500 to 25,000 bases long. In some cases, they were even longer than the protein-coding areas of the genes themselves. These incredibly long gene tails literally contain hundreds to thousands of genetic switches within each single mRNA. 
4. The complexity of genetic control at this level astounds researchers—each network of genes related to a certain cell process is composed of hundreds to thousands of individual genes, each with this type of intricate regulatory set of features. Not only that, but genetic networks in the cell also overlap and function together dynamically, continually, and robustly as part of normal cell physiology.
5. The level of coordination of such genetic complexity is almost beyond human comprehension and clearly the product of incredible bioengineering.
6. Such complex bioengineering can/could be done only by a superhuman person we call God.
7. God exists.

The genetic piano

1. Dr. Kohzoh Mitsuya [University of Texas Health Science Center] who studies genes says the work of epigenetics “corresponds to a pianist playing a piece of music. Like keys on a piano, DNA is the static blueprint for all the proteins that cells produce.”
2. “Epigenetic information provides additional dynamic or flexible instructions as to how, where and when the blueprint will be used.
3. After watching the response of mice deficient in the RNA, he said, “It shows how one note is played on the piano. The symphony has only just come into view. We can hear it, but we need to learn how all the parts are being played.” 
4. Here the questions are: who’s the pianist and who’s the conductor? 
5. The environment cannot be the musician; it is oblivious to the needs of the organism.  Heredity cannot be the musician; it has no foresight to read or comprehend a collection of processes organized into a work.
6. Thus, this discovery and explanation of Dr. Mitsuya causes trouble for Darwin while it fits precisely into the intelligent design theory.
7. There must be an origin of the information required to produce function.
8. A classical answer to this by the evolutionists is: “this evolved, that’s why it is there.”
9. Answering this we say. Science is supposed to seek efficient causes, not just-so stories or appeals to chance based on circular reasoning.  The alternative and only explanation is therefore intelligent design with a known cause sufficient to produce functional information: intelligence.
10. Therefore, intelligent design suggests intelligence of the greatest scientist we call God.
11. God exists.

1.  Watanabe, Tomizami, Mitsuya et al, “Role for piRNAs and Noncoding RNA in de Novo DNA Methylation of the Imprinted Mouse Rasgrf1 Locus,” Science, 13 May 2011: Vol. 332 no. 6031 pp. 848-852, DOI: 10.1126/science.1203919.

The proof of the protein origin
1. On Protein Origins, Getting to the Root of Our Disagreement with James Shapiro – Doug Axe – January 2012
I know of many processes that people talk about as though they can do the job of inventing new proteins (and of many papers that have resulted from such talk), but when these ideas are pushed to the point of demonstration, they all seem to retreat into the realm of the theoretical.
2. Shapiro admits he has no ‘real time’ empirical evidence for the origin of novel protein domains and/or genes by Darwinian processes (so as to be able to have the ‘protein domains’ to shuffle around in the first place) but must rely, as do neo-Darwinists, on the DNA/protein sequence similarity/dissimilarity data to try to make his case that novel protein domains were created in the distant past so that ‘natural genetic engineering’ can presently create all the diversity we see in life on earth today.
3. The primary problem is never addressed! i.e. Can the novel functional information we see in protein domains and/or genes ever be generated in a ‘bottom up’ fashion by the unguided material processes of neo-Darwinism? The answer to that question, as far as empirical evidence is concerned, is a resounding NO.
4. “Now Evolution Must Have Evolved Different Functions Simultaneously in the Same Protein” – Cornelius Hunter – Dec. 1, 2012
In one study evolutionists estimated the number of attempts that evolution could possibly have to construct a new protein. Their upper limit was 10^43. The lower limit was 10^21.
These estimates are optimistic for several reasons, but in any case they fall short of the various estimates of how many attempts would be required to find a small protein. One study concluded that 10^63 attempts would be required for a relatively short protein.
And a similar result (10^65 attempts required) was obtained by comparing protein sequences.
Another study found that 10^64 to 10^77 attempts are required.
And another study concluded that 10^70 attempts would be required. In that case the protein was only a part of a larger protein which otherwise was intact, thus making the search easier.
These estimates are roughly in the same ballpark, and compared to the first study giving the number of attempts possible, you have a deficit ranging from 20 to 56 orders of magnitude. Of course it gets much worse for longer proteins.
5. “Why Proteins Aren’t Easily Recombined, Part 2″ – Ann Gauger – May 2012
Excerpt: “So we have context-dependent effects on protein function at the level of primary sequence, secondary structure, and tertiary (domain-level) structure. This does not bode well for successful, random recombination of bits of sequence into functional, stable protein folds, or even for domain-level recombinations where significant interaction is required.”
6. The Law of Physicodynamic Incompleteness – David L. Abel – August 2011
Summary: “The Law of Physicodynamic Incompleteness” states that inanimate physicodynamics is completely inadequate to generate, or even explain, the mathematical nature of physical interactions (the purely formal laws of physics and chemistry). The Law further states that physicodynamic factors cannot cause formal processes and procedures leading to sophisticated function. Chance and necessity alone cannot steer, program or optimize algorithmic/computational success to provide desired non-trivial utility.
7. From all this it is seen that research has advanced to the point of falsifying neo-Darwinism and Darwinism.
8. Intelligent design and its greatest intelligent designer God was a must to create DNA, RNA, proteins etc.
9. God  exists.

The argument of the early enzymes
1. Julio Fernandez, professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, and his team conducted a detailed biophysical analysis of the reconstructed thioredoxin enzymes, using an atomic force microscope with single-molecule resolution.
2. They expected to find the resurrected enzyme would be simple, but “Instead we found that enzymes that existed in the Precambrian era up to four billion years ago possessed many of the same chemical mechanisms observed in their modern-day relatives,” even though the organisms back then supposedly predated the buildup of oxygen in earth’s atmosphere.
3. Furthermore, the putative Precambrian proteins were seen to be highly resistant to changes in temperature and acidity – more features indicating advanced early function instead of simplicity. 
4. It simply does not fit into the evolution history that so complex structures would exist before 4 billion years ago. Still, despite the evidence in front of the scientists for intelligent design they will speak of evolution. We must think differently.
5. Where there is a design there must be a designer who in this above case also again can be only God.
6. God exists.